Owen Labrie Sentenced to Year in Jail For Prep School Sexual Assault

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Owen Labrie Recieves One Year In Jail For NH Prep School Sex Assault.

CONCORD, N.H. The graduate of an elite New Hampshire prep school has been sentenced to a year in county jail for sexually assaulting an underage classmate as part of a game of sexual conquest on the campus.

Labrie, of Tunbridge, Vermont, was convicted in August of misdemeanor sexual assault plus a felony count of using a computer to lure the girl to a sexual encounter. Paul’s School in June 2014 and was Harvard-bound when the then 18-year-old was arrested and charged with the rape of a 15-year-old girl at the school. Prosecutor Catherine Ruffle told the court Labrie lied to the judge under oath when he denied sexually penetrating the victim and has made “self-serving statements” casting himself as the victim.

Paul’s School in Concord, a 159-year-old institution whose alumni include Secretary of State John Kerry, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, at least 13 U.S. ambassadors and three Pulitzer Prize winners, including “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau. At around 1.30pm, Labrie, dressed in a grey suit and tie, walked into a packed and hushed Merrimack County Superior Court accompanied by his defense team. Labrie was originally charged with rape, accused of forcing himself on the girl in a nearly deserted academic building in 2014, just before his graduation.

Labrie had invited the girl on a Senior Salute, a tradition at the prep school in which seniors invite younger classmates to spend time together before graduation. From our experience, these are often the same qualities we see in dangerous sexual predators,” Ruffle said. “Without just and right punishment, I really don’t know how I will put one foot in front of the other. Carney Jr. said at sentencing Thursday that the contact between the then-18-year-old Labrie and the 15-year-old girl was a “consensual encounter between two teenagers.” At the start of the punishment phase, prosecutors asked the judge to sentence the defendant to 3.5-7 years in prison for the felony count, as well as suspended sentences for the four misdemeanors, based upon completion of a sex offender program while incarcerated.

His arrest exposed a competition at the $55,290-a-year boarding school called Senior Salute, in which upperclassmen kept score of how many younger students they had sex with. Labrie, an aspiring divinity student and captain of the soccer team, told authorities the two had consensual sexual contact but not intercourse, saying he stopped short in a moment of “divine intervention.” At trial, he acknowledged bragging to friends that he had intercourse with her. The contact makes her feel violated, she said. “I am living this stigma of a victim of rape and now it’s terrible to say, but I know why people don’t come forward and it kills me to say that,” she said. “The defendant states his style is to ‘feign intimacy … then stab them in the back … throw em in the dumpster .. The court also heard from the victim’s mother, who decried the bullying she said their entire family have been subjected to at the hands of her daughter’s detractors, including having the girl’s photo and home address shared on social media. Edmund Piper, a clinical psychologist who has been treating Labrie for 13 months, called him “remarkable” and “mature beyond his years intellectually and responsibility-wise.” A former female classmate called him “the kindest, most brilliant and most authentic friend I have,” adding that his conviction has not changed her opinion.

In a videotaped statement played in court Thursday, the girl, now 17, said she was subjected to verbal and physical retaliation from other students after her return to St. He argued that the felony computer crime of which Labrie was convicted is designed for sexual predators, not high school relationships, and that if Labrie had used a cellphone, he would not be facing lifetime registration. ‘His crucible over the past 18 months has provided powerful deterrence to Owen’s ever treating a woman with selfishness or disrespect, and it has given a clarion warning to other young men who have witnessed his fall from grace,’ Carney wrote. She said she has been made to feel as if she “didn’t deserve to live” and “would be better off being dead.” She also said she has problems concentrating in school. The victim in the case, who was a freshman at St Paul’s and no longer attends the school, tearfully testified for two days about a romantic encounter she said spun out of control.

Paul’s rapist even though the jury rejected that moniker,” Carney said. “His life has been one of trauma trying to deal with these allegations and the emotion of the trial.” In the wake of the scandal, Labrie lost his full scholarship to Harvard and has been all but disavowed by St. Labrie testified the two did not have intercourse and said he regretted telling others that he ‘used every trick in the book’ to have sex with the girl.

He admitted he and a friend drew up a list of girls they wanted to “slay” during their waning months of high school but denied the term meant sexual intercourse. Labrie, who had planned to study religion at Harvard and testified in his own defense, told the jury he “thought [the victim] was having a great time”. He lived with the parents of a friend in New Jersey because his mother had spent all of her money on his defense then and could not afford food, according to the letter from Michele Finizio, whose own son graduated from St Paul’s in 2011. “Admittedly he was only making a couple hundred dollars a week, but for him it meant the world.

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