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The best dollhouses are durable, attractive and safe, but more importantly, they expand children’s imaginations during playtime. “Dollhouses are a must in the playroom,” says Carol Kim, licensed family and play therapist. “They help children explore fantasies, process their emotions and make sense of their situation…a dollhouse gives them a medium to tell their story.” These diminutive dwellings are big on fun, too. Our top pick, the Hape All Seasons Dollhouse, is effortlessly engaging, highly interactive and features an open layout that’s ideal for dollhouse play.

The best dollhouses expand children’s imaginations during play sessions, but are also durable, … [+] attractive and safe.

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Dollhouse play also affords children the rare opportunity to be in command of an environment that’s capable of teaching them invaluable lessons. “Imaginative play is crucial for a child’s development,” Kim continues. “It helps with creativity and allows children to practice looking at things from other people’s perspectives. This type of play helps develop empathy, problem solving, emotional regulation, and increases language and social skills.”

We chose the best dollhouses with all of these attributes named above in mind, focusing on clever design, ease of use and the opportunity for creative expression.


Hape All Seasons Dollhouse

Dimensions: 23.6 x 11.8 x 28.9 inches | Material: Solid wood | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: Yes


  • Open layout for flexible play
  • Spacious enough for siblings and friends to join in
  • Gender-neutral design
  • Realistic wooden furniture included


  • Some Amazon reviewers complain of a wobbly balcony

This vibrant villa has plenty of room for multiple kids to engage in parallel and cooperative play. The three stories include six rooms complete with furniture, and kids can navigate their dolls through the bedroom, bathroom, family room, kitchen, living room and attic with ease. Carol Kim says the All Seasons Dollhouse would be her top choice for her office if she had the space for it. She says one of its best attributes is that “it’s bigger and the layout is more open.”

The All Season House has moving parts like its roof, which switches from winter to spring with a simple flip. The wooden furniture is realistic and well-crafted with thoughtful touches like oven and fridge doors that open and close, and a bathroom set complete with a rubber ducky. You can also purchase it unfurnished and it’s easy to upgrade with additional Hape dolls, furniture and accessories later.

More reasons this dollhouse tops our list: It’s crafted from sustainable, solid wood and finished with child-safe paint. It works great with everything from Maileg mice and Calico Critters to Gabby’s Dollhouse characters and Playmobil people.


Melissa & Doug Fold And Go Wooden Dollhouse

Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.5 x 10 inches | Material: Wood | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: Yes


  • Handles and foldable design for easy transport
  • Fully furnished with two flexible play figures
  • Working doors and realistic details


  • Doesn’t latch closed

This popular, two-story Melissa & Doug mini wooden dollhouse is great for on the go, whether you’re dropping kids off at grandma’s or packing up for a weekend away. It’s the perfect weight and size for a toddler to tote around and is equipped with two convenient handles. It comes fully furnished too—there are 11 wooden furniture pieces included, from a tiny toilet and tub to a kitchen table and chairs, as well as two flexible wooden people to play house. Realistic details add to the overall appeal, like working doors (inside and out), sweet heart shutters and a sleek wooden staircase.


Ikea Flisat Dollhouse Wall Shelf

Dimensions: 22.75 x 8.75 x 23.25 inches | Material: Solid wood | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: No


  • Can be used on the floor or mounted as a wall shelf to save space
  • Easy to personalize with paint, wallpaper or sticker decals
  • Doubles as a book shelf when kids get older


  • No accessories included

At only $40, there’s a lot to love about this simple and wallet-friendly wooden Ikea shelf/dollhouse, from the sleek, space-saving design (simply mount it on the wall in your child’s room) to the fact that you can completely customize it to suit your kiddo’s own unique design style and interests. While it doesn’t come with any accessories, colorful living room and bedroom sets are available to purchase separately. Etsy also has some of the cutest wallpaper sets and sticker decals to convert it into a charming cottage, police station, fire station and more. Once they grow out of it, use it as a wall shelf to display pictures, books and knick knacks.

What the parents say: One mom we spoke with said her daughter loved the Ikea dollhouse “because I let her paint and wallpaper it herself. It was a bit of a mess after, but it was her unique style and for the price I was okay with that.”

Pottery Barn Kids

Barrington Dollhouse

Dimensions: 31 x 14.5 x 23.5 inches | Material: Solid hard wood, engineered wood and MDF | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: No


  • Large, beautifully built dollhouse with 12 rooms
  • Hinges that shut when not in use
  • Storage drawer for accessories
  • Open layout for easy play


  • Dolls and furniture not included
  • Expensive

The Barrington Dollhouse has a show-stopping design that adds flair to any space. If you’re selecting a sizable dollhouse for a dedicated area, this might be a good pick.

The neutral white and gray tones of this solid, hardwood dollhouse complements any décor scheme. The back of the house opens to two floors of 12 rooms where natural light shines through 15 windows. Elevated features include a balcony, staircase entrance and a front door that opens. Note that the doll sets and dollhouse furniture are sold separately, but this impressive dollhouse makes a great birthday or holiday gift that you can add to over time.

We’re fans of Pottery Barn toys in general, which in our experience have stood the test of time and held up over the years through frequent play by multiple kiddos. “They’re gorgeous toys you’ll be delighted to have on display in your home and your kids will love just as much,” says co-author Elizabeth Kadar.



Tender Leaf Toys Dovetail House

Dimensions: 26.8 x 15.6 x 27.4 inches | Material: Wood | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: No


  • Spacious, three-story house
  • Hinged front panels and a removable roof panel
  • Stylish, gender-neutral design
  • Customizable interior to encourage creative storytelling


  • Expensive and doesn’t include accessories
  • Assembly is time consuming

This stunning and super spacious three-story dollhouse doesn’t come with a white picket fence, but it might as well. It resembles a real house (you’d want to live in), is surprisingly easy to put together and not nearly as delicate as it looks. The attention to detail is also next level, with the prettiest printed plywood floors, front porch complete with potted plants and a removable roof panel to expand the pretend play opportunities. The hinged front panels open up to reveal the inside of the home, which is bare aside from a central staircase, so kids can decorate as they like. You need to purchase accessories separately, but the little furniture sets and dolls themselves are just as charming, detailed and meticulously-made as the dollhouse.

What the parents say: “I love the quality of Tender Leaf Toys in general, so when we were looking for a dollhouse I was happy to see they had one,” says SoCal mom Kacie Neal. Aside from the quality and attention to detail, she loves that you can mix and match the dolls. “My husband is white so we could purchase the white dad, and the mom is brown and the little girl is brown,” she says. Although the skin shades and hair colors aren’t an exact match, “it gets the job done.” She says her 4-year-old daughter loves that “you can choose which set to put in which room and move things around.” 

Dimensions: 27.6 x 61.8 x 45 inches | Material: Plastic | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: Yes 


  • Real sound effects and lighting
  • Working elevator can accommodate a Barbie doll in a wheelchair
  • A three-story spiral water slide and pool that can be filled with real water


  • Some accessories are tiny and easy to misplace

With the release of the hit Barbie movie last year, this decked-out, three-story Dreamhouse has been completely updated for today’s fans. Barbie and her friends can move throughout 10 different indoor and outdoor play areas, and kids can use the 75 included pieces to customize playtime. Realistic sound effects and lighting options in the kitchen and bathroom make the home come to life, and multiple configurations of the furniture, accessories and design aspects inspire kids to dream up unique interactions every time they play.

Host a spectacular pool party with Barbie’s biggest slide ever, or make it a movie night with space to sleep four dolls with the living room’s transforming furniture. There’s even a wheelchair-accessible working elevator, an epic closet for outfit changes and plenty of fun for pets too, including a pet slide and doggie door.

What our writers say: “My 5-year-old daughter received this Dreamhouse for Christmas, and it gets played with almost daily, making it well worth the investment,” says co-author Beth Shea.


Little Tikes Stack ‘N Style Dollhouse

Dimensions: 32.5 x 18.1 x 9.5 inches | Material: Wood | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: Yes 


  • Modular design allows kids to remodel
  • A working lamp and a flushing toilet add an element of realistic fun
  • Comes with accessories to furnish the house
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Some find the assembly difficult

Your child’s favorite 12-inch dolls (roughly the height of a Barbie) feel right at home in this customizable dollhouse that features one, two or three levels of play. As the name suggests, kids can stack and style the multi-level wooden structure in unique and various ways using a modular connection system. This ups the ante on playtime, as kids can build, design, reconfigure and remodel the 360-degree home every time they play. The dollhouse comes with 14 accessories to furnish and decorate the six rooms. As a bonus, it includes the iconic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe to add to the dollhouse playroom.

What the parents say: This is a sturdier alternative to the Barbie Dreamhouse. “I love how modern and well made this is,” writes one parent. “The price is on par with some of the Barbie dollhouses that I saw online, but this one is way cuter, has more configurations, and is very well made. I love how you can customize the configuration so that it fits the space as well.”


Fisher-Price Little People Play House

Dimensions: 10 x 21.6 x 13.4 inches | Material: Plastic | Recommended age: 1+ | Accessories included: Yes 


  • Toddler-friendly option
  • Toilet that flushes and a light-up radio
  • 80+ educational songs and sounds to teach kids their ABCs, counting, opposites and more
  • Diverse figures included


  • It’s loud

While many dollhouses are designed for 3-year-olds and up, The Little People Play House is suitable for tots as young as 1 year old. Ideal for kids ages 1 to 5 years old, this interactive, electronic set plays over 80 songs, sounds and phrases to help little ones learn fundamentals like the alphabet and counting through play. The three included figures can play in the house or venture to the outdoor patio for a dip in the pool or to ride the tree swing. It’s an affordable and colorful first dollhouse that comes with everything they need.

What the parents say: This is a huge hit with toddlers and many parents praise the gender-neutral design and diverse figures. “Hours of entertainment, perfectly sized for little hands, educational and just all around fun,” writes one Amazon reviewer. Another says, “I am a pediatric speech therapist and this is my absolute favorite toy for stimulating language development and imaginative play. I love that this set has three friends who reflect the diversity in our world.”


Kidkraft Everyday Heroes Playset

Dimensions: 38.3 x 10.8 x 27.8 inches | Material: Wood | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: Yes


  • Includes three vehicles, 12 rooms and three stories of play
  • Folds closed via sturdy hinges for easy storage
  • Great option for boys or any child who likes saving the day


  • Complex assembly

Kids who are fascinated by police officers and firemen get to create stories and scenarios for these everyday heroes with this engaging wooden play set. The three-story backdrop invites kids ages 3 and up to use the 26 accessories in a variety of settings among 12 themed rooms. The helicopter can land on the helipad, and the fireman can make a daring rescue by way of the roof-to-floor fire pole. The firefighter and police officer have bendable arms and legs—all the better to perch on their motorcycle and drive their fire truck. It’s a great action and rescue-themed alternative to standard dollhouses.

What the parents say: One reviewer dubs this the “boys version of a Dreamhouse” and Kadar agrees—her son owned and loved it for years. While assembly is a bit cumbersome, it’s well worth it, according to thousands of positive reviews. “It can be adapted to any kind of police/emergency, super heroes and villains, animal figures and other collectible characters,” notes one reviewer. “It is spacious, the furnishings are adorable, and the best part is that it folds up to keep all the small pieces stored, taking up much less space than when it’s opened up.”


Kidkraft So Chic Wood Dollhouse

Dimensions: 35.24 x 28.15 x 46.06 inches | Material: Manufactured wood | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: Yes 


  • Open on all four sides (no exterior walls)
  • Rolling wheels so kids can easily move it
  • Includes 46 pieces of colorful wooden furniture


  • Time-consuming assembly

This sturdy wooden dollhouse from Kidkraft is open on all four sides, allowing for maximum play space among multiple children. It’s also nearly 4-feet tall and features three levels, offering a sizable dollhouse best for older doll fans. Its 10 themed rooms include bathrooms, multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and more. It comfortably fits 12-inch dolls and includes nearly 50 pieces of vibrant furniture to furnish the home. With a rolling base, it can easily be wheeled from one room to the next, spun around or moved out of the way for cleaning.

What the parents say: “This doll house is worth every penny,” says one reviewer. “It’s well made, well designed, sturdy and even has wheels for easy mobility.” While assembly is fairly straightforward, it is time consuming so parents recommend giving yourself plenty of time to put it together.


Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home

Dimensions: 25 x 8.9 x 13.8 inches | Material: Plastic | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: Yes 


  • Real lights turn on and off to create a warm ambiance
  • It can be connected to Calico Critter’s Red Roof Cozy Cottage to create a larger house
  • Includes over 50 furniture and accessory pieces


  • Some accessories are very tiny and easy to lose

The Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home and its Hopscotch Rabbit family inhabitants are the perfect choice for kids who prefer animal friends. Hopscotch Rabbit Girl and Hopscotch Rabbit Mother are included among over 50 thoughtfully appointed furniture and accessory items, like a coffee maker for the kitchen and a piano for the living space. Kids can play with the Country Home from a variety of angles—by opening it up to 90 or 180 degrees or by keeping it closed to interact among the exterior components like the patio deck. It can also be rearranged to create three unique layouts.

The manufacturer recommends this house for ages 3 and older, but keep in mind that some of the accessories are very small and easy to lose, so parents of toddlers should take that into account when deciding if this house it right for their child. If your kiddo is into Calico Critters, this charming dollhouse won’t disappoint.


Handcrafted Cherry Wood Dollhouse

Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 22 inches | Material: Cherry wood | Recommended age: 3+ | Accessories included: No


  • Excellent quality
  • Open floor plan makes it easy for kids to play from various angles
  • Windows and skylights


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t include accessories

This stunning handmade dollhouse from a Michigan-based toymaker is sure to be passed down for generations for its heirloom quality and timeless appeal. Comprised of solid cherry hardwood, it’s equal parts durable and delightful. This is a great option for those searching for a simple dollhouse that encourages child-led imaginative play, because it’s a blank canvas that kids can bring to life with their own ideas and interpretations. Although the maker doesn’t list an age recommendation, we think this house it best suited for children 3 and up.

What the parents say: The overwhelming consensus is that this dollhouse is beyond beautiful and the quality is truly unmatched. “It is so beautiful and expertly crafted,” writes one reviewer. “Calling it an heirloom piece doesn’t even come close to describing the amazing quality. Truly worth the price. And my girls are over the moon with excitement.”

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

The Forbes Vetted team has extensive experience researching, reviewing and testing toys for quality, safety, engagement and educational value. We’ve reported on everything from the best toys for 3-year-olds to the best backyard swing sets.

  • Beth Shea, a co-author of this article, is a mom and parenting writer whose work has been published by, Tinybeans, Cubby and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.
  • Co-author Elizabeth Mitchell Kadar has written for Today’s Parent, Motherly and Good Housekeeping, in addition to being a mother of three. She’s covered the best kids playhouses and has owned three of the dollhouses included on this list.
  • For this piece, we interviewed play therapist Carol Kim, who is the clinical director and owner of Beehive Child & Family Counseling, and dollhouse designers Robb and Jessica Coffee.
  • This story was edited by Margaret Badore, a mom of one and Forbes Vetted baby and kids gear editor.
  • We regularly review and update this article to ensure accuracy. It was last updated in July 2024, to include pros and cons for each of the best dollhouse picks and to ensure that all the retailers we list still carry the products we recommend.

How We Chose The Best Dollhouses

For this story, we relied on the expert input of a play therapist and dollhouse designers to get a better idea of what makes a great dollhouse and why. As parents ourselves, we’ve also personally spent hours researching and narrowing down the best dollhouse options for our own children, in addition to trying many out firsthand on playdates at friends’ houses and in our homes.

  • We also interviewed fellow parents to discover what dollhouses are best.
  • We combined this input with our own expertise as seasoned parenting writers and moms (who have owned a few of these dollhouses and have dollhouse-aged kids) ourselves.
  • Each dollhouse selection earned rave reviews from other buyers. They were standouts for their popularity and unique features that promote fun, imaginative play and learning for kids.
  • We were careful to include a mix of age-appropriate dollhouses in a wide range of sizes, budgets and styles to suit the unique needs of different families and play spaces.

What To Consider When Shopping For A Dollhouse

The type of dollhouse you select isn’t as vital as the open-ended play and joy it should inspire. “So much of a kid’s day is spent navigating the frameworks and structures of grown-ups,” say Robb and Jessica Coffee, who design miniatures and dollhouses full-time at Jessica Cloe Miniatures. “The expectations can be pretty high at times and a kid can feel like they don’t wield much control. A dollhouse can give them complete autonomy over the choices. It can be as simple as choosing the layout of the furniture, or as involved as the choice of paint colors and wallpaper.”

Here are some other key factors to consider when choosing the best dollhouse for your child.

Child’s Age

Your child’s safety is the main factor when it comes to selecting toys that are suitable for their age and stage. So be sure to take their age into account to ensure that the many miniature components of a dollhouse won’t pose a harm to them. Many dollhouses come with a suggested age minimum that often relates to the size of the pieces. As Kim notes, you want to “make sure that if you have young children, the items aren’t a choking hazard.”

The best dollhouse for your child is also age-appropriate in terms of their maturity and level of development. You want your kid to feel in command of this tiny abode, not frustrated by elements that are too hard for them to manipulate. Therefore, ensure the dollhouse you give your child is one they can easily manage. Larger dolls and accessories and an open layout are easier to navigate and enjoy for young children still honing their dexterity.

Dollhouse Materials

Durability is key when choosing a dollhouse. It’s often a toy that’s played with repeatedly by multiple children, so opt for materials that can withstand the wear and tear of many joyful playdates.

Whether you decide on a dollhouse that’s made of a harder plastic or wood, the materials you select are largely based on preference. However, it’s important to note that young children are constantly touching and manipulating the features and accessories of a dollhouse. With that in mind, choose dollhouses and components that are designed with safety and longevity in mind, easy to clean and made with nontoxic, sturdy elements like sustainable wood and child-safe paints.

Many parents want dollhouses to be an heirloom item that’s passed down for generations, in which case, a wooden dollhouse with a classic design might better stand the test of time.

Dollhouse Size And Aesthetic

If you’re purchasing a large dollhouse like many of the selections highlighted on our list, choose one that you like looking at daily. “Since they do take up a bit of space, it’s great when a dollhouse can work as part of the décor of a larger room,” the Coffees advise. Many dollhouses make their way to the common spaces of the home for playtime, so opt for one that’s aesthetically pleasing to you, since it is destined to become a part of your interior design scheme while your kids are young.

“When it comes to dollhouses, we’re quite into realism,” they say. “A good dollhouse looks and feels real and familiar. The best dollhouses feel like homes that you might want to live in.”

In terms of the size of the dollhouse, including its height, width and overall design, you’ll need to select one that fits your space, of course, but also fits your child. “You really want to be able to get at all corners of the dollhouse,” the Coffees say. “The best designs for younger enthusiasts feature wider, shallower rooms. This design helps lessen the frustration of knocking things out of place when you have to reach to the very back.”

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