Young People are Watching, But What Will the GOP Show Them at the Next Debate?

28 Oct 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

GOP debate moderator predicts ‘big fireworks’.

Wednesday night’s CNBC debate came under threat of a boycott from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for a short time earlier this month after it was announced that the debate would be devoid of opening and closing statements and longer than two hours.With months of campaigning and two contentious debates already under the candidates’ belts, Quintanilla said he doesn’t think it will take much to get them going on Wednesday night in Boulder, Colo. “[W]e hopefully won’t need to go in there with a blow torch.

The fires are going to get stoked and it is the moderators job to make sure those fires don’t die,” Quintanilla said. “[T]he race is getting serious. But on the eve of its big event, CNBC found itself under withering complaints — again — this time from two separate campaigns, whining about proper pre-debate accommodations.

This is about the economy, which is our wheel house, and our hope is this gives the candidates a different set of pitches at which to swing and I think that will, it will mark a turning point in the race one way or another.” Quintanilla, sounding like a business journalist, said he and his co-moderators, John Harwood and Becky Quick, will look to find the “delta” or difference between candidates’ positions. “The hardest part is getting conversant with each candidate’s positions on various policies to the point where you can recite them back and forward up and down,” Quintanilla said. According to Politico, the campaigns of Rand Paul and Chris Christie blew up at CNBC and the RNC after finding that their greenrooms at the Coors Event Center in Boulder, Colorado, were significantly smaller than higher polling candidates: Trump was granted a spacious room, complete with plush chairs and a flat-screen TV. Prep may be extensive, and make for long hours in addition to his normal day job on CNBC hosting at least three hours of live TV a day, but Quintanilla said his main concern going into the debate is time, with just two hours to parcel out among 10 candidates. “In TV, time is your currency and you want every second to count and not one second to be wasted.

And though Quintanilla is moderating, the political junkie said he’s perhaps even more excited to get to watch the candidates from the best seat in the house. “I love watching debates. During a pre-debate walk through of the facilities and what Politico describes as “a tense 30-minute meeting,” Christie’s campaign manager, Ken McKay, expressed the campaigns’ frustrations. “This is ridiculous … We’re in a restroom.” Scott Walker quit the race, the 44-year-old first-term senator is considered one of the few candidates who can bridge the GOP’s warring factions by appealing to establishment and hard-line wings.

After playing bit parts in the first two debates, Carson has become a higher priority for his rivals, particularly those chasing the antiestablishment vote.

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