10 Children of Celebrities Who Are Genetically Blessed

We look like our parents more than we think. Just open a family album and see what your mother or father looked like when they were young. Finding genetic similarities is always interesting because everyone wants to know more about their roots.

1. Blythe Danner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Apple Martin

2. Yolanda and Gigi Hadid

Evan Agostini/Invision/East News, SOPA Images/SIPA/SIPA/East News

3. Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck

Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News, TFLA/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

4. Tish and Miley Cyrus

5. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

JM HAEDRICH/SIPA/SIPA/East News, Dylan Travis/ABACA/Abaca/East News

6. Julianne Moore and Liv Freundlich

Invision/Invision/East News, Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP/East News

7. Kim Basinger and Ireland Baldwin

EAST NEWS, PHOTOlink/Courtesy Everett Collection/East News

8. Robin Wright and Dylan Penn

Invision/Invision/East News, Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News

9. Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley

Invision/Invision/East News, JA/Everett Collection/East News

10. Nena von Schlebrügge, Uma Thurman, and Maya Hawke

Which celebrity mother-daughter duo resembles each other the most? Do you look like your father or mother?

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