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Twitter Comedian @Fart Trolls HLN, Talks Edward Scissorhands Instead of Edward …

30 Sep 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

‘Can you hear me now?’ Edward Snowden joins Twitter, follows NSA.

Jon Hendren is funny person on the internet who was, for some reason or another, brought on HLN on Wednesday to be interviewed about his support of Edward Snowden, who joined Twitter this week. Snowden, the fugitive former National Security Agency contractor who leaked details about the US government’s massive surveillance programs, started a Twitter account on Tuesday from exile in Russia with a simple handle — @snowden. Snowden’s initial tweet was “Can you hear me now?” The message, a take-off on a cellphone provider television commercial, was retweeted 25 000 times in an hour. If not, please allow me to introduce him as the guy who trolled the crap out of The Daily Share host Yasmin Vossoughian on the HLN network when he appeared on the news show to discuss Edward Snowden joining Twitter.

The whistleblower also exchanged tweets with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, joking about the recent discovery of flowing salty water on Mars. “And now we’ve got water on Mars! But Snowden himself was following only one other Twitter account — his former employer’s. “Meanwhile, a thousand people at Fort Meade just opened Twitter,” Snowden said in a tweet, referring to the US Army base in Maryland that is the home of the NSA. Snowden has started on Twitter in a low-key manner – no selfies so far – and has limited his posts to the informational, inspirational, jokey kind of thing.

Like other high-profile people on the messaging service, Snowden’s account has a blue and white check mark, indicating that it was verified by Twitter. After Vossoughian showed a John Oliver clip, she asked Hendren if Snowden could have conceivably hurt someone by releasing classified government documents. “Well, you know, to say that he couldn’t harm somebody with what he did — he could, absolutely, he could. Vossoughnian takes Hendren to task over Snowden releasing sensitive and potentially harmful information in one of his leaks and doesn’t really get the answers she was expecting. “There was classified information out there…that could feasibly harm people,” said Vossoughnian. “Do you think Snowden’s actions were worth that risk?” “I think to cast him out , to make him invalid in society, simply because he has scissors for hands,” said Hendren. “I mean, that’s strange. People didn’t start getting scared until he started sculpting shrubs into dinosaur shapes, and what not.” Vossoughnian just keeps her poker face and moves on the next talking point regarding his current asylum in Russia, and Hendren resumes the charade in his unflappable deadpan and goes to bat for the Johnny Depp character from the Tim Burton movie.

Based on an algorithm that looked at Twitter posts mentioning Snowden or his official Twitter handle, there were about 1,109 positive tweets versus 156 negative, a ratio of about 7 to 1, within the first hour of his initial tweet. From what we can see the list is a who’s who of civil liberties people, and the first page includes characters from the American Civil Liberties Union through to Kim Dotcom, and Kim Dotcom’s lawyer. Graham Cluley is there, as are the good burghers of Liberty and the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, and Jimmy Wales and Julia O’Dwyer, Richard O’Dwyer’s mum. Verified email addresses: All users on Independent Media news sites are now required to have a verified email address before being allowed to comment on articles. We expect that the Snowden feed will be low on photos of lunches, talk about BAEs, gourd-spiced coffees and cat and arse selfies, but we reckon that it is probably one worth following, particularly if you like to be kept in the light about privacy and surveillance, and maybe Martians.

Twitter can do strange things to people, though, and it is possible that within a few weeks the account will be engaged in full-on cyber beef with One Direction, or Blackberry fans, and that many of the tweets will feature links to soundcloud and the ‘soundscapes’ that he has started to produce at home on a keyboard. µ

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