Wisconsin’s Walker looks to Iowa to regain momentum

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Build a wall with Canada? U.S. debate about Mexico looks north.

ONAWA, Iowa — With his sleeves rolled up, Scott Walker wowed Iowa Republicans in January at one of the first events of the 2016 campaign — a moment that shot the Wisconsin governor into the top-tier of GOP candidates for president. Republican presidential contender Scott Walker said he’d be open to building a wall along the border with our northern neighbor — just like the one Donald Trump wants to keep Mexicans out. “Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire.WASHINGTON — A prominent U.S. presidential candidate appeared to entertain the idea of building a border wall with Canada when pressed Sunday in an interview about national security. While he’s no different from any of the other Republicans struggling for attention amid the spotlight focused on billionaire businessman Donald Trump, Walker has also endured a series of setbacks of his own making since launching his campaign in mid-July. He’s had to backtrack and clarify his positions on immigration and terrorism, reassure jittery donors after a lackluster performance in the first GOP debate and reshape his campaign to try and rekindle the spark he showed in the middle of the winter in Iowa.

To be fair, Walker only brought up the issue because NBC’s Chuck Todd asked him “why are we always talking about the southern border?” But the governor said it was not the first time he had heard about the issue. Shaking hands with fewer than a dozen people at Miller’s Kitchen in Onawa on Wednesday, he said such stops in all 99 Iowa counties — a classic campaign stunt that’s paid off for candidates in the past — is the key to getting back on top. “This time eight years ago you had Hillary Clinton way ahead of Barack Obama. No candidate went additional than Trump, whose pledge to convey again to the U.S. the roughly 2 million jobs misplaced to China since 1999 is a centerpiece of his marketing campaign. “Not solely now have they taken our jobs … however now they’re pulling us down with them,” he stated Monday amid a worldwide swoon in inventory costs. However “uncoupling” the U.S. from China as Trump proposes would imply undoing the most important commerce relationship on the earth: $592 billion in items and providers have been exchanged final yr.

-Canada frontier is the longest undefended international border in the world, but only a small percentage of people entering the country illegally come that way. Walker said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “We have people right there as air controllers who could literally draw in airstrikes with absolute precision. They can’t do that,” he said. “I talked to a general earlier this year who said airstrikes can be effective, but right now, they’re like a drizzle. He pointed to his battles with the state employee unions in Wisconsin, winning a 2012 recall election and signing a bevy of Republican priorities including defunding Planned Parenthood, requiring photo identification to vote and legalizing the carrying of concealed weapons.

The 14th Amendment guarantees citizenship to anyone born in the United States. “Secure the border, enforce the laws, no amnesty, go forward in a way that provides for a legal immigration system that puts a priority on American working families and their wages, in a way that will improve the American economy,” Walker said. “Until we secure the border and enforce the laws, we shouldn’t be talking about any other issue out there,” he said. “And politicians that do are trying to distract from the fact that, for years in this town, Washington, D.C., politicians have made promises about securing the border and enforcing the laws they haven’t been able to fulfill.” “You can’t build a wall in rugged terrain like exists there. He also outlined his foreign policy goals, criticized President Barack Obama and Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton as “leading from behind” and called for a state visit with the Chinese president to be canceled.

It’s not a subject actually being raised in 2016 political platforms — but mainly by media commentators pressing conservatives to explain their obsession with the Mexican border. Stated Apple CEO Tim Prepare dinner this week, “I get updates on our efficiency in China day-after-day.” “It might principally be financial suicide to chop your self off from the second-largest and fastest-growing financial system on the planet,” stated Nicholas Lardy, a senior fellow on the Peterson Institute for Worldwide Economics. They need the border patrol to be unleashed.” “What Donald Trump is proposing is a wall that can’t be built, and if it was to be built, would be hundreds of billions of dollars,” he said, adding that he would favor more selective use of technology to create a “virtual” fence. A good example is a piece in Politico magazine last fall titled, “Fear Canada: The real terrorist threat next door.” The first 18 paragraphs were about Mexico. Before the word “Canada” was mentioned once, the piece attempted to demolish a Republican talking point about ISIL terrorists supposedly sneaking across the Rio Grande.

During his campaigning, he has drawn the ire of Wisconsin state lawmakers who chafed at Walker, saying they weren’t on board with his 2011 push to weaken the state’s public employee unions. Bonnie Glaser, a China skilled on the non-partisan Middle for Strategic and Worldwide Research, referred to as Walker’s concept “the nuclear choice” of diplomacy. “You’ll be able to’t simply shut the door and take your toys and go house,” she stated. “That is not the best way that efficient worldwide coverage is made.” Glaser stated the U.S.

In New Hampshire, Walker also said recently there were only a “handful” of moderate followers of Islam — a religion followed by more than a billion people worldwide.-China relationship is greatest managed by conferences between the chief executives of the 2 nations, due in no small half to the immense energy Xi wields in Beijing. His campaign spokeswoman later attempted to dampen criticism of his comment, issuing a statement that Walker knows that the majority of Muslims “want to live in peace.” While they are merely the latest of a number of such back-and-forths for Walker since January, none came up as voters peppered him with questions during his two-day rural Iowa tour.

Brian Best, who backs Walker and came out to see him during a campaign stop in Hamlin, said the candidate is doing a good job building a base. “A lot of numbers are going to change between now and February,” Best said. “… The most famous incident of a terrorist crossing from Canada was failed millennium bomber Ahmed Ressam, although several American political figures over the years have repeated the erroneous claim about the 9-11 hijackers coming from the north.

A no-fly zone enforced by America and its allies would dramatically enhance this campaign on the ground,” he said. “Our efforts in Syria and Iraq must be part of a broader, U.S.-led regional coalition, with real buy-in and ironclad guarantees from our allies that they will help us shoulder the burden.” Polling shows that Mr. Get the message out.” The super PAC backing Walker, run by his former campaign managers, plans to start airing television ads in Iowa after Labor Day. The Republicans operating in 2016, if profitable in profitable the White Home, will not be the primary to speak robust on China solely to face the realities of the connection as soon as within the Oval Workplace. He is now running sixth nationally and third in Iowa, which kicks off the race with its caucuses and is seen as crucial to his chances of capturing the nomination. Wilma Wagner, a 78-year-old worker at Penny’s Diner in Missouri Valley, held Walker’s hand across the counter as the two talked about her family members who live in Wisconsin.

Bush and President Invoice Clinton, recalled Clinton in 1992 calling the Chinese language authorities “the butchers of Beijing” — a reference to the crackdown on scholar protesters in Tiananmen Sq.. Wagner, who also posed for pictures with her arm around Walker, praised him as being “really nice,” but was not yet ready to commit to supporting him for president. By the top of his first time period, Clinton had bestowed “most-favored-nation” standing on China, additional cementing the 2 nations’ commerce relationship.

I would do it up there, too.” That kind of chatter — as idle as it might be — can make Canadians jittery given that more than one-third of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product involves trade with the U.S., and that the tightened border after the 9-11 attacks caused a ripple-effect that still hasn’t completely subsided. Walker said, he would terminate the nuclear deal that the U.S. — along with the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and Germany — has agreed to with Iran that eases economic sanctions in exchange for limiting the scope of the Islamic republic’s nuclear program. Huntsman stated that when he addressed China in critical phrases on the marketing campaign path whereas operating for the Republican nomination in 2012, “it was an enormous destructive.” Bashing China is a predictable strategy to win applause, he stated. “However when you get by way of the primaries, it does not depart you with something. In truth you’re in a gap,” Huntsman stated. “We ought to start out from the start speaking actuality, in methods the American individuals can perceive how really nice the stakes are.”

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