Trial of 2 in federal-agent killing linked to Fast and Furious scandal nears …

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Border Patrol Agents Step Up Efforts to Save Lives in Texas.

TUCSON, Ariz. – The trial of two men in the killing of a Border Patrol agent during a 2010 shootout in the Arizona desert wound down in federal court on Wednesday. Terry died in a firefight with a five-man “rip crew,” armed men looking to rip off drug smugglers traveling through the canyons of southern Arizona just north of Mexican border.

In the aftermath, Terry lay bleeding to death, one of the rip crew members was shot, and agents found two AK-47-like weapons that were linked to the Fast and Furious sting operation in which the Arizona U.S. The trial has been an emotional rollercoaster for members of the Terry family who have had to relive the loss of their loved one time and time again as the case moves forward.

Terry was part of an elite Border Patrol unit called BORTAC that had been patrolling an area known as Mesquite Seep on December 2010 when they encountered a team of gunmen who were hunting for drug cartels smugglers in an effort to steal their drugs. The sector contains several remote counties where illegal immigrants are frequently found dead from heat and exposure. “By increasing the number of agents who are trained as emergency medical technicians, we increase our ability to save lives in remote and inhospitable environments,” said Acting Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Prosecutor Todd Wallace Robinson told jurors that DNA and fingerprint evidence, along with confessions from both defendants, prove they are guilty on all nine counts. Agent Cabrera is Vice President of Local 3307, a chapter of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). “This is going to help agents save the lives of women and children in remote areas.

As part of that operation, ATF agents allowed known cartel associates to illegally purchase firearms so that they could trace them to the various cartel bosses. The recent death of an 11-year-old who dies from heatstroke showed us that agents need to have the ability to render care,” said Agent Cabrera. “It’s not just illegal aliens who need care. The operation turned into a disaster since the agents lost track of close to 1,400 weapons many of which ended up in Mexico in the hands of cartel members.

Defense attorney Ramiro Flores argued that there can be no attempted robbery because there was no evidence of robbery targets or victims anywhere in the area. Pregnant women who were near death before being found, women who have been left to die by smugglers, and the partially-eaten remains of migrants who have died in the region are among the realities of the remote regions. District Judge David Burry who is the sitting judge in the trial. “Today the prosecution rests,” Michelle Terry-Balogh said to Breitbart Texas’s Bob Price Monday at the conclusion of hearings for that day. “We have the day off tomorrow.

The defense witness could not be transported from New York until tomorrow so he will testify on Wednesday.” During the testimony on Monday witnesses did discuss that the guns were in the desert and that is where the suspected gunmen got the weapons, food and other supplies. Two other men charged in the case — including a man who assembled the crew but who was not present that night — have pleaded guilty and two others are fugitives.

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