Chace Crawford Looks Jacked While Training for Season 4 of The Boys

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There’s no official word yet on when we can expect Season 4 of The Boys to begin streaming on Prime Video, but Chace Crawford has just given a certain segment of the fans something to get excited about in the form of a shirtless thirst trap. The actor (who’s no stranger to heartthrob status, having played Nate in the teen soap Gossip Girl) showed off his lean, muscular physique, complete with defined six-pack abs and jacked biceps, in a new post on Instagram, confirming that he is busy staying in superhero shape.

“Season 4 still gettin after it” he wrote in the caption, tagging the official account for the show.

In The Boys, based on the ultra-violent series of comic books, Crawford plays the Deep, an Aquaman-inspired superhero who can breathe underwater and commune with marine life… and wears a skintight wetsuit which leaves very little to the imagination as a costume.

Crawford said in 2019 that he “stepped up the frequency” of his workouts after initially seeing the suit, and in a recent interview with Men’s Health he elaborated on how the costuming informed his training, saying: “What’s funny is that after we did the fittings and early mock-ups and several iterations of the Deep’s costume, of course they went with the sleeveless one. So I was like, ‘Okay! I guess arm day is happening every day!'”

He also joked that thanks to some juicy padding in the suit’s butt, he doesn’t have to “worry about leg day as much anymore.”

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