President Obama joins Facebook, addresses climate change in first post

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Barack Obama joins Facebook, issuing call to tackle climate change and ‘preserve this beautiful planet’.

Barack Obama has 437 days left in office, which I know because I correctly assumed that a lot of results would come up if I searched for “countdown to the end of obama presidency.” As he prepares to mosey on to the role of public statesman (and possibly teach at Columbia University), the president has been building a social media presence fit for civilian life.President Obama has joined Facebook and used his first post to issue a plea to “preserve this beautiful planet of ours for our kids and grandkids.” Obama’s first post on his personal profile, where he describes himself as a “Dad, husband, and 44th President of the United States,” shows a video of the US leader walking around the White House gardens. Among the early commenters was Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandburg. (Source: AP) Obama launched his own personal Facebook page Monday, in a fresh attempt from the social media-savvy president to spread his message through nontraditional channels. “President Obama, public figure” was quickly welcomed to the world of likes, long-lost friends and baby photos. The New York Times reported Monday on the team of White House employees that creates Obama’s seemingly spontaneous persona on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. “Our office is very much tasked and looking for ways to bring his voice directly to people,” said Kori Schulman, who has been part of the digital team 2009, in an interview with the newspaper. “It’s a balance of focusing on the president’s priorities and being flexible and opportunistic as conversations are happening online that relate to what the president cares about.” The Times notes that the team attends communications meetings each morning to discuss trending topics Obama could weigh in from his social media profiles.

I hope you’ll think of this as a place where we can have real conversations about the most important issues facing our country – a place where you can hear directly from me, and share your own thoughts and stories. (You can expect some just-for-fun stuff, too,” the president said. The article notes his tweet about Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Muslim boy who was arrested for making a clock that police officers suspected could be a bomb. “Cool clock, Ahmed,” Obama wrote. Obama has long had a Twitter account, and his political campaigns have run a Facebook page under his name for years. “Barack Obama, politician” is still run by an iteration of that political operation, Organizing for Action.

Obama also comments on major news events via social media, such as after the Supreme Court’s ruling to pass same-sex marriage across the U.S. in June. The one dicey thing here is that the old campaign Facebook page has the URL “” and the new page has “,” which is basically the exact opposite of what the two pages are trying convey. It would have been tough to plan for all of this around 2006 and 2007, though. (Custom Facebook URLs weren’t even released to everyone until June 2009.) The new URL is consistent with Obama’s personal Twitter account, however, which is @POTUS. In a few weeks, I’m heading to Paris to meet with world leaders about a global agreement to meet this challenge.I hope you’ll join me in speaking out on climate change and educating your friends about why this issue is so important.

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