17 Otherworldly Photos That Will Make You Question If There’s More To Life Than Meets The Eye

According to my good friend Merriam-Webster, pareidolia is “the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.” Whether that meaning is positive or negative is up to the viewer’s interpretation. Here are 17 for you to analyze from r/pareidolia:


“Dead plant I found in my grandmother’s backyard.”

Two small hollow, cylindrical plant stems on a bed of mulch and twigs in a garden setting


“Show me what you got.”

A dramatic sky shows a striking separation between dark clouds and illuminated clouds, creating a visually captivating scene


“The most philosophical lemon I’ve ever seen on my tree. Despite getting rotten while still growing, it seems to be teaching me to embrace hardships with a smile. Gotta admit though, I was a bit spooked when I first saw it with an eye and a mouth this morning 😱.”

A lemon on a tree appears to have a face with sharp teeth due to natural blemishes and damage on the fruit


“Found this on a beach not long ago. Still can’t believe it.”

A rock resembling a human face with defined eyes, nose, and mouth sits on a wooden surface


“You guys see him?”

Silhouette of a hedge's shadow cast on a wall near a parked car

A shadow of a mailbox on a tree creates an illusionary silhouette resembling a person, highlighted with a yellow circle


“Looked across the street to see an Easter Island statue looking back.”

A mysterious figure appears behind a partially open curtain in a building's window, creating a curious and eerie visual effect


“Does this cloud look high?”

Clouds in the sky with one forming what appears to be a face. Featured in an Internet Finds article


“Do I have a ghost in my mouth?”

An X-ray image showing a full set of adult human teeth, highlighting the jaw, teeth alignment, and bone structure


“Doorbell camera spotted a face in the clouds.”

Nest camera footage shows a snowy neighborhood captured at 6:04 AM with the label "Front Door."


“The curse of Davy Jones.”

Sunbeams break through cloudy skies, casting light over a serene landscape with distant mountains and water


“Happy gravel pile.”

Large pile of gravel with indentations forming a smiley face under a cloudy sky



A small flowerbed with vibrant pansies blooming, surrounded by stones and a concrete border


“A sun goddess?”

A close-up of an orange slice featuring a unique pattern resembling a person with arms raised



Sunset with clouds forming a smiling face, resembling an emoji. Palms and a small structure are silhouetted in the foreground


“Two bearded men.”

Two small turtles are side by side on a clear surface, reflecting their images


“The garage door is staring at me.”

A suburban driveway with a closed garage door and a large bag, possibly containing leaves or yard waste, placed beside the garage on the right


And finally, “Weird.”

Night sky with a stunning display of aurora borealis (northern lights) in shades of purple and green over a silhouetted landscape

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