Planned Parenthood Unit Files Suit Against Alabama Gov. Bentley

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Full Video Of StemExpress CEO Admitting Planned Parenthood Sells Fully Intact Aborted Babies.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. After reeling for weeks from bad publicity tied to a string of heavily edited videos of meetings with its officials, Planned Parenthood finally has struck back.

The Center for Medical Progress released the full, two-hour unedited video of StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer explaining admitting Planned Parenthood sells fully intact aborted babies, reports.LOS ANGELES (AP) — Planned Parenthood Federation of America is defending its abortion practices and its donation of fetal tissue for medical research.

Last Saturday, thousands of Americans turned out to protest Planned Parenthood, spurred by a series of videos showing high-level representatives from the organization — and many of its partners — discussing the sale and dissemination of aborted fetal body parts.A report commissioned by Planned Parenthood has found that the sting videos targeting its tissue donation practices contain intentionally deceptive edits and inaccurately transcribed conversations and are missing footage. The full video of CMP undercover investigators and StemExpress executives was released Friday in the aftermath of a report the initial video was edited. It sent a letter Thursday to congressional leaders and included a report by experts it hired who found that undercover videos of its officials were heavily altered by anti-abortion activists. Anyone who has studied the CMP videos and transcripts — and we’ve watched every minute and read every word of the purportedly complete versions posted by CMP — knows that they don’t show what CMP says they do.

Rather, it’s because I think the bias of mainstream news is much better explained by a religiously traditional, conservative worldview than it is by a secular progressive one. Planned Parenthood Southeast said Friday that the move penalizes low-income women who seek contraceptive and preventative health care services at the clinics.

The forensic report, which relied on video and transcription experts who were hired by Fusion GPS and not associated with Planned Parenthood, is the first comprehensive account of the videos’ discrepancies. Instead of constantly crying foul when journalistic bias manifests itself–and let’s be honest, crying foul doesn’t even tend to accomplish much for–I think conservatives would be better served by explaining that bias is inevitable because human beings are inherently selfish and oriented towards interpreting the world in a way that exonerates them and vilifies their opponents. This is embarrassing for CMP and its founder, anti-abortion activist David Daleiden, but even more so for the members of Congress and media types who piled on Planned Parenthood based on videos that can’t stand up to scrutiny.

If CMP also edited these “full” tapes — ones that it told viewers were complete footage — then the group is guilty of deceiving the public the exact same way it deceived Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood also told lawmakers that only two of the 59 Planned Parenthood affiliates are currently involved in fetal tissue research — and that there is no evidence any affiliate has broken federal or state laws. But sometimes we are confronted with such naked, aggressively obvious journalistic mischief that to not call it out would be to bury our heads and consciences in the sand.

Fusion GPS outlined 42 instances in which CMP edited out content from the short as well as so-called full versions of the tapes, several of which were secretly recorded. And then other times, the way something is misreported or misrepresented can be far more than a political scrimmage or a culture war skirmish; sometimes bad journalism is a matter of life and death. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) exploited the edited videos to harass StemExpress, a Planned Parenthood partner, and other firms over their purported trafficking in fetal tissues. Caught by hidden camera, Dyer blithely chats about “rampant, rampant bacteria” in abortion clinics, details how not-yet-desensitized lab techs “freak out and have meltdowns” at the sight of baby parts, chortles about the intricacies of shipping of “the whole calvarium” (that’s “baby skull” to you and me), and shows an unsightly enthusiasm for receiving “another 50 livers a week.” As luck would have it, taxpayer-subsidized Planned Parenthood — a “volume institution,” as Dyer describes it, with 327,653 abortions in fiscal year 2013-14 alone — is just the operation to suit many of these needs.

The report concludes that the degree of manipulation means the videos have no “evidentiary value” in a legal context, can’t be used in “official inquiries” and lack credulity as journalism. IS THERE ANY EVIDENCE THAT PLANNED PARENTHOOD DOCTORS ALTER ABORTION PROCEDURES TO ENSURE THAT FETUSES OR BODY PARTS ARE EXTRACTED IN WHOLE SO THEY ARE MORE VALUABLE TO RESEARCHERS? In the latest video, Dyer also discusses the shipment of “intact cases,” giving the disturbing impression that she regularly deals with fully formed, nondismembered, full-bodied fetuses. CMP has described these videos as “full footage,” creating the impression that they show a complete interaction with the Planned Parenthood employees.

Those findings are a direct response to CMP’s arguments in court — while fighting efforts to prevent it from releasing more video — that it is protected by the First Amendment. This seems a bit dubious — on StemExpress’ own website and in Planned Parenthood parlance, “case” has commonly translated into the entire product of an abortion — but nevermind. Some congressional Republicans are threatening to block any bill to fund the government next month if it includes taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood. Consider the video of a Feb. 6, 2015, meeting between Planned Parenthood official Mary Gatter and two CMP representatives masquerading as reps of a company interested in buying fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood clinics. (One is possibly Daleiden himself.) CMP’s video is here. Mary Gatter, one of Planned Parenthood’s medical directors, discusses a “less crunchy” technique to increase the chances of recovering intact organs.

You can watch it happen here, if you fast-forward to about eight minutes and 55 seconds into this video: The Fusion GPS report finds at least two other instances of similar timestamps jumping in this video and about a dozen others spread across the other videos labeled “full footage.” There’s this one from the first sting video, filmed at lunch with Planned Parenthood’s medical director, Deborah Nucatola. And then let’s say that, in response, the manufacturer approached a “fact-checking” organization, which happened to be led by a card carrying member of the National Rife Association, and asked them to look at the alleged video evidence and see if it truly does show what the manufacturer’s outraged critics say it shows. If you watch the timestamp and the date in the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll see the time jump forward by four minutes just after 14:32 and the date change from July 25, 2014, to July 25, 2013. CMP’s heading on this video is: “Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Haggles Over Baby Parts Prices, Changes Abortion Methods.” In fact, viewing the video and reading the transcript shows that all the “haggling” is done by CMP’s own people, who keep trying to get Gatter to raise her price for fetal tissue.

However, the group’s experts said the video was manipulated through editing so that it sounded like she was talking about altering abortion methods to help harvest organs. An Oregon affiliate provides placental tissue to a university, and clinics in Texas and Colorado have provided similar tissue over the past five years, but not fetal tissue, Planned Parenthood said. Quibble about the details if you will — and believe me, with this topic, we shall see eternal quibbling about the details, while the growing pile of tiny corpses is studiously ignored — but one thing is clear: In order for America’s abortion-on-demand industry to survive, it needs some serious smoke and mirrors. “They’ll open the box and go, ‘Oh, God!’ ” Dyer laughs, describing how “so many of the academic labs cannot fly” with the macabre surprise of receiving baby parts in the mail. “It’s almost like they don’t want to know where it comes from. The problem is that Glenn Simpson, who led Planned Parenthood’s commissioned analysis, is a noted progressive figure who has worked on behalf of the Democratic party. For example, it concluded that a camera’s recording was paused at some point during filming inside a lab while a technician sorted through the tissue and organs of an aborted fetus.

Yes, the same Democratic Party which includes abortion access in its political platform, and the same Democratic party whose presumptive presidential nominee just compared pro-life activists to terrorists. She doesn’t agree to do that, despite the wheedling of the CMP plants but says she would ask the clinic’s doctor if one or another technique would be equivalent. Daleiden, who founded and leads CMP, told POLITICO that the footage missing from the tapes is “bathroom breaks” and conversations between the group’s members. It’s a CMP plant who calls the distinction “technicalities.” These nuances are lost in the editing of the video, which is overlaid with ominous musical chords and stretches of slow motion (always a good way to make even an innocent walk down the street look sinister). The original video, offering no clarification, implied that this was the victim of an abortion; later news revealed it was actually footage of a stillborn baby.

Planned Parenthood’s analysis documents that even the purportedly full videos have suspicious edits in which material ranging from several minutes to a half-hour are missing. Needless to say, Planned Parenthood rejoiced: After weeks of scrambling to claim previous videos were “selectively edited,” the organization finally had an example. “This fraudulent smear campaign is falling apart on closer inspection,” Eric Ferrero, a spokesman for the group, told the press. But in an odd way, this slip also served to highlight the absurdity of today’s abortion debate. “Anti-abortion video shows stillborn baby — not fetus,” The Hill declared, further informing readers that the 19-week-old “baby” had a name: Walter Fretz.

Fusion GPS concluded that the statement “it’s a baby” was not technically heard and that the technician’s words should have been deemed unintelligible: “In our view, CMP created the purported statement, “it’s a baby,’ either through transcription error or intentional fabrication.” And it determined that the “another boy” comment was taken dramatically out of context and might have even been said in response to a question by the CMP operatives that was later cut from the tape. StemExpress lost its bid to block the nonprofit from publicizing the video, but a judge said it will likely prevail in its lawsuit that claims its executives were illegally recorded. MSNBC’s website, slamming Planned Parenthood’s critics, echoed the “baby not fetus” clarification; CBS News went even further, using the phrase “stillborn child.” Serious question: Are we all taking crazy pills? According to its report, the phrase would be out of place after statements from lab technicians engaged in a fairly technical discussion of identifying internal organs like the liver and thymus.

By running the story they way they did, both the Times and Politico helped Planned Parenthood’s narrative merely in exchange for the word of its allies. 2) About two weeks ago, The Federalist reported that the senior health editor for Buzzfeed was given an award for “Media Excellence.” Whom was the award from? It attempts to gin up public opposition to abortion by portraying medical procedures as unpalatable and clinical — which they undoubtedly are, to a layperson. In Congress, four committees are investigating Planned Parenthood, and Republicans plan to take another stab at stripping the group’s federal funding. If Planned Parenthood really wants to disprove the now-overwhelming body of evidence that their affiliates traffic in baby body parts, they should release their fetal tissue contracts with the for-profit company StemExpress for law enforcement, Congress, and all the world to see. Buzzfeed’s coverage of the scandal has been so scant, in fact, that a search query on Buzzfeed’s site for “Stem Express” (styled StemExpress) yields only one hit.

One would expect our elected representatives to be rather more discriminating, especially about what they accept as grist for Congressional investigations. Dylan Matthews, an editor at–a large news and opinion site edited by Ezra Klein–recently solicited a piece from Tobjorn Tannsjo, a professor in philosophy at Stockholm University. Matthews asked Tannsjo to write a popular level article with a thesis that would, in Matthews’s words, “argue for provocative and/or counterintuitive propositions that our readers might find intriguing.” Professor Tannsjo responded by sending Matthews a piece arguing–merely hypothetically–that humans are morally obligated to have as many children as they possibly can. That Vox’s editors recoiled from the mere suggestion–a rhetorical one at that!–that abortion and birth control may not be moral is an astonishingly transparent confession of ideological commitment. These hires didn’t ultimately work out, but the fact that their pro-life views would be reflected in their work had nothing to do with it. (Some of Vox’s current staffers are pro-life, though their coverage areas don’t intersect with the issue much.) I’m not sure why Klein didn’t sense the ridiculousness of this response before he published it.

To say that Vox has no policy against pro-life pieces and then point to one piece written 8 months ago–well before, by the way, Planned Parenthood came under Congressional investigation–about a pro-life rally stretches the limits of credulity. But if an organization built around journalism is afraid of even appearing to challenge a cultural orthodoxy, it might be fair to suggest that, for them, the issue is less one of political solidarity and more one of religious dogma.

Police: Student stabbed at Baltimore high school dies

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Police Identify Student Killed In City School Stabbing.

Baltimore police spokesman T.J. The teen had been in class on the third floor of the school building in the 1300 block of McCulloh Street when a sophomore went into the classroom and stabbed him at approximately noon on Tuesday, Nov. 24, police reported. Police said Sunday that investigators are collaborating with the state’s attorney’s office to file additional charges now that the victim has died. Crawford remains in police custody, officials reported. “It’s a tragedy anytime we have someone killed in an act of violence, even moreso when it’s a child.

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