Snowden to Appear Via Video Link at New Hampshire Convention

20 Jan 2016 | Author: | No comments yet »

Days grow short: ‘They only get longer from here’.

The Valley News reports that the former National Security Agency contractor will participate in a 30-minute discussion and Q&A at the New Hampshire Free State Project’s convention in Manchester in February. Former NSA subcontractor Edward Joseph Snowden, who gained notoriety in 2013 with his unauthorized dissemination of classified U.S. data, is scheduled to appear via video link as a featured speaker at libertarian activist convention in New Hampshire. The group says it is trying to recruit 20,000 people who agree that a government should act to protect people’s rights. leaked millions of documents about government surveillance to a United Kingdom newspaper in 2013. But this December’s unusually warm weather and abundant sunshine have made the short days a little less dreary than usual. “Today is only nine hours and 23 minutes long,” says meteorologist Jim Eberwine, but encouragingly adds that “the days only get longer from here.” Yet seasonal affective disorder, a mood disorder that leads to depression during times of limited light, still peaks this time of year, regardless of the weather.

Gericke was quoted by the AP as having referred to Snowden as “a really insightful and brilliant man” who the Free State Project is “really excited” to offer a platform to. While Parlett says that the holiday season sometimes gets blamed for the anxiety and pressure people feel, “the real cause is the absence of light.” “Because it’s been so warm, people can take advantage of the sunshine,” says Parlett, who describes it as one of the “positive psychological effects of El Nino.” El Nino is a cyclical weather pattern in the equatorial Pacific Ocean that is considered to be largely responsible for December’s unseasonable warmth. “The best suggestion is to get a broad spectrum light,” according to Parlett, which “mimics the affects of the sun.” He also says a trip to sunny Florida, or anywhere where it’s warm and bright, works well too. She said the topic has yet to be decided. “I think what he did was incredibly courageous and brave,” she said, comparing Snowden’s disclosures with those of Daniel Ellsberg, who released the Pentagon Papers. Snowden was the subject of a 2014 Academy Award-winning documentary called “Citizenfour,” which chronicles his work with Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald and filmmaker Laura Poitras to reveal the secrets.

Government Communications Headquarters’ internet surveillance program, which was code-named “KARMA POLICE” at the time — a name based on the hit song by the band Radiohead.

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