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Throw Fish Passion The Collection West Vita Lush Stories Your Castle Plant Pots House Illustrated Natural Planner

April 8, 2019 By Nataly Cowart In Garden Plants

There were other collectors sent out from the Royal Botanic Gardens at about the same time: Archibald Menzies, William Hooker, and Dr Abel. These then were the means and Banks the motivating force, and it was he, with memories of Australia ever fresh in mind, who dispatched Allan Cunningham to New South Wales in 1816. There he collected and sent home Banksia, the genus named after his guide and mentor, Sir Joseph Banks. Eucalyptus and were also notable introductions made by Cunningham.

What is immediately obvious, when reading journals and field notes written by these early plant hunters, is the incredible courage and fortitude they displayed. Had the motivating force been the lure of gold, precious stones, or some other easily negotiable form of guaranteed access to wealth and position, the tenacity of purpose would have been explained.

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