25 Quick And Easy Fixes From Lowe’s For Those Home Issues That Have Been Bothering You

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25 Quick And Easy Fixes From Lowe’s For Those Home Issues That Have Been Bothering You

Fix scuffed floors, old countertops, patchy grass, and more.


A roll of frosted film with an ocean wave pattern to transform your home into an impenetrable fortress. OK, not really, but this handy film will obscure glass windows that aren’t blocked by curtains or blinds. Pro tip: The film also works wonders on glass-door cabinets.

A modern living space in front of large, textured glass windows


Promising review: “Purchased Gila Waves Static Cling Window Film for the side lights next to my front door. Beautiful and effective! No more people peeping in from the street. Lets in light, but you can’t see in or out. The size of the film was big for what I was looking to cover, but it was the pattern I wanted. Covered a total of 10 side lights with extra to spare.” —Ladyfingers

Price: $44.98 per roll


A countertop resurfacing kit for anyone with just a little DIY know-how to transform those old, chipped plasticky countertops into something gorgeous, glossy, and durable, but at a fraction of the price of real marble or quartz countertops. Your pals will demand to know your secrets ASAP!


Promising review: “I love the price and quality. If you can’t afford new countertops do this! People think they’re professionally done and impressed with the way they look. I did this at my old house and two years later they’re still looking good!” —Lowe’s reviewer

Price: $136.21+ (available in 10 colors)


Or a roll of contact paper to get that marble look in every drawer and cupboard of your kitchen. Just smooth it on (carefully now, we don’t want air bubbles) and you’re all set.

the marble contact paper on the corner of a table with a plant and coffee cup


Promising review: “I used two rolls to redo my whole kitchen and both bathrooms and still had a little extra to make some cute little labels!! I hope they add more designs soon!” —Kendra

Price: $11.48 (available in five colors)


A quart of front door paint that’ll make your home pop (in a good way.) By applying a fresh coat of paint to your front door, your home will appear instantly refreshed. This simple upgrade will be an instant mood booster for you and your visitors, plus the paint is mildew-resistant and stands up to scuffs and fading.

Rust-Oleum Door Paint can, labeled as Advanced Dry, indoor/outdoor use, satin black, 1 QT (946 mL), promising ultimate durability and fade/chip resistance


Promising review: “Bought a quart of this paint and I was very impressed with the quality and how easy it was to apply and how great the finished product looked.” —mtbsr

Price: $23 per quart


A collapsible storage bin to bring order to any part of your home that could benefit from a little tidying up. These colorful bins are great for holiday decorations, toys, pet supplies, and anything else that needs a home. Plus, each one has a built-in handle for easy access.

White cube storage organizer with four patterned fabric bins, two empty shelves, and a small potted plant on top


Promising review: “Getting rid of my son’s dresser because he has nice size shelves in the closet. Found the perfect bins. Great size, deep depth, sturdy, and made very well. I will buy more to redo all the kids’ closets.” —MamaonMission

Price: $5.98 (available in six colors)


A pair of connected floating shelves so you can avoid having to buy a bulky island or paying for expensive built-ins. Use these durable, industrial-looking shelves to display dishes, cookbooks, spices, and more.


Price: $69.98 (originally $80.98)


A rattan pendant light that’s way better than that fixture you’ve been meaning to upgrade for years. Bring the beachy vibes all year round with this find that even comes with its own mounting hardware for easy installation.

the rattan chandelier hanging in a room


Promising review: “So happy with our purchase! I’ve never changed out a light fixture before, but this was pretty straightforward! This light is the perfect fixture for our kitchen table!” —Nilnerb

Price: $179.98


A shiny green peel-and-stick backsplash aka an easy upgrade to a kitchen without all of the mess that comes with physically laying tiles. The installation of these beauties doesn’t even require glue or grout — just peel off the backing, line them up, adhere the tile sheets to the wall, and enjoy!

the green subway tiles in a kitchen as a backsplash


Promising review: “Very nice quality, easy to stick, enriched the look of our kitchen.” —Yoshi

Price: $21.98


Or, if you prefer something a bit more neutral, a glossy white chevron peel-and-stick backsplash because it won’t clash with any hardware or kitchen appliances already in your space. Your guests will definitely be jealous when they find out how easy it was to install.

the white chevron tiles in a kitchen as a backsplash



A classic white arbor to upgrade the entrance to your garden or front yard, and make it charming and grand. Made of weather-resistant vinyl, this elegant arch is easy to assemble and even includes lattice detailing to support climbing plants and flowers.

the white garden arbor with a trellis on either side in a garden


Promising review: “The New England white garden arbor is a beautiful addition to our backyard. The arbor is sturdy, easy to put together, and a very decorative trellis for our wisteria vine to grow and climb all over.” —Joe

Price: $329.85


A pot filler faucet because listen — lugging a ton of water to the stove is inconvenient and annoying, and this brings the water right to you, thus making you envied by all.

the gold faucet installed in a wall above a glass cooktop with a large pot on top


Promising review: “Very well built. Easy installation, just make sure you use diamond bits to cut the holes and go slowly!” —Lowe’s reviewer

Price: $440.06+ (available in six finishes)


A bathroom vanity with a European-style basin to replace your current sink situation. If you want a chic upgrade (with zero construction) that others will covet, this is it. This piece boasts a marble top and includes hardware with a satin nickel finish, but the best part is the built-in storage underneath.

the vanity with a European-style sink and storage underneath in a bathroom


Promising review: “The footprint of this cabinet is a big floor-space saver. I renovated my bathroom to allow for the use of a wheelchair. The slim profile of the cabinet is just what I needed, yet the sink is full sized.” —Santaray

Price: $149+ (available in two widths and three colors)


A round mirror in case you want to make a room in your house feel bigger without knocking down any walls. With a durable metal frame, this modern mirror will last for years to come. Plus, the sleek gold frame will pop anywhere — from the entryway to the bathroom.

the round mirror with gold trim in an entryway


Promising review: “I love this mirror. Excellent addition to my bathroom.” —Jo11

Price: $59.98


An arched drawer pull to easily revamp every kitchen drawer and cabinet. Each pull is stylish and durable, and surprisingly easy to install if you choose the DIY route.

the drawer pulls on cabinets


Promising review: “These handles were a great modern elegant touch for the cabinets I just built.” —George

Price: $3.98+ for one (available in four sizes and six colors)


Or, a floral cabinet knob that’ll add a touch of whimsy to your cabinets. This is the cottagecore kitchen accessory of your dreams!!


Promising review: “I love the look of it on my small kitchen cabinet. They are so cute and dainty.” —Debbie

Price: $3.08 for one


A Delta hot water dispenser to replace that old kettle you’ve been using. This sleek faucet, which can go right beside your regular sink faucet, delivers near-boiling water in seconds and is also suitable for making oatmeal, blanching vegetables, and more.

a person using the hot water tap to fill a mug


Promising review: “I love the sleek appearance (which matches my main kitchen faucet) and how easy it is to tilt the handle back for boiling hot water.” —Ali Wali

Price: $286.44+ (available in five finishes)


A bag of mulch so you can zhuzh up your garden. Use this mulch to bring some life to some spots that might need a little love. Reviewers love this stuff because it’s long-lasting and can help prevent weed growth.

A person spreading the mulch in a yard


Promising review: “This mulch is EXCELLENT! It makes all the flowers around it POP, making it a great contrast to your garden! I highly recommend it!” —Big Dave G

Price: $3.33 (originally $4.98, available in three colors)


A roll of peel-and-stick floor tiles to modernize an outdated bathroom, kitchen, or mud room in minutes. These Mediterranean-inspired tiles, which are surprisingly easy to install, instantly revamp a space, and are great if you want to cover up scratches or cracks on your existing floor.

A modern entryway with geometric-patterned floor tiles


Promising review: “Worked perfectly for a DIY project in a craft room. Sturdy and adhesive was great.” —Ashley

Price: $1.29 per square foot


A bottle of EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade that’ll rid your lawn of those unsightly brown spots and other damaged areas. This stuff functions as a combination of mulch, grass seed, and fertilizer, and will work in high-traffic areas in the sun and shade.

a bottle of EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade


Promising review: “I have a dog that likes to leave burn spots all over the lawn. Instead of leaving them be and having some weed take over, I like to fill the area with a patch of grass. I’ve tried the stuff that comes in old newspaper shavings and that doesn’t seem to work too well. but when I use this EZ Seed stuff, it works nearly every time as long as I keep it wet. Usually after one week you’ll see the grass starting to emerge and within another week the grass is a full grown patch that blends into the lawn. Good stuff.” —DisneyGator

Price: $23.48+ (available in three sizes)


A piece of garden fencing made of black powder coated steel to keep deer, raccoons, and other critters out of your flower beds. Featuring a classic, rust-resistant design that’ll go with any backyard or garden decor, this fencing is a cinch to install and easy to connect side-by-side to additional pieces.

the black fencing in a garden


Promising review: “I bought these to put a pretty barrier between a flower bed and the patio. They are a good weight, easy to attach to each other, and easy to put in the ground. The ground was a little hard because of some roots, so I used a rubber mallet to pound the fence gently. It worked like a dream.” —BeverlyC

Price: $7.48 per 18in H x 16in W piece


A rain combo showerhead because a shower with weak water pressure just doesn’t cut it. This spa-like fixture has 55 different spray combinations *and* a 72-inch hose for easier rinsing.

the brushed nickel dual shower head


Promising review: “I got this showerhead combo to replace the one in my master bathroom. I was initially impressed with the brushed nickel finish, which matched the nickel finish of my other fixtures in the room. I have now used it for about four days, and I LOVE it! There are so many spray combinations you can set it on between the dual heads, and when you have both of them spraying simultaneously, it feels like the spray is covering the whole shower!” —Mikey7

Price: $61.98+ (originally $69.98; available in four finishes)


A 16-foot spool of peel-and-stick tape lights that’ll brighten all the nooks and crannies of your home without the hassle of any electrical work. Use this underneath kitchen cabinets, to illuminate closet shelves, and more. All you need to install these lights is a 12-volt power supply.


If you’re feeling fancy, you could add a light switch and a dimmer, though those are sold separately.

Price: $22.31+ (available in three colors)


A bottle of wood polish to restore any wood surface in your home — doors, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, antique hutches, and even floors. Made with special conditioning oils, this polish prevents wood from drying and fading, and makes it look (nearly) brand-new. Really!


Promising review: “I have tried many things to brighten my floors up and nothing has worked. Thought I’d give it one more try and picked this. I am obsessed. I actually went back to Lowe’s and got more because now I want to do everything I can!!! This is amazing. I applied, let it set for about 45 mins, ran another rag over it and it’s beautiful!” —CW

Price: $9.98


A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that’ll bring a little cheer to your space, while also totally covering that spaghetti sauce stain you haven’t been able to get out.

the blue irregular dotted wallpaper on the backsplash of a decorated kitchen


Promising review: “This peel-and-stick is super easy to use. It is the right weight to go on smoothly, and allows you to position, lift, and reposition without wrinkling or ruining the paper. It looks great on the wall!” —Renee

Price: $49.98 (for a 30.75 square foot roll)


A can of chalk paint from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines to refresh any worn, scratched furniture with. This secret weapon works wonders on wood, metal, ceramic, and canvas, and is ideal for furniture because it adheres easily and dries quickly. This particular paint comes in a variety of stylish colors.


Promising review: “I loved this product! I liked the fact that it was tint-able. I had it tinted with the color Americana Egg (very pretty color). The paint was thick and easy to paint with, and it also had great coverage. My daughter’s TV chest only required two coats of paint. The end result was beautiful.” —manman

Price: $37.98 per quart (available in 15 colors)

Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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