New Cryptocurrency at $0.01 Joins Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (POL) as Top Picks for February 2024


The crypto market continues to evolve, with new and innovative projects launching. One exciting addition in 2024 is Pandoshi (PAMBO), a new cryptocurrency priced at just $0.01 per token in its ongoing presale phase. Despite being new to the market, Pandoshi has emerged as a top investment pick for 2024, along with Ethereum and Polygon.

An Overview of Pandoshi

Pandoshi brands itself as a manifesto championing decentralization, privacy, and monetary freedom. Its goal is to forge an ecosystem of decentralized products. Pandoshi aims to put the power of crypto and DeFi firmly in the hands of users.

Some key things to know about Pandoshi:

  • It uses two tokens – PAMBO and BAMBOO. PAMBO is the utility token used for payments and transactions. BAMBOO is a governance token for community voting.
  • PAMBO has a fixed supply of 2 billion, with 1 billion going to its public presale. It’s designed to be deflationary through buy-and-burn mechanisms.
  • Pandoshi already launched its Android wallet app, with an iOS version on the way soon. Its network, PandaChain, is also in development.
  • The presale price is currently affordable at $0.01 per PAMBO. Pandoshi aims to list major CEXs including Binance and Coinbase after launch.

This accessible price point and extensive roadmap focused on usability and adoption make Pandoshi an enticing new option compared to higher-priced alternatives.

How Pandoshi Compares to Ethereum and Polygon  

As pioneering smart contract and DApp development platforms, Ethereum and Polygon have cemented themselves as market leaders.

In terms of functionality, Pandoshi shares similarities with Ethereum and Polygon in its plan to offer decentralized financial services and products to users. However, its focus on ease of use for beginners helps differentiate it. 

Additionally, while Ethereum gas fees remain high despite upgrades, driving users towards cheaper options like Polygon, Pandoshi aims to offer low everyday transaction fees through innovations like its PandaChain layer 2 network.

Finally, accessibility and user experience seem to be much bigger priorities for Pandoshi based on decisions like the intuitive wallet design and affordable $0.01 token price. Therefore, it could complement Ethereum and Polygon by catering better to crypto-curious consumers. The projects may end up co-existing nicely rather than directly competing.


Pandoshi Presale Enters Final Phase

February 2024 finds Pandoshi in the final days of its public token sale event. The presale began in Q4 2023 and is currently in its fifth and final phase before launch. 

Pandoshi has already raised over $4 million from its community. And at the current $0.01 price per PAMBO, it’s still early to get in before the official launch, when many expect a price jump.

Part of the reason for confidence in Pandoshi is its continual progress towards delivering on ambitious roadmap targets in short timeframes. For example, the functional Android wallet app has already been released well ahead of expectations.


Pandoshi stands out for its fervent community, reasonable pricing, and rapid progress towards building out a robust ecosystem. With accessible entry points still open through the $0.01 presale event, Pandoshi deserves consideration alongside Ethereum and Polygon as a top buy for February 2024 and beyond in crypto investment portfolios.

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