Do You Have a Phone Addiction?

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  • In our digital age, smartphones have become a double-edged sword, offering boundless information at our fingertips while silently ensnaring us in a web of overdependence. Unchecked phone use can erode our mental well-being, dull our professional edge, and disrupt our most cherished relationships. Yet, by recognizing the stealthy creep of phone addiction, we can begin to redraw the boundaries and be more intentional about when we engage. This is not merely about cutting down screen time — it’s about reclaiming the human experience, rediscovering the joy of undistracted moments, and forging deeper, more meaningful connections in our personal and professional lives.

    During a recent executive program, we conducted a micro-experiment. Participants opted to surrender their mobile phones for one evening and get them back the next morning. During the experiment, they reflected on their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The next morning was full of discussion: Some had noticed themselves reaching for their phones mindlessly, coupled with jolts of “panic” when finding it missing; some felt irritable or frustrated about not being able to look things up on demand; some were nervous to wander the city’s streets without their GPS; while others rationalized the reasons they urgently needed their phone or felt extreme fear of missing out. At the same time, many felt liberated, noticing more around them and enjoying the freedom of not accessing work emails in the evening. Almost all learned something about themselves.

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