Pediatric nurse sentenced to 80 years for molesting infant

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‘Worst of the Worst’: Ex-Pediatric Nurse Sentenced to 80 Years for Sex Acts with Infants.

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego judge has sentenced a pediatric nurse to 80 years in prison for molesting a 2-month-old boy and making lewd photos of a baby girl. During the sentencing, the judge said the nurse was “the worst of the worst.” Michael William Lutts, 50, a former nurse, pleaded guilty in January to two counts of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of distribution of child pornography.

He admitted to 15 instances of photographing or videotaping the infants in “sexually explicit situations at both his home and his work place,” the U.S. attorney said. Meanwhile, NBC 7’s Dave Summers spoke with a longtime friend of Lutts about the disturbing allegations. (Published Friday, Aug. 29, 2014) Judge Houston said he would not recommend any mental health treatment because the “taxpayers shouldn’t waste their money on (his) treatment.” Houston said he handed down the sentence, giving the man 15 more years than asked for by the prosecution, because he wanted to “send a message to others who conduct this activitiy under the cover of dark.” He then began performing lewd acts on his prematurely born, 2-month-old foster child on Aug. 4, 2014, the day Lutts received custody of him, officials say. Investigators detail graphic incidents in court documents, alleging Lutts touched and manipulated the infant’s genitals while masturbating and filming the abuse. Agents said they needed to speak with her and her husband, she said, and what they had to say was too sensitive for a phone conversation. “That day will forever be branded to my memory and in my heart,” she said of the meeting. “When they told us. The collection included numerous images and videos of Lutts sexually abusing his foster baby, beginning the day he brought the child home, authorities said.

Although an official with the county’s foster system wouldn’t comment on Lutts’ case, he said potential foster parents go through a rigorous background investigation, home visits, fingerprinting, a health report and 27 hours of training. The investigation led to at least two other suspects who have been arrested and charged with crimes that include either directing sexual acts, abusing one of the children, or discussing plans to kidnap and rape another victim, prosecutors said. He said while his actions were “unacceptable and shameful,” he argued that if he had been on proper medication, the crimes he was convicted for might never have occurred. His attorney, Stephen Hoffman, said that what Lutts did was terrible, but he asked the judge to consider how long Lutts had left to live when sentencing him. Attorney Alessandra Serano argued Houston shouldn’t consider what may or may not be doled out in state court and that Lutts’ sentence should ensure he is never released from prison. “He is a parent’s worst nightmare, society’s worst nightmare,” she said.

Later, she added, “We need an insurance policy to address the wrongs… to make sure that this individual never sees the light of day.” She also argued Lutts may be beyond rehabilitation, and when Hoffman asked Lutts be placed in a prison with special rehabilitation programs for sexual offenders, Houston denied the request. Before she left the podium, the mother told Houston she and her husband’s nightmare will never end, but they will suffer in silence to ensure their daughter never knows the “horrors” she experienced at such a young age. “She can never and will never know the pain we have and will suffer for the rest of our lives,” she said. “We will have to watch her grow into her own sexuality as she blossoms into a young woman, as all parents do, but with this one, terrible secret.”

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