Univision’s Jorge Ramos: Reporters Need to Get Tougher on Trump

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Donald Trump said he’ll win the Latino vote. That’s delusional..

NEWARK, N.J. Not only is Donald Trump an unconventional candidate, he’s got a campaign operation that turns the conventional wisdom of electoral politics on its head.PENSACOLA, Florida (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Wednesday he’s proud of kicking one of the country’s best-known Spanish-language journalists out of an Iowa news conference — the latest in a series of clashes with the media. “I think I handled that well.In a scathing op-ed that ran on Univision.com on Wednesday, the Puerto Rican “Livin” La Vida Loca”singer lashed out at the presidential candidate for repeatedly “harassing” Latinos. “The fact that an individual like Donald Trump, a candidate for presidency of the United States for the Republican Party, has the audacity to continue to gratuitously harass the Latino community makes my blood boil,” the Puerto Rican singer wrote in Spanish. “When did this character assume he could make comments that are racist, absurd, and above all incoherent and ignorant about us Latinos?” Martin’s op-ed came a day after Trump’s testy exchange with veteran Univision journalist Jorge Ramos, which led to Ramos’ expulsion from a press conference in Iowa on Tuesday.

While Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton boasts an army of more than 350 paid staffers, Trump’s operation fields less than a tenth that number. It’s far easier getting elected telling people what they want to hear than what they need to hear – that our problems are very complex and the solutions are not going to be easy.

It includes a coterie of about a dozen paid staffers operating out of the campaign headquarters at Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue — the same building where Trump lives and runs his real estate empire- in an office that is still under construction. ‘Do your job,’ one of Trump’s mottos, is also prominent in the makeshift office and appears on a poster along with a nameplate on Campaign manager Corey Lewandwoski’s desk. ‘Just do your job. The latest spat for Trump comes as his rivals continue to grapple with how best to compete against the unpredictable billionaire businessman, who has skyrocketed to the top of summertime polls. Donald Trump has picked fights with Megyn Kelly, but it may well be his clash with Jorge Ramos — often referred to as the ‘Walter Cronkite” of Spanish language TV — that has far more lasting repercussions for his presidential aspirations. Martin said the action from Trump did not surprise him, but instead is surprised by the fact that “Hispanics continue to accept the aggressions and accusations of people like him who attack our dignity.

Martin, who came out as gay in 2010, has become an outspoken advocate for gay rights in recent years. “Enough is enough,” Martin declared of Trump. Bush went on to criticize Trump’s immigration plan, specifically his proposal to build a massive border wall, calling it impractical and out of step with conservative principles because of its cost. “It is not feasible to build a wall as the sole solution,” Bush said. “It’s a simple thing to say and I’m sure it’s great for our friends in the press, but it’s not practical and it’s not conservative.” He also criticized Trump’s clash with Ramos, saying all journalists should be treated with “dignity and respect.” He added that Trump needs to be held accountable by reporters. Enough is enough!” “We have to defeat the power that Trump pretends to have over Latinos, anchored in low rhetoric and xenophobic speech, which his campaign team is convinced works for him,” the singer continued. “Let’s show that our Latin race is to be respected, let’s not allow a political hopeful to plant his campaign in insult and humiliation. The rest of the 25 or so paid members of the Trump campaign are mostly in the early- voting states of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, states where the billionaire businessman-turned-reality TV host is ahead in polls, leaving the Republican establishment scratching its head. “Like the rest of Mr.

Ramos was ultimately allowed back into Trump’s news conference, and they quickly resumed their argument over his immigrations proposals, interrupting each other during an extended back-and-forth. Trump’s campaign, we’re not following the playbook,” said Trump’s recently hired national political director, Michael Glassner, who worked for Sarah Palin’s vice presidential campaign. “So what may have been the typical profile for somebody to run a primary or caucus campaign, we’re willing to look beyond that, find the people who are the best and the smartest.” The small-scale outfit stands in sharp contrast to Clinton’s operation across the river in Brooklyn, where her team, learning from President Barack Obama’s successes, has built a data-centric campaign led and staffed by some of the Democratic Party’s best and brightest.

Trump to answer honestly about what he really wants to do because he hasn’t given us specifics,” Ramos said on “Good Morning America.” Although Trump invited Ramos back into the conference and entertained his questions, the network’s CEO, Randy Falco, released a statement late Wednesday that called the ejection of Ramos “beneath contempt.” He said that “Mr. We have fought for every right that we have today.” “This is an issued that unites us and we need to battle it together, not just for us but for the evolution of humanity and those to come,” Martin wrote. Speaking at an event in Ankeny, Iowa, she said Trump and his rivals don’t support a path to citizenship for the millions of immigrants living in the country illegally. Jeb Bush, is also experimenting with his operating structure, offloading many of the traditional responsibilities of a campaign to a super PAC led by a longtime Bush confidant.

Martin is the latest Latino celebrity to condemn Trump, who kicked off his presidential campaign condemning some Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. There has been bad blood between Trump and Univision, which refused to air Trump’s project, the Miss USA pageant, after Trump made disparaging remarks in June about Mexican immigrants.

In addition to its flagship broadcast outlet, the company is a co-owner of Fusion, a new cable network geared toward a millennial audience and the UniMas broadcast network. The Trump operation is showing that the “typical campaign” run by presidential candidates doesn’t work, Lewandowski said in a recent interview. “This has been an atypical campaign from the beginning. During his conversation Wednesday with Ingraham, Trump toned down his attacks against Kelly, saying their spat was “not a death struggle, not a big deal.” However, the current interactions go beyond corporate squabbles, according to experts, because of the combination of changing U.S. demographics and the unique position that Ramos plays, which some academics have taken to call the “Jorge Ramos effect.” Political research firm Latino Decisions, which is conducting Latino polling and research for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, says that Republicans need more of the Latino vote to win the presidency than typically thought.

To the editor: Trump has seduced a smattering of supporters despite his comedy of errors and lack of specificity in naming initiatives that have any reasonableness. And it works and it is working and he has massive amounts of support.” The growing team so far consists of a mishmash of well-respected and connected early-state insiders and newcomers who appear to be just out of college or who have never worked on a national or even statewide campaign.

The party’s percentage shares of both Latino and non-Latino voters have remained roughly constant from 2000 to 2012, even as Latino population has been growing and non-Latino representation in the populace has declined. In Iowa, for instance, where he has 10 paid people, Trump snatched Chuck Laudner, a former state party executive director who ran former Pennsylvania Sen. If I were, my blood would percolate over the manner in which Trump’s rivals behave like gutless little boys afraid to open their mouths and defend themselves and their positions. Trump’s Iowa campaign co-chair Tana Goertz, for instance, was a contestant on the “The Apprentice” with no political experience before she joined Trump’s team. The motivational speaker and radio host has been holding what she’s dubbed “Stump for Trump” Apprentice-style competitions to hire caucus leaders in each of Iowa’s 99 counties. “The ability to communicate directly through social media has changed the entire landscape and I think that’s also changed sort of what I would regard as the qualifications for a professional organizer as well,” he said, But Laudner said it’s been a challenge over the last month to keep up with all the requests for information from potential backers about how they can learn more or be involved with Trump’s campaign.

Ramos is, by far, the most-watched anchor among Spanish-language viewers. “In most major cities, he has the highest rated evening news show of any TV channel, including English channels,” Matt Barreto, co-founder of Latino Decisions and Professor of Political Science and Chicano Studies at UCLA, told Fortune. Trump has had one office in the state, which is usually empty, Laudner says, because his small team of organizers typically likes to be on the road meeting with local GOP officials. Her LinkedIn profile lists her experience as director of philanthropy at Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity and vice president of the school’s college Republican group.

Not only that, he has high credibility. “We have research showing that Latinos who pay close attention to Spanish-language media, and in particular news in Spanish, are twice as likely to be excited about politics and participate,” Sergio I Garcia-Rios, professor of government and Latino studies at Cornell, told Fortune. “This is even among bilingual who prefer English. [And[ Jorge Ramos is the most trusted [news source among Latinos] in poll after poll.” Garcia-Rios also has done research where Latinos were asked where they got news and information on day-to-day matters. “They quoted and talked about Jorge Ramos, even things that we know Jorge Ramos didn’t talk about,” he said. That means that it’s been difficult keeping track of would-be supporters, though Laudner says he believes Trump already has more individuals committed to caucus for him than Santorum. He said Trump will be opening a second office and hiring more permanent staff, instead of making do with mainly volunteers. “Otherwise, you risk spilling or losing some of that support,” he said. Trump, for being the storm that blew the Republican’s house of cards to the winds in 2016, and for the color, buffoonery and audacity with which you mastered the task.” Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser who recently parted ways with the campaign but remains a cheerleader for his former boss, said there is still work to be done.

Glassner and Lewandowski recently went on a staff recruiting mission to Nevada, another early-voting state, and plan to set up a campaign team there, as well as in some Southern states over the coming weeks.

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