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You’ll Notice Something Radically Different About These Holiday Commercials

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Black Friday or send-it-back Friday?.

Debate surrounding the so-called “War on Christmas” is generally confined to fights and legal disputes over nativities and other holiday displays, but there’s an increasingly large chorus of individuals who see a very different battle worth fighting — against retailers. I’ve never bought into the alleged “War on Christmas,” but the “War on Thanksgiving?” It’s getting trampled in the rush to celebrate the later holiday.First, keep in mind that Thanksgiving and Christmas only last one day each so there’s no need to scratch your exercise regime for the week leading up to (or after) the holiday.

GOLDEN, Colo., Nov. 23, 2015 – Today, Boston Market announced it has achieved a nearly 100 percent increase in Thanksgiving sales over the past five years*. “People today are busier than ever, and when faced with time limitations during the holidays, many would rather spend their time enjoying friends and families, than spending hours cooking and cleaning in the kitchen,” said George Michel, CEO of Boston Market. “Our mission is to take the stress out of the holidays by providing quality holiday meals that taste homemade – all for a great price.” According to an annual holiday survey from Boston Market, the trend of using prepared foods in Thanksgiving meals continues to increase – with nearly half of all consumers planning to use prepared foods this holiday season. Like clockwork, it seems as though companies promise more aggressive Black Friday and “door-buster” sales earlier and earlier each year, with some accusing stores of destroying — or, at the least, cheapening — the reason for the season.

Christmas decorations already adorn stores, radio stations are trotting out Mannheim Steamroller and more retailers are open on Thanksgiving as Black Friday bleeds into a day once reserved for family, football and food. In fact, the more you stick to your usual eating habits in the lead-up, the more special it will be to eat your festive foods on the day of the holiday. Boston Market Corporation, headquartered in Golden, Colorado, has given time back to busy families and individuals for 30 years with quality, home style meals at a convenient value in 453 locations nationwide. Which probably need to be processed at the same time retailers are at the peak of the Christmas trading period… Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, came over from the United States, but now has also become a popular shopping day in Europe. Consider the “Bring Back the Holidays“ campaign that was recently launched by T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods — an effort to celebrate “values that make the season truly special.” In addition to spreading some holiday cheer, the three chains, which are owned by TJX Companies, have helped raise money for more than 130 food banks across America, with enough cash on hand to dole out $2 million to help feed the poor, according to a press release.

A staple on dinner tables, Boston Market prepares its fresh, never-frozen, natural chicken in signature rotisserie ovens and features an extensive selection of home style sides and made from scratch cornbread. While prowling the malls for fantastic deals has become enshrined as a traditional part of many Americans’ holiday season, it has long been considered conventional wisdom that this sales fervor doesn’t extend to shopping for a home—that there’s no deluge of would-be buyers surfing the Web for listings or slogging through the (presumed) snow to open houses. During this day, but also some days before, online and offline retailers stunt with huge discounts, promotions and other interesting offers for their customers. It’s a strategy that runs counter to other chains that are promising big Christmas sales if people essentially skip Thanksgiving dinner or get up at the early hours to scour stores for good deals. As one of the country’s largest providers of catering services, Boston Market offers convenient, same-day orders and delivery for corporate and personal events of all sizes.

While some stores might simply be trying to bring good cheer to staff or even drum up some positive publicity by remaining closed on Thanksgiving, there do appear to be some other factors worth considering. Sullivan receives the award and delivers the keynote address at the noon meeting of the Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals on Dec. 15 at the Centre Club. Putting as much effort into these activities — such as parking the car at the far end of the lot and walking to the store or cleaning your own windows rather than having a service do it — as possible will ease you into the festive weekends with a few more calories to ‘spend’ than usual. The National Retail Federation said that early Black Friday efforts have actually led to increased costs as well as an 11 percent drop in weekend sales following Thanksgiving — something that could lead businesses back to the drawing board when it comes to sales planning, the Christian Science Monitor reported. But Clear Returns remarks [pdf] this shopping day may result in 185 million euros worth of stock being returned over the crucial Christmas period. “There is a natural time delay between when shoppers purchase an item and when they send it back, meaning retailers will see an influx of Black Friday returns in mid-December – just as you hit peak Christmas trading – creating huge inventory management challenges at a time when all efforts are focused on fulfilling orders”, the company writes in its report. “And, as many retailers choose to extend their returns policy over this key seasonal trading period, the cost of festive returns can stretch well into January.” Furthermore, Clear Returns calculates that around 230 million euros ‘stock on loan’ will re-enter the system as a result of Black Friday. “This means that although it has been returned by the customer, it either hasn’t arrived in the warehouse, or it hasn’t been processed yet, so is unavailable to buy.” And that’s not all.

If you add the returns from other promotions such as Cyber Monday and general early December shopping, it’s estimated a further 855 million euros of stock will be tied up in the returns loop by mid-December. We compared the traffic data for on Thanksgiving Day 2014 with that of an average day in 2014’s fourth quarter, and then we identified states where house-hunting activity appeared to be most and least impacted by the holiday.

But according to our database, the number of scheduled open houses on the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend is going to be only 6% of the number from this past weekend. So for buyers serious enough to attend a Thanksgiving open house, your effort will likely pay off—you will be dealing with equally determined sellers and facing less competition. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with politely putting your hand over your glass when it still has wine left in it, so that you can keep track of how much you’ve had.

Sept. 1, on Labor Day weekend, was another top performer—it’s all part of a seasonal pattern that buyers and sellers can use to their advantage if they are not constrained by school schedules or job transfers.

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