Settlement Reached in Show Dog Neutering Dispute

23 Sep 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Dog owner sues after champion bichon frise ‘neutered without his knowledge’.

There’s also the small fact Beau Lemon’s frozen seed may be worth $24,000 (£15,700), which has led owner John Wangsness and breeder Vickie Halstead to fight over it in a Minnesota court.

An American dog owner says a vengeful breeder who neutered his champion bichon frise without his knowledge should pay damages and return vials of the animal’s frozen semen.With a magnificent mane and a full-bodied coat of fur, it’s really no surprise that this Bichon Frise is at the centre of a £33,000 legal battle over his frozen sperm. The seven-year-old show dog’s sperm may have spiked in price after he received an untimely neutering in 2013, something Wangsness said made his wife Mary distraught before her death this year. ‘After hearing about the neutering, and I’m not overstating things at all, Mary literally cried and stayed in bed for three weeks. For the past year Wangsness has been seeking damages in excess of $50,000 (£33,000) and access to Beau’s golden sperm, which was apparently at a veterinary clinic, after accusing Halstead of neutering the dog as revenge for him trying to breed from it. But Halstead denied the eight vials of sperm belonged to Beau, real name Victoire Gerie’s No Lemon Gemstone, and said they were his brothers, Beau Jangles.

Through her lawyer she added she felt it necessary to ‘rescue’ Beau from his owners because they had neglected him, and the dog wouldn’t have been able to have children anyway due to his ‘deteriorated health condition.’ As for the frozen semen, Halstead’s attorney, Joseph Crosby said it was from the dog’s brother, Beau Jangles, and the confusion was due to the similar names. Although they treated it as a pet, they also expected to have the option of breeding it several times a year, at a rate of $2,000 to $3,000 per breeding, until it turned 10.

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