What’s flakka? And why are Florida police concerned?

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Emerging Drug Flakka Causing More Naked Rage and Paranoia Incidents.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami/AP) – There is a common element between several bizarre incidents in Florida—an increasingly popular synthetic designer drug called flakka.Flakka, a new designer drug popular in Florida, is continuing to generate bizarre incidents of naked rage and paranoia among users — but officials say it’s no laughing matter.

The synthetic drug has spawned a number of tales including how one Florida man believed he was Thor, and ran naked through a neighborhood and then tried to have sex with a tree, the Associated Press reported Thursday. Flakka, which is similar to bath salts and usually smoked via electronic cigarettes, causes the naked incidents because it causes a spike in body temperature of up to 106 degrees, according to the U.S. Flakka, a derivative of Spanish word for thin, pretty woman, is a synthetic drug whose active ingredient is chemical compound called alpha-PVP, which is on the U.S. Louis have not seen any cases involving flakka, but fear it will be here soon. “Florida had a few incidents where it took 7 plus officers to get one subject under control,” said St. Louis County Police Detective Casey Lambert. “A Taser wouldn’t affect them, pepper spray won’t affect them,” said Lambert. “If you go hands on, it’s going to be the fight of your life.

It can also be snorted, injected or swallowed. “I’ve had one addict describe it as $5 insanity,” said Don Maines, a drug treatment counselor with the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Fort Lauderdale. “They still want to try it because it’s so cheap. Unrelated story covered here on Immortal News, reports that teen e-cigarette usage has tripled in one year, and due to the fact this drug is relatively cheap, it poses real threat to teenagers and young adults. That’s what we`re seeing with this flakka drug,” said Lambert. “Florida is seeing a large amount of overdoses from it, so it’s killing the community and that’s something we need to be aware of,” Lambert said. In their drug facts article, the drug is sometimes marketed as plant food or carpet cleaner, and sold online and in drug paraphernalia stores under a variety of brand names, such as Ivory Wave, Cloud Nine, Vanilla Sky, White Lightning, and Scarface.

In one recent case, 22-year-old Jaime Nicole Lewis was charged in a DEA complaint with conspiracy to distribute flakka after DEA agents based in London intercepted U.S.-bound packages of the drug that were made in Hong Kong. In a recent study published online in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Kaiser Permanente concluded that women who breastfed their children and later developed breast cancer had a 30% reduction of having the disease recur. Louis Area National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. “We’re seeing it like daily.” In some cases it’s shaped like lollipops or candy, making it easy for users to conceal. At the Broward Sheriff’s Office laboratory, flakka submissions grew from fewer than 200 in 2014 to 275 already, in just the first three months of this year, according to spokeswoman Keyla Concepcion.

An undercover DEA agent posing as a delivery company employee then brought the packages to Lewis’ home in Palm Beach County, according to a court affidavit. In addition, researchers found that the protective effect of breastfeeding was more pronounced for tumors of particular genetic subtypes, including the most commonly diagnosed of all breast cancers. We found in this study of over 1,600 women with breast cancer that those who previously breast-fed had a 30 percent overall decreased risk of their breast cancer recurring (…) we also found those who previously breast-fed had a 28 percent reduced risk of dying from their breast cancer (…) If a woman breast-feeds, she reduces her risk of developing breast cancer by about 5 percent to 10 percent, although other factors come into play.

He says just as police can learn about one drug, something else surfaces. “We’re going to continue seeing this I think in the foreseeable future where backyard chemists are coming up with concoctions that are one off from something that’s already been deemed illegal,” said Duncan. James West, a 50-year-old homeless man, was caught on surveillance video in February trying to kick in the heavy glass front door of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, finally cracking it with large rocks.

The message that’s reinforced in the new research, Mortimer explained, is that ”women who breast-feed get less aggressive breast cancer.” While that has been known, the new study adds detailed findings about tumor types. Bleeding above one eye, West told officers that he was desperate for help from police because “he was being chased by 20-25 individuals and he didn’t know why.” He later told police he had smoked flakka. In March, Shanard Neely got impaled through the buttocks on the department’s 10-foot-high security fence while trying to climb over, convinced he was being pursued and that “he needed to go to jail or they would kill him,” police said. For instance, it reduces a woman’s lifetime number of menstrual cycles, and that lowers the accumulated exposure to hormones that can help some cancers grow. Breast-feeding also increases differentiation, or maturation, of the ductal cells in the breast, perhaps making them more resistant to cancer, Kwan explained.

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