Penny pinching pays big dividend for Louisiana teacher

29 Oct 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Inside the Mind of an Insane Penny Addict.

Otha Anders cashed in his penny collection at a bank this week for $5,136.14, proving his longtime hobby really is worth “a pretty penny.” It took the Origin Bank in Ruston, Louisiana five hours to count and process Mr. Otha Anders, 73, of Ruston, Louisiana, recently cashed in 45 years worth of collected pennies, netting himself $5,136.14—meager payment for a lifetime spent being driven slowly insane by the pursuit of pennies.

Anders said his penny pile began to grow and he ultimately stopped spending pennies and always made sure whenever he made a purchase, his change contained at least three to four pennies. “Jack saved nickels as I saved pennies and every nickel that passed through my hands I would save for him,” he said. “He did likewise with pennies for me.” Although Anders called the bank ahead of time to warn them about his plan to cash in almost 2,800 pounds of pennies, the banks’ senior vice president Ryan Kilpatrick told ABC News that he was still surprised by Anders’ collection. Anders, now 73 years old, began saving coins in the 1970s. “I became convinced that spotting a lost or dropped penny was an additional God-given incentive reminding me to always be thankful,” he said.

Anders was reluctant to let go of his pennies, but felt compelled to cash it in after his homeowner’s insurance company would not insure the collection. As The Christian Science Monitor reported, you are a lot more likely to be killed by a shark (one in 3.7 million chance) than hit the jackpot of the Mega Millions (one in 259 million chance).

He remained proud of his accomplishment, saying, “I never allowed anyone, not even my wife nor children, to give me pennies without being compensated.

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