Your daily 6: Biker bar shootout, bubonic plague and Uber kitties

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Bandidos Motorcycle Club: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.

The Uber ride-sharing service promised warm kittens with cold noses, kitty breath and lots of energy for what they called the best 15-minute snuggle available for $30. The footage – apparently part of the evidence that has been gathered against 170 bikers arrested after the shoot-out – shows members of the Cossacks gang eating and drinking with bikers from rival groups at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on 17 May.Dramatic surveillance footage and crime-scene photos obtained by CNN show the deadly progression of a shootout between rival biker gangs in Waco, Tex., in May that left nine dead. A witness to the shooting, which erupted between at a Twin Peaks “breastaurant” allegedly between the Bandidos and the Cossacks, said it was like “the O.K.

Three Los Angeles shelters — Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles and Heaven on Earth Society for Animals— provided kittens for the snuggle visits Thursday, which was also National Cat Day. Corral.” In the silent video, men sporting tattoos and black leather jackets starting punching each other, pull guns and fire, or hit the deck as scantily clad waitresses flee the scene. It has spread to more than 100 chapters in the United States, and international chapters in Germany, Australia, Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, Indoensia, Singapore, Costa Rica and Belgium. The network reported nearly everyone did. “Neither Waco Police Department nor the McLennan County District Attorney Office released those to any media outlets,” Sgt. Cast members Chris D’Elia, Bianca Kajlich, David Fynn and Rick Glassman entertained the kittens, while one star, Brent Morin, couldn’t come to the party because of allergies.

The expert, Kansas City-area police officer Steve Cook, said the feud started because the Cossacks, backed by the Angels, challenged the Bandidos for control of Texas. D’Elia and Glassman played “Periscope” with the kittens, using an app that viewers can watch in real time to give followers a good look at the kittens. Other gangs joined the battle with the Cossacks because they were angry over recent killings by the Bandidos. “My perception is that the Cossacks have been flirting, if you will, with Hell’s Angels,” Cook told the Post. “If I’m a Bandido, my immediate reaction is: ‘These guys are going to try to make a move and bring an international gang into our state, which is going to cause a war.’” The Bandidos already knew that the Cossacks weren’t going to play ball, and when push came to shove and these guys weren’t cooperating, all hell broke loose. He noted that CNN had removed the Waco Police Department’s graphic from the video and noted that the police department remained under a gag order. “There is a small pool of individuals that include defense attorneys who had access to the information through discovery,” he wrote. “The party responsible for providing the released video and photographs may be subject to ethical and legal issues for doing so.” Smiley was especially attracted to Glassman’s shirt, which had several drawstrings. “We have some cat lovers on our staff so I thought it would be fun,” Moran said. “We wanted the cats to come on the set and hang out with our actors, but they wouldn’t let them on the set so we had to drive the actors to meet the kittens,” she said.

Police said that once the restaurant was cleared, they found hundreds of weapons — from guns to batons and knives — hidden in sacks of flour, bags of tortilla chips and tucked beneath benches. Law enforcement authorities estimate that the Bandidos are one of the two largest OMGs operating in the U.S., with approximately 900 members belonging to 93 chapters.

She said she jumped at the chance to take part in the Uber snuggle day because “I like to do things that are new and different and 21st Century, remind people we are a shelter, that cats are available and to promote shelter adopting.” Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey and the rest of the New York Mets’ starting pitchers have a slew of selections to make each time they take the mound at Citi Field. For those intrigued by sartorial statistics, the Mets went 37-24 in their traditional white home uniform with pinstripes during the regular season, 9-8 in the alternate blue jerseys that were debuted in 2013 and 3-0 in the camouflage outfits worn on Military Mondays, according to a review by The Associated Press. On the road, they were 26-22 in their primary gray threads, 15-17 in the blues and 0-1 in the all-blue attire of the Brooklyn Royal Giants, worn for the Atlanta Braves’ Heritage Weekend in June. “I try not to pay too much attention to superstition,” Syndergaard said Thursday, a day before the rookie starts Game 3 of the World Series against Kansas City. “I just show up at the field every day, and the jersey is hanging in my locker, and that’s the one that I wear. Major League Baseball would not want the Mets to use their alternate jerseys at the same time Kansas City wears the royal blue alternate top it uses on occasion. Patrick Swanton said innocent bystanders and officers somehow managed to escape injury, including a restaurant full of families just feet away from the one where the shooting started. “Let’s just say it’s Sunday and someone was looking out for us,” Swanton said. “There were so many rounds fired from bad guy weapons here.” “We were in marked cars.

And it mattered not to them,” Swanton said at a news conference, which was posted online by KXXV. “That tells you the kind of level of people we’re dealing with.” The police department’s spokesman, Sgt.

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