E-prescribing now live at Northern Health’s mental health services

Melbourne-based Northern Health has started rolling out electronic prescribing at its Mental Health Division and outpatient clinics. 

The cloud-based e-prescribing platform by MediRecords has just been integrated with its PAS and clinical patient folder (CPF) software, according to a media release.


This latest implementation of the MediRecords cloud platform allows e-prescriptions to be sent instantly to patients or their carers. It also comes with a QR code to be scanned at pharmacies for dispensing, providing mental health patients with quicker access to new and repeat medications.

The adoption of this FHIR-based technology also means doctors no longer have to search a second database for patient records. 


MediRecords’ e-prescribing platform was initially implemented at Northern Health’s Victoria Virtual Emergency Department in July last year as part of its efforts to reduce paperwork and postage and transportation costs.

Meanwhile, MediRecords CEO Matthew Galetto announced that they will be releasing additional FHIR integration pathways for their clients throughout 2023. 

The company is also currently part of a consortium that is delivering a new Health Knowledge Management system for the Australian Defence Force. Galetto said their role in enabling data sharing through the project also has applicability throughout the Australian healthcare system. “This will help provide patients and clinicians with access to the right data at the right time, with significant safety benefits,” he claimed.


Recognising Northern Health’s initiative to adopt FHIR-based technology, Galetto said that “[i]t is important for healthcare organisations investing in new digital health projects to future-proof their investments by adopting the latest standards. Implementing FHIR will help organisations stay ahead of the curve and meet near-future regulatory requirements.”

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