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All the money in the world may not save Jeb Bush’s campaign.

SPARKS, Nev. (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump emerged Thursday from a debate in which he appeared to take a back seat to his rivals by lashing out at the media as he continues to adjust to a race in which he is no longer the undisputed front-runner. I received a fundraising email from him today that said, “I am declaring war on the liberal media.” Liberal media and mainstream media are synonymous, generally defined by Republicans as “any media outlet that presents facts that prove we’re lying.” Even Democrats, when their lies are assaulted by reality, gripe about the mainstream media, but media-bashing has generally been a conservative avocation.Despite a debate performance where he struggled to get speaking time, Jeb Bush’s campaign has high hopes for their candidate in early states, according to a 112-page presentation document obtained by U.S.The morning after Wednesday night’s Republican debate, Jeb Bush flew to Portsmouth, N.H., where he stood on the waterfront outside a picturesque chowder shop on which his staff had tacked a large sign proclaiming, “Jeb can fix it.” The one-time front-runner in the Republican race, Bush has suffered a steady eclipse for months, first at the hands of Donald Trump and more recently from his fellow Floridian and one-time protege, Sen. Trump told more than 3,000 supporters at a rally at the Nugget hotel-casino in Sparks, Nevada, that he was pleased with his lower-key performance during the third GOP debate in Boulder, Colorado, even if the “crooked people in the press” won’t give him credit. “Last night, all of the polls — every single one of ’em — said I won,” Trump bragged, referring to online questionnaires taken during and after the debate.

Cruz and his fellow Republican candidates amped it up to a more bellicose level at Wednesday night’s GOP debate, lambasting the CNBC moderators for having the audacity to ask them questions. “The questions asked in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media,” Cruz said, rather than answer a serious question about his opposition to raising the debt limit. “The contrast with the Democratic debate, where every thought and question from the media was, ‘Which of you is more handsome and why?’” Hillary Clinton was asked: Will you say anything to get elected?; Do you change your political identity based on who you’re talking to?; How can you credibly represent the views of the middle class?; Do you regret your vote on the Patriot Act?; and, on Benghazi, Should you have seen the attack coming? — Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign was at an inflection point Thursday as the candidate faced a choice of sticking with his long-term strategy or yielding to criticism from supporters and senior Republicans who are demanding fundamental changes to his sputtering candidacy. Marco Rubio heed his critics — including his one-time mentor, former Florida governor Jeb Bush — and leave the Senate so he can pursue the presidency full time? The “polls” Trump referred to are not scientific surveys of a representative sample of Americans, but reader polls of a self-selected group of respondents who often have opinions very different from those of the general public. Bernie Sanders was asked: How can any kind of socialist win a general election in the United States?; Do black lives matter, or do all lives matter?; and, Would you shut down the NSA surveillance program?

The enormous fundraising success that Bush showed in the first half of the year has long since subsided, with new donors slow to join a campaign that has languished. Jeb Bush insisted his campaign is not on death’s doorstep this afternoon despite a rocky debate performance last night and sagging poll numbers. “It’s not on life support,” Bush told reporters this afternoon of his campaign. “We have the most money.

Bush’s ability to fix his own campaign, let alone America’s woes. “Honestly, it’s frustrating,” said 39-year-old Zoe Daboul, who was among dozens of people at Mr. News on Thursday revealed the extent to which the Bush campaign is pushing its talking points against the Florida senator, while showing its frustration with a lack of discipline among supporters. Bush’s speech in a small parking lot outside a sandwich shop. “He’s so intelligent and so capable, but on the big stages, it’s hard for that to show.” The third nationally televised showdown, held in Boulder, Colo., left the crowded GOP primary race even more volatile than when the candidates lined up on the debate stage.

And his Senate seat gives Rubio a high-profile platform to weigh in on high-profile issues. “Marco can hold that as an ace in the hole,”said Keith Fitzgerald, a political science professor at the New College in Sarasota, Fla., and a former Democratic state lawmaker who served with Rubio in the Florida House. “At some point, he can use his position to gain center stage by being a key opponent to something that they want to do or possibly an advocate of something they want to accomplish. And the establishment figures who flocked to back him in the spring have grown jittery as winter nears. “There are two types of politicians,” Bush said during a brief appearance Thursday outside Geno’s Chowder and Sandwich Shop. “There are the talkers, and there are the doers. As a state lawmaker, Rubio used the state party’s credit card for personal expenses, which he later acknowledged as a mistake. “Those who have looked into the Marco’s background in the past have been concerned with what they have found,” the final bullet point reads.

So why give that up?” Rubio has said that he shows up for votes when they matter and that his office continues to help constituents and provide other services. Doesn’t — doesn’t that ad write itself?” If mainstream journalists are, as Marco Rubio said during the debate, the Democrats’ “ultimate super PAC,” then they did a lousy job for the Democrats in that debate. He sowed serious doubts about his ability to effectively prosecute the case against not only his Republican rivals, but also the potential Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in what is expected to be a brutal general election campaign. He notes that plenty of other senators who ran for the White House also had high absentee rates, and none quit the Senate. “A lot of these votes won’t mean anything,” he told CNN. “They’re not going to pass.

In one slide titled “Discipline Matters,” an excerpt from a recent Washington Post article quoting an anonymous donor citing a “death spiral” is splayed across the screen. Interviews Thursday with strategists and fundraisers throughout the Republican firmament underscored that there are no particularly attractive options for Bush to breathe new life into his campaign. And even if they if they did, the president would veto it.” They point to John McCain of Arizona, John Kerry of Massachusetts and Barack Obama of Illinois, all of whom sacrificed substantial portions of their day jobs to run for president. In another slide, the campaign cautions, “Early Polls Are Volatile,” displaying a chart of the rise and fall of presidential hopefuls in the last two cycles. But top Bush campaign officials said they would not be panicked by what one dismissively called “the insanity of pundit world.” Sig Rogich, a longtime Bush family adviser who now leads the former governor’s Nevada campaign, said Bush was visibly uncomfortable going on the attack.

As far as the Bush campaign’s media plan, the campaign has reserved $10.8 million in advertising beginning Jan. 5, the with the lion’s share ($5.6 million) going to New Hampshire, where voters head to the polls on Feb. 9. But Rogich expressed confidence that the candidate can show the toughness that is required. “His gentlemanly manner got in the way of tough, gnarly debate activity. He’s got to execute, and he’s well aware, and he wants to perform better in the debates,” Cardenas added. “The drama of a reality-show environment, which doesn’t play to his strengths, has been the predominant factor so far.” “He has said he is going to continue to improve and get better. Clearly, lamestream media operatives hacked the Tax Foundation’s website and doctored the data on Rubio’s plan. (You could also blame math, I suppose, but it’s not nearly as juicy a scapegoat.) Anyway, woe-is-me complaints about the media are one thing, but Cruz’s declaration of war (which oddly accompanied a request that I contribute to his “Million Dollar Money Bomb”) clearly represents an existential threat to me and my fellow journalists. He also noted how well he and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson have been getting along, laughing and winking at each other on stage, despite the fact that Carson has surpassed Trump’s lead in some polls.

Therefore, be it Resolved by the Secret Cabal of Liberal Media Overlords that the state of war between the media and Ted Cruz, which has thus been thrust upon the media by Ted Cruz being a total jerk, is hereby formally declared. From 1972 through the 2016 election cycle, 45 sitting senators have sought the presidency but only one – Bob Dole of Kansas – resigned before the election, according to Smart Politics, a nonpartisan blog run by University of Minnesota Professor Eric J. Trump said he’d come to expect ill treatment from a biased press and therefore wasn’t as angry as some of the other candidates or the Republican National Committee about CNBC’s handling of the debate. Rex Huppke, as a representative of the media, is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire forces available to the media, including but not limited to: pens that can be waved in a menacing manner; paper-cut inducing notepads; barrels of ink; and limitless Internet space, to carry on war against Ted Cruz and to bring the conflict to a successful termination.

Bush, was all but written off early in the 1988 presidential campaign before he rallied to win New Hampshire and go on to the presidency. “It’s too early to suggest it’s over,” said Ed Rogers, a veteran Republican strategist who experienced that campaign and went on to serve in the elder Bush’s White House. Audience member Paul Munding, a retired veteran who recently moved to Reno from San Jose, California, said he first thought Trump’s candidacy was a “waste of time” but had since come around.

It’s about leadership.” Bush plans a bus tour in New Hampshire next week and will release a book on Monday called “Reply All” focusing on his e-mails to constituents while governor of Florida, ranging from helping a woman with a wild raccoon in her attic to solving child support cases. In fact, that’s what he’s doing right now, today in New Hampshire.” In Wednesday’s CNBC debate, Bush lunged at Rubio, his onetime protégé, accusing him of ducking his responsibilities as a senator to feed his ambition to become president. The concept puts him out of step with many GOP primary voters who have gravitated to candidates who talk of tearing up the political system, not better managing it. Qualities that Bush’s campaign once viewed as powerful assets — years of experience as governor of the nation’s fourth-largest state and deep family ties to the party establishment — have done little good in an environment in which Republican primary voters say, by better than 2 to 1, that they value “new ideas and a different approach” over “experience and a proven record.” “Obviously, he’s struggling,” said former Minnesota Gov.

Tim Pawlenty, who briefly sought the GOP nomination four years ago before dropping out of the race. “He’s going to have to find another gear and deliver in some way that he hasn’t been able to.” Thursday, the campaign unveiled endorsements from two additional establishment Republican figures — former Sen. Rubio on Thursday reveled in favorable reviews of his debate performance, including his accusation that the media had become a Democratic super PAC, during appearances on a half-dozen television networks. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, who introduced Bush in Portsmouth, and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who lost his seat in Congress last year to a tea party-backed challenger. “I know this man’s experience. One Bush fundraiser, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to be candid, said the attack on Rubio “was just not the image and the right tone of the person whose campaign is built on ‘the right to rise,’ not the right to step on your protege to get to the top.” Rick Wilson, a Florida-based strategist unaffiliated with a candidate, said, “For weeks, the money guys were with Jeb.

He’s not a risk at this time.” Bush hopes to highlight those attributes next week when he gives what aides are billing as a major speech in Tampa to coincide with the publication of his e-book, “Reply All,” a collection of the e-mail messages he sent as governor. Sembler said he had been reassuring donors that Bush will be the last candidate standing as the next phase of the campaign wears down his competitors.

Bush advisers said they still believed highlighting the record he compiled as governor between 1999 and 2007 would eventually pay dividends. “These messages, these stories, they do take time to sink in,” Miller said. “It requires repetition. Zach Zachariah, a Fort Lauderdale Fla., cardiologist who has held two Bush fundraisers at his home and has been a major fundraiser for the family for three decades, insisted there was no reason to worry. They also said it made Bush seem fixated on the past at a time when voters are concerned about the future and when Rubio and other candidates are sounding forward-looking themes. We’re doing fine.” Some Bush loyalists are cringing at the attacks from the policy-oriented former governor. “Sad to see these cheap attacks on Marco,” Florida lobbyist Brian Ballard, who has raised money for both Mr.

We need to nominate someone with real accomplishments, who can draw votes from places Republicans have struggled lately,” Bush national finance co-chairman Jack Oliver said in a message. “Jeb is that guy.” Still, one prominent Bush donor from the Midwest wrote in an e-mail, “I just don’t see the fire in the belly that he needs to move through our brutal primary battles and the ultimate Deathmatch with the Clinton machine. Bush, Sally Bradshaw, didn’t sugarcoat his lackluster performance in a conference call late Wednesday, donors said, but noted he was allotted little time. Bush recall him as a governor with a commanding presence in the nation’s largest battleground state, a man they don’t recognize today as he’s 40 pounds thinner after months on a diet, often standing with slumped shoulders, and giving off an uneasy demeanor.

Bush was in office, will join him at a college-football game in Alabama in two weeks. “The operative word going forward is ‘relax,’ and to lower expectations of how this primary will play out, “ said Mr.

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