Trump: Roberts ‘disgraceful’ as high court conservative

13 Dec 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Donald Trump Reveals His Favorite Supreme Court Justice.

Donald Trump went on the offensive Saturday attacking Chief Justice John Roberts’ record on the Supreme Court telling supporters he’s “so disappointing”.Less than 48 hours after Donald Trump promised to issue an executive order requiring those who kill police officers to get the death penalty, the Republican presidential front-runner accused President Obama of overusing them. What he did with Obamacare was disgraceful, and I think he did that because he wanted to be popular inside the Beltway,” Trump told about 4,000 supporters.

Trump said at a town hall in South Carolina on Saturday that most people had not heard of executive action until Obama became president and began using the power to push through initiatives that Congress would not approve, including several related to immigration. “Usually you had to get Congress, you had to talk the senators into it, you had to talk your congressman into it, you had to deal with all the people. … You have your three branches, and you talk to them, and you get something passed — and there’s compromise, and sometimes we don’t like to compromise,” Trump said during a town hall in Aiken, S.C., that was moderated by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson. “But that’s the way the system is supposed to work,” Trump said. “And then, all of a sudden, I started hearing: ‘Oh, well, he tried. Burwell earlier this year, which kept subsidies nationwide setup under the Affordable Care act, better known as ObamaCare, in place. “ObamaCare is going down with or without Justice Roberts, if you know what I mean,” he explained. “I will tell you this: Justice Roberts really let us down. The celebrity billionaire was referring to the chief justice twice voting to uphold key provisions of President Barack Obama’s 2010 health care law and to the expressway around the District of Columbia, an area regarded as the center of U.S. government and politics. Trump praised Antonin Scalia and said Samuel Alito has been “terrific,” but took special care to highlight his appreciation for Clarence Thomas. “He’s been consistent for so long, and we should give him credit.” Trump, who has clashed in the past with environmental regulators over his golf-course holdings, scoffed at the EPA’s plans to expand the definition of waterway for the purposes of its regulations.

Trump said an unnamed friend of his was being harassed by the agency over water on his property. “He has puddles,” said Trump. “They consider that a waterway … The guy is being driven crazy, a friend of mine.” “I won’t use the example of toilets because it’s sort of gross, but I’ll use it anyways,” said Trump, who proceeded to explain that water-efficient toilets often must be flushed several times. The South Carolina Republican is hosting a series of forums in this early voting state to query GOP hopefuls about their theories on constitutional law and the role of the federal government. But the event had the feel of a typical, large Trump rally: a boisterous crowd in Trump campaign regalia who drowned out multiple protesters with chants of “Trump!

I mean it’s got to be repealed,” he said of the post-financial crisis reform law. “I know so much about the banking industry,” Trump continued, saying that it is controlled by regulators. “I just get it. He praised Thomas and rebuked Roberts when Wilson asked what kind of federal judges he would appoint, but did not specifically address Wilson’s question about how a President Trump would vet and interview prospective nominees. “We want smart, conservative and we want people that are truly in love with the Constitution,” he said. He has been very, very strong.” When pressed on the type of judges he’d appoint if elected, Trump told the crowd he would “want strongly conservative people and great scholars, legal scholars, people who follow and admire and respect our Constitution.” It’s unclear how Trump would word such an order — his staff has not returned requests for comment — or if there’s a legal way for a president to make such a change without congressional approval.

He focused his ire on water regulations that he says flood the market with bad faucets, toilets and shower heads. “There’s no water pressure,” he complained. “The problem is you stand under the shower five times as long wasting more water than if you used the other one.

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