Republican Debate 2015: Live Updates and Highlights

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Christie, Colorado students differ greatly on legal marijuana.

Trump defends his plan to cut taxes $10t, have wall built at border with Mexico in comments at Republican presidential debate hosted by CNBC at Univ. of Colorado in Boulder NOTE: Tax Foundation said Trump’s tax policy would cut taxes by $11.98t over next decade on static basis while also reducing tax revenues by $10.14t in next 10 yrs when accounting for economic growth The latest Monmouth University poll — released Monday — showed Ben Carson leading the field in Iowa by double digits, while Donald Trump held tight in second place.

Kasich called it “fantasy.” After he then appeared to take a swipe at Donald Trump’s immigration plans, he added, “Folks, we gotta wake up. …. We cannot elect somebody that doesn’t know how to do the job.” Saying Kasich initially vowed not to attack fellow Republicans, Trump said: “Then his poll numbers tanked. It’s a liberal hotbed, where protesters lined up outside the Coors Event Center before the debate to criticize GOP front-runner Donald Trump and rivals Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. He has called the U.S.’s “War on Drugs” a failure, repeatedly saying that the U.S. puts too many nonviolent, small-time drug offenders behind bars and that they should be treated instead. Last April, Christie said on his radio show that he’s not “going to be the governor who is going to tell our children and our young adults that marijuana use is okay.” He cited a study by the Journal of Neuroscience released last year that concluded even casual marijuana use — smoking once or twice a week to get high — can alter the brain. “Go to Colorado and see if you want to live there,” Christie said. “See if you want to live in a major city in Colorado, where there are head shops popping up on every corner, and people flying into your airport just to get high.

He recently slashed his campaign budget, and earlier this week held a private meeting with donors to offer reassurances and lay out the new strategy – which appears to involve, in part, training attacks on fellow Floridian Marco Rubio, who is rising above Bush in the polls. To me, it’s not the quality of life we want to have here in the state of New Jersey.” Technically, selling marijuana is illegal under federal U.S. laws.

Fiorina, though, did not start the campaign with Bush-level resources, and faces the challenge of translating her typically strong debate performances into sustained polling support. Colorado has also seen more than $86 million in marijuana taxes and fees in 2005 — more than taxes and fees from the sale of alcohol, according to a report by the Denver Post. With the debate approaching Wednesday, the Marijuana Policy Project, a group that advocates for the legal marijuana industry, released a scorecard of where the presidential candidates stand on the issue. At an Iowa rally Tuesday night, the billionaire businessman joked feistily with the crowd about his slipping Iowa numbers – not to mention a new survey showing Carson leading him nationally. I don’t think anybody is concerned about that.” “There’s a lot more issues that Coloradans are concerned about,” Gardner said. “They’re concerned about the economy, they’re concerned about jobs, they’re concerned about the environment.

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