10 Best Streetwear Hoodies Perfect For That Summertime Vibe

VIBE has got you covered with some of the most comfortable and stylish hoodies for the summer 2024.

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Hoodies are an essential part of the wardrobe, regardless of the season. You always need to bundle up with a hooded sweatshirt, whether that be for rain, chilly temperatures, or simply to “put that shi*t on,” as Takeoff used to say. And summertime is no different, especially for those breezy mornings and those cozy nights to cap off the sweltering heat.

So, to assist folks looking to add more drip to their closet while staying comfortable in that summer sun, VIBE has you covered. We’re running down some affordable and expensive pieces ranging from the heavyweight to the lightweight variety, preparing folks for the fluctuating weather of those summer months. Here are 10 streetwear hoodies that should be on your radar this season.

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