Security Change in Ferguson After Two Police Officers Are Shot

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AP News in Brief at 7:58 p.m. EDT.

FERGUSON, Mo. – Police, political leaders and activists sought Thursday to tamp down tensions in Ferguson after two police officers were shot during a protest at the police department.

She was mentioned, she said, in the blistering Justice Department report about abusive law enforcement in Ferguson for sharply criticizing the city’s municipal judge. The protests followed the resignation Wednesday of Police Chief Thomas Jackson in the city that became a symbol of racial tensions after a white officer, Darren Wilson, fatally shot an unarmed black 18-year-old, Michael Brown, on Aug. 9. — Police conducted a manhunt in this tense and battered city on Thursday in search of whoever shot two officers as they kept protesters away from the police station after the resignation of the chief. Our thoughts and prayers are with these brave officers who, like thousands of their brethren across the United States, form a thin blue line that protect citizens in communities large and small regardless of their wealth, skin color, or religious beliefs. Yet, something perverse has permeated our culture in America today, a culture where taking personal responsibility for one’s actions has been replaced by a grievance industry that promotes white privilege as the root cause for all that ails them.

Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said they could have easily been killed and called the attack “an ambush.” Several people were taken in for questioning after a SWAT team converged on a Ferguson home near the shooting site, but they were later released, and no arrests were made. Sadly, America’s first African American President and Attorney General have encouraged this myth—with the media promoting an agenda rather than dispassionately reporting facts.

Police SWAT units surrounded a house a few blocks from the scene of the shooting, and officers climbed onto the roof and broke through a vent to gain access. In Washington, President Barack Obama took to Twitter to relay his prayers to the officers and to denounce violence against police. “Path to justice is one all of us must travel together,” Obama wrote, signing the tweet with his initials to indicate the president personally composed it.

I implore the residents of this city to stand together and demand an end to this violence.” Just as Ferguson seemed to be moving past the stunning abuses detailed by the federal authorities, having shed its city manager, police chief, municipal judge and other officials accused of running a racially biased legal system, those four gunshots threatened to reopen the well of anger, unrest and racial tension that has stifled life here since Mr. The three, Iresha Turner, who lives at the home, and her friends Martez Little and Lamont Underwood, said they had attended the protest but had nothing to do with the shootings. In the instant case, it is a fact that Michael Brown committed a crime in a small town on August 9, 2014, failed to heed Officer Wilson’s instructions, and was shot to death when the officer thought his life was in danger.

Sadly, this incident provided the perfect opportunity for those who think that America is inherently racist and permanently ensconced in a 1965 Selma, Alabama mindset with an opportunity: an opportunity to declare that a racist cop had gunned down an innocent black youth as the teen shouted “Hands up, Don’t Shoot”—a fictional account that never happened. Witnesses told the Los Angeles Times that the gunfire shortly after midnight did not come from a dwindling group of activists, but from a distance. “The shots definitely came up from behind us, up the street,” said Mike Kinman, 46, an Episcopal priest at Christ Church Cathedral in St. On matters of race involving local police investigations, President Obama has not been shy about injecting himself into the narrative while shaping the desired outcomes. TIKRIT, Iraq (AP) – Iraqi troops clashed along two fronts with Islamic State militants in Tikrit on Thursday as rockets and mortars echoed across Saddam Hussein’s hometown a day after soldiers and allied Shiite militiamen swept into this Sunni city north of Baghdad.

They also vowed to increase security, with the county and state police again assuming the task of maintaining order in Ferguson from the local police force. In 2009 when Harvard Professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates had a disagreement with a Cambridge police officer outside of his home leading to his arrest, the president opined that the officer “acted stupidly.” Never mind that Mr. Recapturing Tikrit is seen as a key step toward rolling back the gains of the extremist Islamic State group, which seized much of northern and western Iraq in a blitz last summer and now controls about a third of both Iraq and Syria. Civil rights activists and Ferguson residents gathered for a candlelight vigil near the police department to show that they would not let the shootings undermine their movement.

But with a line of roughly 20 officers standing in front of the building, the shooter did not have to be particularly accurate to hit two of them, Belmar said. The offensive also will serve as a major crucible for Iraqi forces, which collapsed under the extremists’ initial offensive last year and now face one of the Sunni militant group’s biggest strongholds. The attack on the two officers, who were treated at a hospital and released, drew widespread condemnation from the state capital in Jefferson City to Washington. Turning to the ginned-up cauldron of race that is now Ferguson, the president was once again quick to offer his opinion on local matter on which he knew nothing of the facts at hand.

Holder Jr. said the attack “turned my stomach, because in the week since the Justice Department released its pattern-and-practice report on Ferguson, we have begun to see really important signs of progress.” “This was not someone trying to bring healing to Ferguson,” Mr. Days following the shooting the president assured the press that he had sent both the FBI and the Department of Justice to investigate the shooting of Michael Brown. Justice Department’s “full range of investigative resources.” He noted that “such senseless acts of violence threaten the very reforms that nonviolent protesters in Ferguson and around the country have been working towards for the past several months.” Brown’s relatives agreed and said they reject violence toward law enforcement.

Holder said at a news conference in Washington. “This was a damn punk, a punk who was trying to sow discord.” There is concern about an increase in hostility. The IS militants were trying to repel the Iraqi forces with snipers, suicide car bombs, heavy machine guns and mortars, said al-Saadi, speaking to The Associated Press at the front-lines. It was only months ago that nightly protest vigils escalated to police officers’ firing tear gas and rubber bullets, and demonstrators hurling rocks and bottles. WASHINGTON (AP) – Among the many thousands of emails Jeb Bush received as Florida governor are a string of notes from campaign donors asking for favors and making suggestions. While activists argued that the gunman was not one of them and denounced the attack, others wondered whether the protesters, even the peaceful ones, bore some responsibility for what had happened.

Holder Jr. denounced the shootings as “heinous and cowardly attacks” that came just as this embattled city was taking “good-faith steps” toward rebuilding trust in law enforcement. “As frequent victims of violence, we certainly understand the pain of these senseless acts,” said the Rev. And when something like this happens, the local authorities —- including the police -— have a responsibility to be open and transparent about how they are investigating that death, and how they are protecting the people in their communities.” The circumstances under which Brown lost his life are both heartbreaking and tragic—but not in the manner implied by the president. It’s an insight into Bush’s work as governor that’s possible only because his emails are open for review, something not yet available for those sent and received by Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state. Federal representatives were to travel to Ferguson soon to discuss the findings and a possible court-enforceable agreement for reform. “I’m not sure what more they want,” she said. “I would like to ask them come to us, tell us what we can do to continue to heal the community. Rather than waiting for local authorities to complete their investigation, the president took sides—particularly with the “his family will never hold Michael in their arms again” line.

But, positioning himself as a transparent candidate if he runs for the Republican nomination, he has posted online more than 275,000 emails from his two terms in office. They argued over tactics for resistance and their credibility as demonstrators, with longtime protesters sometimes criticizing those new to the movement. In a statement, the City of Ferguson said it was “diligently working to make systematic changes necessary to instill confidence,” but added, “We cannot continue to move forward under threats of violence and destruction.” With the issue of police shootings bringing political polarization, Mr. Louis community activist, speculated that the shooting was conducted by outside agitators intent on hijacking attention from peaceful, reform-minded protesters. Holder, who has been at the forefront of the effort to bring change to Ferguson’s policing, himself came in for some criticism. “There’s an atmosphere of unbalance here,” said Rudolph W.

We ask our residents and clergy in this area to partner with us as we make our way through this process.” Belmar said he reached out to civil-rights leaders, asking them to urge peace. The White House said Obama still has full confidence in recently appointed Director Joseph Clancy, despite a new investigation into two agents accused of driving into White House security barrier after drinking. He treaded lightly in response to questions about how police will prepare for other potential demonstrations, saying he would seek officers from other departments. One Ferguson police officer, standing among the protesters as things calmed down, said, “This is what they wanted to happen.” A protester told him that no one wanted violence.

Yet lawmakers charged with overseeing the agency were aghast and wondered how – after intense national scrutiny and a rotating cast of directors – the Secret Service still hasn’t corrected problems involving behavior of its agents. Yet demonstrations could unintentionally foster violence, he said. “When you have a group and that group activity is such that you get people angry and more upset, then some people handle that anger better than others, and you create an environment where something like that can happen,” Mr. Senior officials say they are not seeing significant progress by the country’s Shiite-led government on its efforts to strike a bargain with Iraq’s deeply alienated Sunni population, from which the extremist force is drawing money and personnel. But in the months since, the Shiite-dominated government has taken few concrete steps to accommodate Sunnis, whose frustration helped fuel the Islamic State group’s push into Iraq from Syria.

If only they were protected and served by an irresponsible president who sees racism around every corner and reported by a corrupt media all to happy to help write the storyline. Though the crowd was small compared with some earlier protests, with fewer than 200, Ferguson officers were concerned enough to ask officers from neighbouring towns to assist.

Martin Dempsey, who returned from the region this week, told Congress Wednesday he was “concerned about what happens after the drums stop beating and ISIL is defeated, and whether the government of Iraq will remain on a path to provide an inclusive government for all of the various groups within it.” Dempsey used an alternative acronym for the militant group. A lot of people out here tonight we haven’t seen before.” “All of sudden gun shots came through and everybody just started running,” she said. “It seemed like they were just trying to shoot any police officer. WASHINGTON — Fake IRS agents have targeted more than 366,000 people with harassing phone calls demanding payments and threatening jail in the largest scam of its kind in the history of the agency, a federal investigator said Thursday. It came from behind our heads.” Jackson, chief of the 54-member police for nearly five years, had resisted calls by protesters and some of Missouri’s top elected leaders to step down over his handling of Brown’s shooting and the weeks of protests that followed. He was widely criticized from the outset for the aggressive police response to protests and his agency’s erratic and infrequent releases of key information.

At the ones that were open, the owners were tense, nervous and frustrated. “We are just afraid we will become targets,” said one bakery owner who did not want to be named for fear of backlash by one side or the other. “I don’t know what to think about this. He took nearly a week to publicly identify Wilson as the shooter and then further heightened tensions by releasing Wilson’s name at the same time as store security video that appeared to show Brown stealing a box of cigars and shoving a clerk a short time before his death. They are calling people everywhere, of all income levels and backgrounds,” Camus told the Senate Finance Committee at a hearing. “The callers often warned the victims that if they hung up, local police would come to their homes to arrest them.” WASHINGTON — Ebola’s toll moved beyond 10,000 deaths Thursday even as researchers warned of yet another threat to hard-hit West Africa: On the heels of the unprecedented devastation, large outbreaks of measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases could move into the region. Ebola derailed child immunizations in the three countries hardest hit by Ebola – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, leaving hundreds of thousands more children vulnerable to the more routine infections, researchers said Thursday. The new study warns that it’s crucial to restart the shots quickly, citing math models that estimate thousands could die if a large enough measles outbreak were to strike before the battered health care system has a chance to recover.

Chief Belmar said that people had a right to protest peacefully, but also that “there is an unfortunate association with that gathering” and the shooting. Witnesses among the demonstrators denied any link to the shootings, saying that they believed the shots originated from the top of a hill about 220 yards directly opposite the station. MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – An Alabama official says a state agency closed an inquiry into whether the deal to publish Harper Lee’s upcoming novel involved financial fraud.

Some in Lee’s hometown of Monroeville questioned whether the 88-year-old “To Kill A Mockingbird” author was capable of consenting to the second novel’s publication. He drew a parallel to the fatal shooting in December of two New York City police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, by a man who said he was enraged by killings by the police, including that of Mr. DECATUR, Ga. (AP) – Residents in the Atlanta area are adding their voices to a nationwide chorus of calls for increased police accountability after an unarmed, naked man was fatally shot by an officer responding to a complaint of a suspicious person at an apartment complex. Most said they hoped the latest shooting would become part of an ongoing national discussion on how police officers interact with citizens, especially minorities. The relationship between law enforcement and civilians – particularly in poor, minority and high-crime neighborhoods – has become a contentious issue in many states across the U.S. following the high-profile deaths of unarmed men and teens by police officers, some of whom have been exonerated of wrongdoing after saying they perceived the males they shot as threats.

Alexander has acknowledged the national debate surrounding police shootings and said he wanted to make sure this investigation is transparent, open and fair.

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