US waitress gets $3000 tip from kind customer

30 Apr 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Customer Saves Waitress From Getting Evicted with 7,000 Percent Tip.

A teacher who lost his toddler son in a tragic accident three years ago has revealed how a ‘pay-it-forward’ campaign he set up in honor of his late child led to an inspiring act by a former student.A regular customer at the Mac’s Grub Shak in New York City left the struggling waitress that huge sum as well as a handwritten note on the back of the receipt. “Thank you for being around for all of my shows off and on Broadway. Richard Specht and wife, Samantha, lost their 22-month-old son, Richard, who was nicknamed Rees, in October 2012 when he drowned in their backyard pond in Sound Beach, New York.

She’s a lovely individual, and she talked about how she was served an eviction notice last month,” Mike, who asked to remain anonymous, told ABC News. “I just had also been constantly thinking about for quite some time my teacher’s project and this foundation, and I thought it was an appropriate time.” The foundation Mike was referring to is ReesSpecht Life, an organisations that was started by Rich Specht, Mike’s eighth-grade science teacher from years ago, which encourages people to participate in random acts of kindness and then pay-it-forward. My son only had 22 months and didn’t really have a chance, and that’s all I wanted for him: to know he inspired someone he never met to do something. Through their foundation the Specht’s try to inspire people to pay kindness forward in memory of their son – inspiration that motivated Mike to leave the massive tip. “Thank you for your kindness and humility.

Still, Richard hadn’t seen anything like the $3,000 tip gesture since they started their mission. “My mouth sat agape as I stared at the picture,” he wrote in his blog about the incident. “I literally did a double, even triple take.” To see something so horrible happen to him… it doesn’t surprise me that he would start a foundation out of something so horrible that would just continue to keep good around and to keep wonderful things going,” Mike said. “It was heart-wrenching for me to see it happen. It restores something that was missing.” “She really needed (the money) and has been so happy since then, so I feel I did the right thing,” Mike said. “She said she was going to devote herself to the foundation and continue to pay it forward.”

The teacher made ‘ReesSpecht Life’ cards to hand out asking people to perform a random act of kindness, which are documented on their Rees Specht Life fundraising website. I hope that one day someone gives as much love and happiness into the world as you do.” After the waitress got over the initial shock of Mike’s generosity she tracked down Mr Specht to tell him she had a picture of something incredible, something that helped her so much and it was all because of him and the memory of his son. The couple have distributed more than 70,000 cards in their effort to ‘make the world a better place, one piece at a time’ – but were left stunned last week when a waitress in Manhattan received a $3,000 tip along with one of their cards. Mr Specht said he burst into tears when he read an email from the waitress who said that one of his former students, who is now on Broadway, left her the huge sum.

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