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‘White Student Union’ sites roil more than 30 US college campuses

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‘White Student Union’ sites roil more than 30 US college campuses.

At New York University (NYU), students have over 300 organizations to choose from: a women’s frisbee team called The Violet Femmes, the Parliamentary Debate Union, or, if you happen to be an acrobat or a juggler, the Violet Circus Arts Club. “These kinds of pages have cropped up at a number of universities that have sought to have a real dialogue about race and inclusion,” that post states. “There is no such organization as this at NYU.Members of a white-pride student group at Western University say they’re not part of an elaborate hoax that’s spread through schools all over North America.

We call on all parties to contribute thoughtfully and respectfully to the discourse on race and to reject efforts to derail or distort the conversation.” The NYU white student union this morning posted that “there are a lot of “struggles” on campus for justice for various groups, Blacks, Latinos, indigenous people, Palestinians etc. The site claimed the goal was to “unapologetically provide a safe space for white students to air their true feelings…” about the “challenges European-American students on college campuses face.” “I’m not gonna lie.

Violets, as NYU-ers are known, can join the South Asian Business Society, the Alliance of Latino and Latin American Students, or the Muslim Students Association, among many others. According to KPIX-TV, Facebook shut down one such site that was associated with the University of California, Berkeley, this week, citing that it was created by a fake user profile as its reason. On Friday, however, a Facebook page by that name appeared online with NYU insignia (the logos have now been erased), setting off intense furor from both students who felt that the site’s premise was racist, and supporters – not all of them students – who believe opposition to a White Union is racist itself, claiming that “double standards” about student expression are unfair. As of Tuesday morning, there are roughly 30 Facebook pages purporting to represent some form of a “White Students Union,” all of which were created within the past few days, according to a user on Medium who referred to an online spreadsheet of the pages. Most black lives matter protests are majority white. “This is both hilarious and pathetic, and it totally ignores the struggles and challenges faced by white people.

They take pleasure in causing emotional distress and social chaos.” The official Western University logo was removed Sunday night from the group’s Facebook page. We affirm the dignity and ancestry of our proud people who have gifted the world with countless works of beauty, science, and wisdom, and are committed to promoting a dialogue and political resistance that will secure a future for our posterity and spirit.

That is to say, we wish to construct a distinct but not exclusive white-European identity that is white/European while at the same time being aware and respectful of other non-exclusive constructions of identities other than white/European. We seek to honor our past while promoting a positive, peaceful vision of the future; one in which fluid identities empower all bodies to organize and represent themselves and pursue their authentic selves. A recent 4chan post called for users to create “European”-focused groups at “the most leftist colleges and universities in the western world,” as reported by the New York Daily News.

While the language of the original message suggests genuine opposition to campus diversity (opposing Jewish students, for instance), sites like 4chan are also notorious for their “trolling” culture: the art of creating anger and havoc online, just for laughs. University of Illinois spokeswoman Robin Kaler said in a statement last week that the page was “disturbing and cowardly.” She continued that despite Facebook being responsive to the university’s requests for the page be removed, it continues to be reposted.

So, it’s especially fun for the trolls because it’s so serious to the people on the receiving end.” “In real life, racism is much more subtle, but the actual issues are not being addressed because people are focused on these white kid trolls on white kid 4chan,” she said. As at many other schools, the representative claimed the group was real, not a web-fed fabrication, and said members meet at a coffee shop, since they assume they would be unwelcome on campus; he or she claimed to have received death threats. According to Facebook’s community standards, it reserves the right to remove “hate speech,” which it notes “includes content that directly attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin,” and more.

But the majority of commenters opposed the group, saying that an organization that labels the Middle Eastern migrant crisis “inherently genocidal” against Europeans must be a white-supremacist mouthpiece.

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