Trump’s plan for deportation mirrors 1930s removal of Mexican families

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Donald Trump’s mass deportation actually happened during Great Depression.

After losing the 2012 presidential election, Republican Party leaders vowed to craft a message they thought would be more in tune with the middle class – promising to deliver faster economic growth and to help all workers, not just the very rich. This 1932 photo from the Los Angeles Herald Examiner Collection of the Los Angeles Public Library shows hundreds of Mexicans at a Los Angeles train station awaiting deportation to Mexico.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) Presidential Preference Convention at Rocketown on Aug. 29, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. (credit: Jason Davis/Getty Images) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (CBSDC/AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call for mass deportation of millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, as well as their American-born children, bears similarities to a large-scale removal that many Mexican-American families faced 85 years ago. During the Great Depression, counties and cities in the American Southwest and Midwest forced Mexican immigrants and their families to leave the U.S. over concerns they were taking jobs away from whites, despite their legal right to stay. Trump’s surging campaign has pushed the party in a different direction, one that often clashes with free-market principles that have long underpinned GOP economic policy. Throughout that point, immigrants have been rounded up and despatched to Mexico, typically in public locations and sometimes with out formal proceedings. Jeb Bush, who takes a more mild-mannered approach to campaigning, took heat when he referred to children born in the United States whose parents aren’t citizens as “anchor babies.” That displeased Latino voters.

Trump criticizes government, but he shot to the top of the GOP field by rallying voters against another enemy: immigrants from Mexico and low-wage workers in China, whom he blames for lost jobs and stagnant wages in America. When Bush tried to dig himself out of a hole, he said he was referring more to Asians engaging in “birth tourism.” Bush also goes two-for-two — on a single issue.

Scott Walker managed to tick off LGBT voters when he said the Supreme Court had made a “grave mistake” in making same-sex marriage legal in all states. Critics, including many leading conservative economists in Washington, call Trump’s plans “nativist,” “protectionist” and incompatible with the party’s core pro-market beliefs. Democratic candidate and longtime Republican target Hillary Rodham Clinton is on the other side, charging that legions of female voters have been insulted by the GOP’s drive to defund Planned Parenthood. In a week of galvanic financial markets and epic emigration from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, Trump, the front-running Republican candidate, retweeted that Megyn Kelly, the FOX News host, is a “bimbo.” I am the son of Mexican immigrants. They also worry Trump’s ideas could spread to other GOP contenders. “This is a very dangerous moment, I think, for the Republican Party,” said Stephen Moore, a conservative economist and co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, which has been meeting with candidates to urge them to adopt low-tax, low-regulation policies to grow the economy. “What Trump is saying about trade and immigration is a political and economic disaster,” Moore said. “He’s almost now making it cool and acceptable to be nativist on immigration and protectionist on trade.

Two weeks ago, Trump said that, if elected president, he would expand deportations and end “birthright citizenship” for children born to immigrants who are here illegally. Donald Trump feels their pain and said in his presidential campaign announcement, “When Mexico sends its people, and they’re not sending their best. That’s destroying a lot of the progress we’ve made as a party in the last 30 years.” Many Republican candidates beyond Trump have voiced opposition to new free-trade deals, including the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership being negotiated by the Obama administration with several Asian countries. Under his plan, American-born children of immigrants also would be deported with their parents, and Mexico would be asked to help build a wall along the U.S. It’s a nation of immigrants.” Speaking of Bush, she said: “For him to parcel out one community or the next is an example of almost ignorance of the subject.

While every GOP candidate promises to secure the nation’s southern border and crack down on illegal immigration, some are now expressing an openness to reducing levels of legal immigration. And he’s probably the most pro-immigrant candidate” among the Republicans, “so that tells you what’s going on, on their side.” With the 2016 presidential race in full swing, some critics are suggesting the Republican candidates are tacking so far to the right to appeal to conservative voters in critical early states such as Iowa and South Carolina that they could be endangering the party’s chances of getting back to the center during the general election.-Mexico border. “They’re unlawful,” Trump stated of U.S.-born youngsters of individuals dwelling within the nation illegally. “You both have a rustic or not.” Polls now present unfavorable impressions of Trump amongst Latinos.

A Gallup ballot launched Aug. 24 discovered that Hispanics have been extra possible to provide Trump unfavourable scores than beneficial ones by 51 proportion factors. “Mr. Molnar, who advised former California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner during his 2010 gubernatorial race, said Pelosi — and the media — may be blaming Republicans for insulting voters while ignoring the fact that strong messaging is one of the key reasons Trump has defied all expectations with the highest poll numbers among the 17 candidates vying for the GOP nomination. “Voters are sick and tired of walking on eggshells, especially when there are really important issues out there,” he said. “They’re sick of whining about what this candidate or that one said about Latinos or Asians or gays — a compartmentalized world. But a growing portion of the conservative base – and, to a lesser extent, the country as a whole – now blames American workers’ economic woes on competition from illegal immigrants and from low-skilled foreign factory workers abroad. Trump ought to heed the next warning: Our Latino and immigrant communities aren’t going to overlook the best way he has handled them,” the Washington, D.C.-based Truthful Immigration Reform Motion stated in a press release. Some immigrant advocates pointed to the removing of outstanding Latino journalist Jorge Ramos from an Iowa press convention final week as a metaphor for the candidate’s want to take away Latinos from the USA. “Mr.

Trump is so pumped up by the media, he floats above us as gigantic as a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloon, and, as advertised, he is untethered. In a 2014 Public Religion Rearch Institute survey, 57 percent of Republicans said immigrants mostly hurt the economy by driving down wages, compared with 33 percent who said they help by providing low-cost labor. Trump interrupted Ramos, saying he hadn’t been referred to as on and finally advised Ramos, “Return to Univision.” Trump has offered few particulars on how his proposed deportation effort can be carried out. Ramos, an anchor for Univision, was escorted out by a Trump aide after Ramos, who had criticized Trump previously, tried to question Trump about his immigration plan.

Kuo said Bush was raising legitimate questions about a story that made headlines this year in Los Angeles — companies offering “birth tourism” to mostly Chinese women, some of whom then take advantage of government-funded benefits for their children, who are citizens because they were on U.S. soil. This year, the Pew Research Center found Republican were evenly split on whether trade agreements helped or hurt their families; Americans in general were slightly more likely to say they’d helped. What came next was something not many people expected — The Donald has been losing business deal after business deal and has not backed down after his immigration comments.

Still, Kuo admits he has been concerned by some of the more incendiary rhetoric from Trump, whom he said is in danger of alienating many potential GOP voters. “The part about kicking people out is not what I, as a Republican, stand for,” he said. “Last night on Fox, he was going on and on about China. In the movies, particularly before talkies, the poet-clowns were losers – Charlie Chaplin, of course, but also the balletic Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd.

The massive-scale deportation Trump envisions can be impractical to enact, because of the extent to which Mexican immigrants have built-in into U.S. society, stated Columbia College historical past professor Mae Ngai. What intrigued me about the Marx Brothers was the meeting of two comic traditions – the randy mute played by Harpo versus Groucho’s double-talking con-man, Otis B. Appealing to those sentiments is one way for GOP candidates to deliver on a promise they’ve been collectively making since the start of the campaign: to offer relief to American workers who have not only struggled through the Great Rececession and its aftermath, but have seen their incomes stagnate over the past quarter-century.

A Supreme Courtroom ruling in 1898 halted earlier makes an attempt to restrict the birthright of Chinese language-Americans after the passage of the Chinese language Exclusion Act. “However they did break up households and lots of youngsters by no means noticed their mother and father once more,” stated Balderrama, co-author of a guide concerning the 1930s’ repatriation. Usually, when the press targets a candidate and the public comes out against those comments, the candidate capitulates to the pressure and changes the message. And while some women may disagree with GOP candidates on the issue of reproductive rights, “I know good liberals and moderates who are pro-choice and think Planned Parenthood is beyond the pale,” she said. That legacy lingers in songs, typically performed on Spanish-language radio stations, that allude to mass deportations and separation of family members, stated Lilia Soto, an American research professor on the College of Wyoming.

And both parties, they say, will need to show respect — and deliver a message that resonates — with these key voter groups. “I don’t think gay marriage or abortion are going to be issues in the campaign at all. For instance, the lyrics to “Ice El Hielo,” by the Los Angeles-band La Santa Cecilia, converse of a group afraid that federal brokers about to reach and launch deportations raids at any second. It’s still the economy and jobs,” he said. “And the guys who are supporting Trump are people who may have lost careers and they haven’t been able to recover. “And a guy comes in and says, ‘I know how to create jobs’ … and people say, ‘Hey, maybe I should listen to that,’” Dorinson said. “It’s so much bigger than insulting one group or another.” Carla Marinucci is The San Francisco Chronicle’s senior political writer.

The ballad “Volver, Volver,” sung by Mexican ranchera performer Vicente “Chente” Fernandez, speaks of somebody vowing to return to a lover regardless of all obstacles. Two teenage boys in South Boston find a Mexican homeless man to beat up on a street corner, because the trash-talking politician has granted them an excuse for the kick. In a recent radio interview, Cruz said Trump was drawing attention to “the enormous downward pressure on wages and employment that unrestrained illegal immigration is providing.” Others, such as Florida Gov. In the party’s first official debate earlier this month in Cleveland, Bush pledged to fix the nation’s immigration system “once and for all so that we can turn this into a driver for high sustained economic growth.” So-called Reform Conservatives have been pushing candidates to embrace targeted tax relief for working families and innovative, market-oriented solutions to problems such as the rising costs of health care and higher education. John McCain of Arizona, which upset many members of the Republican base including veterans. “He’s not a war hero, he was a war hero because he was captured.

Not a few comic books and horror films have imagined the mass murderer as a clown-a conceit that James Eagan Holmes turned on the audience in the Century 16 theater complex in Aurora, Colorado, at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.” Trump is not a monster. Trump strikes me as dangerous not so much for what he believes but for how little he seems to believe – preparation for a debate would be a weight on his panache – and how much he is willing to say. The Donald’s biggest problem is not policy positions he never clearly states, his biggest problem is being Donald Trump, lambasting and not worthy of being leader of the free world. When he gleaned from the stirrings in his audiences that Mexico is the larger annoyance, he postponed China and offered a solution to illegal immigration worthy of a Chinese emperor: I will build the greatest wall you’ve ever seen!

Maybe because the political and cultural left took so many constituencies – gays, women, racial minorities – to itself, there developed a caution, a political correctness that deliberated how, or even if, we could characterize one another. Limbaugh had ascended to talk-show stardom by playing the merry iconoclast, mocking the left’s sacred cows, from “femi-Nazis” to the speech pattern of “the Reverend Jessie Jackson.” By his own admission, Limbaugh owes his rude freedom to Bob Grant, the Jubilation T. The irony is that we now have a trash-talking billionaire who, in the name of controlling illegal immigration, incites the crowd at the state fair to illegality – to disregard the 14th Amendment, retroactively to deny the children of illegal immigrants, “anchor babies,” citizenship. (The 14th Amendment prescribes that US citizenship be based not on blood but on the power of this soil to name us.

It was an amendment the Congress passed in the aftermath of the Civil War to insist to a fractured nation that former slaves were as much Americans as those Americans who once enslaved them.) Republican candidates in the main tent have heard the applause coming from the Trump side show. The candidates begin to line up, like a “Dumbo” parade of elephants, each holding the tail in front of him – Senator Rand Paul (Ky.), Ben Carson, Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Senator Ted Cruz (Texas), former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, and even Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal – himself a birthright citizen. But, in the end, the voters of Connecticut twice were unable to vote for a candidate whose money had come from telling the truth about the lie of pro wrestling. Sometimes, pro wrestlers have died in the ring, the result of having punished their bodies with steroids to turn themselves into comic book heroes or villains. The writer, an essayist, is the author of several books about America, including “Brown: The Last Discovery of America,” and, most recently, “Darling: A Spiritual Autobiography,” about religion after September 11

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