Trump goes after Rubio

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In South Carolina, Trump lashes out at rivals.

He had just trashed Marco Rubio, whose stock has been rising following Jeb Bush’s less-than-stellar performance in last week’s debate and Scott Walker’s Monday withdrawal from the race. NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump lashed out at rivals and complained about mistreatment by the media on Wednesday, apparently stung by a rash of criticism about his comments on immigration and women.Though he’s struggled to break through the crowded, and loud, 2016 field after announcing his intention to run in April, there has been fresh buzz about his campaign since what many analysts saw as a stand-out performance at the Sept. 16 debate at the Reagan Library. A Fox News poll released late Wednesday showed Rubio and Carly Fiorina tied for third place on the GOP side, each with 9 percent, behind Donald Trump and Dr. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush “hate each other, but they can’t say it,” he added. “I’m so tired of this politically correct crap.” He tweeted Wednesday that he’s boycotting Fox News, even though the network said officials there had canceled a Trump appearance first.

A CNN/ORC poll released earlier this week showed the Florida senator surging into 4th place with 11 percent – up from a meager 3 percent at the beginning of September. He can unify a divided country, he said, because “I have a temperament where I bring people together.” Asked by Scott, the first black Republican elected to the Senate from the South in more than a century, to address criticisms of his racially charged rhetoric, Trump responded, “My relationship with African-American people and businesses has been fantastic.” Trump waved a piece of paper in his hand and cited a recent poll from Survey USA whose questionable results show him getting 25 percent of the black vote against Hillary Clinton in a general election. The claim prompted Scott to jump out of his seat, grab the paper from Trump and put on an exaggerated show of scrutinizing it before giving a nod of satisfaction. Trump also said he had a “great relationship with Hispanics,” despite his inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants, because they’re sympathetic to his immigration message. “They don’t want people flooding the country,” he said. “It was fantastic today,” Trump said referring to an event earlier on Wednesday with the South Carolina African-American Chamber of Commerce in Charleston, where some seats remained empty.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Rubio will inherit about two-thirds of Walker’s big-donor fundraising apparatus, citing a member of Walker’s national finance committee. “His chances have grown, his chances are growing. He’s part of a small group of candidates who really do have a shot,” Ron Bonjean, an unaligned Republican strategist, told “It’s still a long way away but he’s playing his cards right for now.” He is also beginning to pose a challenge to former front-runner and ex-Florida Gov.

Earlier in the day, Trump announced that he was temporarily putting Fox News in the penalty box, tweeting “.@FoxNews has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future.” By Wednesday evening, however, he said of a return to the network, “I’m sure at some point it will happen.” He twice knocked the Florida senator’s spotty attendance record and called him a “lightweight” — a dig he’s also aimed at Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal — in pushing back against Rubio’s criticism that Trump has not delved into foreign policy specifics. (“You don’t want the enemy to hear what you’re doing,” Trump explained.) Trump has been ramping up his attacks on Rubio in recent days. On Tuesday he tweeted, “Senator Marco ‘amnesty’ Rubio, who has worst voting record in Senate, just hit me on national security-but I said don’t go into Iraq. This muted response is all part of the strategy, Bonjean says: “Rubio has engaged in a chipaway strategy where he’s not trying to be the front-runner with the spotlight shining on him, but over the course of each debate and over time he’s building his foundation of support.” However, as Rubio’s support and infrastructure expands, it seems unlikely he will be able to stay out of the spotlight for long. In North Charleston, the candidate didn’t specifically mention his ongoing spat with Fox News, instead weaving meandering attacks on the media and his opponents together with his usual promises to make the nation “great” and “rich” once again. I never saw anything like this with him with the water.” At a press availability before the town hall, Trump was more measured in his criticism of Carly Fiorina, who also traveled to South Carolina on Wednesday, calling her a “nice woman” while also disparaging her record as a corporate executive.

Earlier, Trump cast Fiorina — another “outsider” candidate trying to appeal to anti-establishment Republicans — as another politician looking for donors who will ultimately control her. On Monday, the DNC attempted to stir up a “Nazi” controversy, pointing out that Rubio was attending a fundraiser at the home of developer Harlan Crow, who owns a signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf. Trump repeated his assertion that Clinton, during the 2008 presidential campaign, started the discredited “birther” movement whose members falsely claim that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. In an interview on The Tom Joyner Radio Show earlier Wednesday, Clinton called Trump’s assertion that she started the birther claims “ludicrous.” She told guest host Don Lemon: “You know, I have been blamed for nearly everything.

He also weighed in on cyber security, saying, “The Internet does cause problems because people are finding things out about us that they never knew before … The government is going after the St. In one front-page story, the paper reported about the Rubios’ “extravagant” purchases including an $80,000 speedboat, and leasing a $50,000 SUV.

In one peculiar paragraph, the Times included the detail that a house Rubio bought in 2005 “includes an in-ground pool, a handsome brick driveway, meticulously manicured shrubs and oversize windows.” The only recent public flub that seems to have stuck around was his decision to take an awkward sip of water during his response to the 2013 State of the Union address. Can you believe this?” Supporter Chad Hatley, a 46-year-old attorney, said he saw a softer side of Trump at the event. “He comes off better in person than he does on TV. Now, even some Democrats say Rubio could be a contender. “Presidential campaigns are — yes they’re about messaging and policy — but they’re also about symbolism, and what I think what Marco Rubio is doing is trying to present this positive image of an America that, in his belief we can all live in,” Basil Smikle Jr., executive director of the New York state Democratic Party told LIVE. “As long as he keeps presenting that image and that symbol of what America is and should be … then I think he has a winning message and narrative there,” Smikle said. “We have a strategy to be first in February, and we’re on track to accomplishing that.

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