Juipter Airdrop: Trader Traders Gain $1 Million Profit; What Next For JUP Token?

JUP Price Plummets 60% After $1B Airdrp: Should You Buy the Jupiter Token Now?

JUP, Jupiter Exchange’s token, sparks excitement as airdrop hunters woo over $1 million. Solana-based exchange witnesses the token’s volatile movements.

Airdrop & Profits for Traders

Jupiter Exchange’s native token, JUP, stirred the crypto landscape as airdrop hunters netted massive profits exceeding $1 million. The airdrop distributed 5.5 million JUP, valued at $3.6 million, across 27,600 wallet addresses, as revealed by Look On Chain and Solscan’s data.

Traders with wallet addresses 7poJrJn, 2rSAFYA, and DyyQ55ei emerged as major profiteers, accumulating significant amounts of JUP. This surges the interest in JUP’s price movements, which traded positively at the reporting time.

Despite profit-taking, the mentioned addresses retained substantial JUP holdings. Jupiter Exchange’s community celebrated the airdrop success, emphasizing plans for ecosystem enhancement and fostering the Solana ecosystem.

Jupiter’s Strategic Moves

Jupiter Exchange faced significant attention with its Binance listing. The project’s founder, anonymously known as Meow, clarified recent market fluctuations and strategic listings. Jupiter’s integration with Mercuryo introduces a fiat on-ramp to streamline user onboarding and provide a seamless Solana exploration experience.

The collaboration with Mercuryo aligns with Jupiter’s commitment to user-friendly Solana ecosystem access. The platform, encompassing a Bridge comparator and Wormhole bridge, provides multifaceted services. Jupiter’s dedication makes it a critical player in the evolving Solana blockchain network.

Before the Solana-based JUP airdrop, on Jan 31, its Ethereum counterpart experienced a 430% spike, rising from $0.005 to $0.026 before retracing to $0.007. Launched in 2017, Ethereum’s JUP is no longer active, contrasting with the vibrant Solana-based Jupiter, a decentralized exchange aggregator.

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