Watch A Comedian Trick HLN By Discussing Edward Scissorhands Instead Of Edward …

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Edward Scissorhands Troll: ‘I Have Absolutely No Idea Why’ This Happened.

Jon Hendren talks to The Daily Beast about why he decided to take over a cable news segment on Edward Snowden to talk about 1990 smash Johnny Depp vehicle Edward Scissorhands.Jon Hendren, who goes by the Twitter handle @fart appeared on HLN’s “The Daily Share” Wednesday where he was asked to defend Edward Snowden but he instead defended Edward Scissorhands.On Wednesday, HLN invited Twitter comedian Jon Hendren — whose social media handle, @fart, should have given away the game — to discuss the sudden appearance of Edward Snowden on Twitter yesterday. The first part of the interview, Hendren conducted as a legitimate guest, but as the interview progressed, he began describing Scissorhands instead of Snowden.

Hendren continued, “People didn’t get scared until he started sculpting shrubs into dinosaur shapes and whatnot.” Vossoughian went on to ask Hendren about Snowden seeking asylum in Russia. HLN anchor Yasmin Vossoughian asked whether Hendren agreed with GOP presidential candidate George Pataki, who wrote that “Twitter is a great company that should not give a platform to terrorists of traiters,” to which Hendren replied that Snowden is “a hero doing what any one of us should have done in that situation.” Vossoughian then played a clip of John Oliver’s interview with Snowden, in which he questioned whether some of the information revealed in Snowden’s leaks didn’t directly put American lives or operations in harm’s way. “Well, you know to say he couldn’t harm someone,” Hendren replied, seemingly on topic. “Absolutely he could. Just because he was created on top of a mountain by Vincent Price, incomplete with scissors for hands and no heart, uh, Edward Scissorhands is a complete hero to me.” “I mean, where else is he going to go? Everything is going well until Hendren points out that it’s unfair to cast Snowden aside “simply because he has scissors for hands.” Vossoughian is either exceedingly professional or completely unaware of Hendren’s trolling. Nothing really highlights how inane the news has become like someone actively trying to fuck up an entire TV show only to have his point proven by talking points hamfistedly steamrolling over his responses.

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