Verbatim: Would Jeb Bush Kill Baby Hitler? ‘Hell Yeah.’

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Jeb Bush: “Hell Yeah” I’d Kill Baby Hitler!.

The question arose during an interview with the Huffington Post when the interviewer asked Bush what was the funniest or most bizarre email he had received at his address, where the question was first asked. “The problem with going back in history and doing that as we know … from the series ‘Back to the Future,’ is it could have a dangerous effect on everything else,” Bush said. “But I’d do it.” According to the Huffington Post, Bush was traveling through New Hampshire on his way to Milwaukee for Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate on Fox Business Channel.

WASHINGTON (CBSDC)– If former Florida Governor and presidential hopeful Jeb Bush had the opportunity to kill Hitler as a baby, he says he certainly would have.Much has been made of Jeb Bush, a candidate who last ran for office in 2002, struggling to connect with an electorate stratified by fast moving and diffuse media coverage, but lately, Jeb’s attempts to talk pop culture have just served as comedic fodder. Presidential hopeful didn’t hesitate when posed with the ethical dilemma plaguing many Americans’ hearts and minds: Would you go back in time and kill baby if you could? His attempt to reboot his faltering campaign by releasing a book of over 700 emails he sent while governor of Florida back in the early 2000s went about as well as you’d expect.

And now eager to promote “Reply All,” his aforementioned thrilling book of emails, Jeb has finally gotten in on a weeks old Twitter meme about the hypothetical fate of baby Hitler. In September, while discussing his anti-abortion views during an appearance on Fox News, Bush said: “I think we need to have a society that protects life from the beginning to end, and we should be a repentant society for sure.” This is not the first time a Republican presidential contender has injected World War II-era speculation into the campaign. The candidate acknowledged that destroying the life of the future German dictator would lead to unknown consequences, but that it would be a risk he was willing to take.

Ben Carson made the controversial assertion last month that had Jews taken up firearms against the Nazis they might have been able to prevent the Holocaust.

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