A new tournament organizer will manage NLC in 2023

After the announcement which saw them become a non-accredited ERL, the NLC will also have a new tournament organizer taking over the operations of the competition in 2023.

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Leagues.gg will be the new tournament organizer of the NLC in 2023

The announcement was made directly by Leagues.gg. The company will manage the NLC and its lower divisions under the license holder Freaks 4u Gaming.

With the NLC Spring Split starting in a few days, Leagues.gg mentioned that they are “working hard to make it the best experience possible for all stakeholders involved” and that their key focus in spring will be to “provide fast and clear communication”. In the long run, their goal is to create a “healthy and stable ecosystem for teams, players and the entire community.”

This announcement comes as glimpses of hope to revive the NLC in 2023. In the last few years, more and more esports teams have quit the NLC ecosystem due to a lack of funds and sustainability. For this reason, the league had to downscale and become a non-accredited ERL going into 2023. The league will field 8 teams instead of 10, and the prize money has been greatly reduced. In addition to that, the league will no longer have a studio broadcast and media content as well as overall coverage will be reduced.

Furthermore, now that the NLC has been pushed to non-accredited status, they will have fewer chances of qualifying for EU Masters. In addition, NLC players will not be able to be added on the recently announced EMEA Champions Queue.

The NLC is certainly not in a good situation, but with Leagues.gg coming in, this might the moment it bounces back.

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