16 “Misleading” Trailers That Made People Wonder If They’d Bought Tickets To The Wrong Movie

Drew Barrymore was in the Scream trailer, so viewers back then assumed she’d stay alive throughout most, if not all, of the movie. At that point, it’d been ages since an A-list actor was killed off so quickly. It was a huge twist right at the start of the movie that had viewers shocked and hooked.

I feel like with social media, there aren’t as many movies that take us by surprise anymore. You have to make a point to keep your ears/eyes closed when there’s a movie you want to see to try and avoid spoilers. It’s not easy.”


“I think about this every time I watch Scream or hear anyone talk about it. They really blew everyone’s mind with that, because it was basically a law that the most famous cast member would never be killed in horror movies. And then it was like, ‘okay, so literally ANYTHING can happen in this movie???'” 


“That’s what makes Scream awesome. It was Drew’s idea — she was supposed to play Sidney if I remember correctly.”


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