Launching Of Upcoming First Crypto Whose Price Is Projected To Reach $1,000,000 USD Within 3 Years.


In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, a new player is emerging, and it’s promising early investors a golden opportunity. NewGold tokens, created on the Binance Smart Chain Network (Bep20), are set to revolutionize the market with good return on investment. You can buy 1 NewGold today at the presale for $18. The price at launch on the Pancakeswap exchange will be $28 and at the Centralise exchange could hit $1000 USD. Getting 1000% ROI is possible.

NewGold tokens are gearing up to become one of the most expensive cryptocurrencies globally, such that 1 NewGold coin price is starting at $28 at Pancakeswap exchange soon. It is projected to hit $1,000,000 USD within the next 3 years. NewGold Team have the roadmap and strategy to achieve that. 

Reaching the goal of $1,000,000 USD is achievable. This is why they created only 10,000 tokens as the total coin supply. NewGold will never be minted again. The 10,000 NewG will remain the only number of tokens in existence.  This will eventually make the limited coins to become scarce, valuable and expensive. While 99% of all cryptocurrency founders created their coins or tokens in millions, billions and trillions, the NewGold team created few. This is what makes NewGold different from all other Cryptocurrencies. Gold and Diamonds are expensive because they scarce, limited in supply and have high demand. The NewGold team are using the strategy of rarity to make the coin to become scarce and valuable.

The value will continue to increase and reach the projected $1,000,000 USD because 49% of the tokens are already locked at Dex for 4 years, this will further build scarcity and value into the very fabric of NewGold. This strategy will reduce dumping drastically. The NewGold Team will encourage staking.

Coupled with an aggressive marketing approach and a projection of 1,000,000 users by 2024 and 25,000,000 users within the next 3 years, the projection to get the price of NewGold token to reach $1,000,000 USD could be achieved. The large demand over limited 51% (5,100 NewG) in circulation will cause the price to rise and shock the world.

The total coin market capitalisation that is needed to reach this target of $1,000,000 USD as the price of 1 NewGold is achievable. The marketing team of NewGold will be working hard with other professionals to get top investors to invest funds into the system so as to reach the target. Top global investors will add quantum liquidity upto $10,000,000 USD in the near future and this target will be achieved.

The presale is from 25th to 29th January 2025 and the launch at Pancakeswap decentralise exchange is on 30th January 2024. Launch at the centralised exchange shall take place by early February 2024. And it will be listed at Coin market cap in the same month. All is set!

This is its utility: NewGold was created to act as a digital payment gateway in our upcoming video social media app. Users of our social media app from 120 countries will use the token. This will make both the app and token project to be durable for decades.

Today, 1 Bitcoin is over $40,000 USD. If you missed out on the early days of Bitcoin when it was sold for $1 USD, this token presents a second chance at early investment success. With a vision to become the most expensive cryptocurrency globally, the tokens aim to be a lasting asset. Endure you have at least 1 NewGold token today. This is the best time to buy at the cheapest price.

WEBSITE: https://NewGold.App



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