Planned Parenthood to Offer Free STD Testing on National Pink Out Day

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Abortion uproar in Missouri: Chris Koster clears Planned Parenthood but political group attacks medical research.

Inside the medical office, sandwiched between a dentist and a chiropractor and not far from the University of Central Florida, a nurse practitioner and medical assistants bustled from one exam room to the next.Now we know why it took Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster so long to report on his investigation into Planned Parenthood and the bogus allegations of profiting from the sale of fetal organs and tissue.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri’s Democratic attorney general says an investigation by his office found no evidence that Planned Parenthood in St. Charles Rangel said. “We have come together on this issue for the salvation of our nation.” Rangel joined local Democrats and women’s advocates on the steps of City Hall on Monday to urge New Yorkers to reach out to their congressional leaders to fight for Planned Parenthood. She made the trip to Planned Parenthood, her first visit there, because she just had an annual check-up at another doctor’s office, but the doctor wouldn’t give her a prescription for birth control because she is single.

This comes in the wake of undercover videos released by anti-abortion activists that accused the organization of selling fetal organs after abortions. Chris Koster’s report released Monday said a review of more than 300 abortions performed in June found that all tissue had been properly incinerated. Planned Parenthood has denied the accusations and said the videos are misleading. “All of those tapes that they have been releasing drop by drop are doctored. The focus on health, education and preventing pregnancy gets lost in the debate about Planned Parenthood, which is singularly about abortion and filled with falsehoods. That something else could be the third thing HB 297 does, albeit more quietly: It bans any state family planning money going to an organization that performs abortions, even if that money is going toward other purposes, such as pregnancy prevention or education.

Such as the heavily edited undercover video that doesn’t show what the organization’s detractors claim it shows — Planned Parenthood attempting to make a profit from aborted fetuses. I wonder what people intent on vilifying Planned Parenthood would think if they got to know someone like Catasus, who has talked with many women about adoption. When the lab completes its work, a waste-disposal company collects the tissue, takes it to the incinerator and destroys it. “The evidence reviewed by my investigators supports Planned Parenthood’s representation that fetal tissue is handled in accordance with Missouri law,” Koster said in a written statement. “We have discovered no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Planned Parenthood’s St. Then there’s the claim from Republican candidate Carly Fiorina of a video that shows a fully formed fetus moving on a table as a doctor talks about harvesting its brain. Kurt Schaefer, the committee chairman, never showed much interest in the fetal tissue allegations, even though that was the ostensible reason for forming the Senate’s “sanctity of life” committee.

The Columbia clinic proved to be a much more productive target for the ruthlessly ambitious Schaefer, a Republican who wants to replace Koster, a Democrat, as attorney general. This is a reprise of the stem cell wars of a decade or so ago, when extremist legislators and groups drove scientists away and harmed Missouri’s academic and research climates with their efforts to outlaw certain types of stem cell research. Apparently empowered by the hysteria over the Planned Parenthood sting videos and Schaefer’s political witch hunt, Missouri Right to Life is reopening that ugly chapter.

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