Relentless search in East River turns up gun that may have been used to kill …

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EXCLUSIVE: Fiance Of Fallen NYPD Officer Randolph Holder Speaks On Tragic Death.

NEW YORK — Divers searching the Harlem River recovered a gun “consistent” with the weapon used to kill a police officer during a foot chase in Manhattan, the New York Police Department said Sunday. The pistol was on the bottom of the East River under 20 feet of choppy water and about 40 feet from the FDR highway — where cops believe accused gunman Tyrone Howard was standing when he chucked it.

“It was the worst feeling ever,” Muhammad said as she broke into tears. “We think that okay, they leave and they’re going to come home. “…Just like, Tuesday, you know, he left he said I love you, I’ll see you later and he never came back. Holder, 33, a third-generation cop, was killed by a bullet to the head Wednesday night while chasing career criminal Howard along the FDR Drive footpath near 120th St. “Some worked all night long,” the chief said. “We have an obligation to Police Officer Holder and his family to recover everything that we possibly can.” “I would like to go to Congress to address them, to let them know the pain … the void that’s left within our hearts that will never be filled. The gun, with one bullet in the chamber, was found in the river around 3 a.m. near 123rd Street, roughly 100 feet on the riverbed from where divers recovered a magazine hours after the shooting, officials said. The location of the weapon, a semiautomatic .40-caliber Glock handgun believed to have been fired once at Officer Randolph Holder, striking him in the head, had been the main open question in the investigation into his death on Tuesday. Citing the theater shooting this July in Louisiana that killed two young women — during a showing of the comic’s “Trainwreck” — Amy Schumer said she fully backs her senator cousin’s efforts. “Gun violence is ripping apart America, it’s ripping apart our families,” she said, and asked fans to use #AimforChange on social media to create more support for gun reform.

Muhammad said she tries not to harbor anger over the circumstances of her loss and is chose not to discuss the career criminal Tyrone Howard, who gunned down Holder in East Harlem Tuesday night. “I don’t really want to dwell on that,” Muhmmad told CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez. “I’m trying to kind of move away from the negative and just, you know, stare into the positive.” “One of his favorite quotes was it is better to live a day as a lion and then 100 years as a sheep,”Muhammad said. “And that stuck with him, and he was a lion — he was brave.” Muhammad now hopes to launch a foundation in Officer Holder’s name, to raise funding to send unused police equipment to the police department of Holder’s home country in Guyana. The police also shut down part of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Drive on Manhattan’s East Side — the area of the shooting — for a few hours Sunday morning as they conducted a ground search. He hasn’t entered a plea. “Numerous units within the NYPD have been extensively and exhausted all efforts to recover all forensic evidence regarding this case,” Chief Aubry said. For the 200 or so family members, friends, officers and passers-by who gathered at the triangular intersection off Liberty Avenue and 103rd Avenue in Richmond Hill, a neighborhood known as Little Guyana, the modest vigil underscored a powerful message. “Unity is strength,” Mr. Shell cases from the test firing would be compared with discharged cases police recovered on 120th Street next to Holder’s body — in addition to the cases at 102nd Street where the first shots were fired, Aubry said.

Together, members of the two ethnic groups mourned by candlelight, setting aside the conflicts that have long divided their homeland. “This has become an opportunity for us to become Guyanese all over again,” said Vishnu Mahadeo, president of the Richmond Hill Economic Development Council, which organized the vigil. “One of our own was shot down and we need to be there for each other.” Gloria Jardine, 58, had come from the Bronx to shop for traditional Indo-Guyanese items. While Officer Holder’s death has resonated in his home country, some diaspora leaders see Guyana’s influence in the way people have responded here. Six months ago the country formed a new coalition government led by members of Afro- and Indo-Guyanese parties. “The country has been coming together. Stephen’s Lutheran Church hall in the Flatbush section of the borough, a Guyanese “wake night” was held for Officer Holder, with food, games, gospel music and family reflections.

Officer Holder’s is scheduled for Wednesday, and he is to be buried in Guyana on Saturday. “We are all human beings on this earth; we should be able to work together,” Sheila Johnson, an aunt of Officer Holder’s, said. “Like we come here tonight, we have to let Washington and the politicians know that this has to stop. Officer Holder, 33, was the fourth on-duty New York City officer to be killed in a 10-month span; the earlier three deaths all came at the hands of guns brought illegally to the city from Southern states.

Do not let Randolph’s death be in vain.” “After you left the house, the second place that disciplines you is the Guyana police force,” he said. “You are well trained, well mannered, protecting people, and do all things to make the country a safe place.” Mr.

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