Type in JebBush.com, get Donald Trump

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Donald Trump takes Jeb Bush website from under his nose.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A website containing GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s name is mysteriously redirecting users to rival Donald Trump’s campaign website.

Internet users first noticed Monday that a site that one might think leads users to information on the former Florida governor’s presidential campaign is instead sending browsers to the site for the New York businessman, DonaldJTrump.com.The domain JebBush.com has been bought up by someone who would apparently prefer readers to support — or at least learn more about — the Donald Trump campaign.WASHINGTON (CBSDC)– A website under the domain JebBush.com redirects visitors to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign website. Typing in www.Jebbush.com pulls up the front page of www.DonaldJTrump.com , including a photo of the billionaire real estate developer flashing a victory sign and his slogan, “Make America great again.” The registration of the jebbush.com domain is masked, so it’s not possible to see who set up the redirect. While Bush’s real campaign website is at Jeb2016.com, someone has purchased theJebBush.com domain and programmed it to redirect toDonaldJTrump.com, where supporters can donate to Trump’s campaign.

Gizmodo reports that the mix-up happened because Bush’s team appeared not to have registered their own candidate’s name as a domain name. “It’s not clear if Jeb ever owned JebBush.com, which is bizarre, since he’s been a high-profile government official for years. The company’s website states it “specializes in generating revenue through pay per click (PPC) links from the traffic your domains receive.” Bush supporters who may be hoping to encounter a support page for the candidate are instead sent to Trump’s website where the grinning billionaire is pictured with the “Make American Great Again!” slogan. Bush’s campaign website and logo both avoid using his last name — a subtle nod to the fact that despite the public pride for his family, it remains a liability with many voters. This isn’t the first time a website name has targeted Bush: Earlier this year, the Democratic National Committee launched JebWBush2016.com to call attention to how the GOP presidential candidate’s policy positions mirror those of his brother, George W.

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