31 Valentine’s Day gifts for him that will make his friends jealous

Chocolates and flowers are nice and all, but let’s take it up a notch.

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Contrary to popular opinion, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for your significant other. That’s right, it’s totally OK to give a gift to a loved one whom you’re not currently dating (and never will), because doing a nice thing for someone is… well, nice.

That doesn’t make shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for him any easier, though. Getting the right gifts for the men in your life is a tough task, especially with every brand under the sun practically screaming at you to buy whiskey stones and power tools.

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Plug your ears and stop listening to the distractions, because we’ve rounded up some stellar Valentine’s Day gift ideas to get for any guy come February 14. Scroll on to find awesome gadgets and under-the-radar finds for guys you aren’t romantically interested in, and for the one you are. We’re talking dads, brothers, cousins, uncles, platonic male buddies, and boyfriends.

A weighted blanket

Best for the homebody

Weighted blankets may not be the complete cure for anxiety, but they sure are nice to cuddle with. An affordable fan favorite, the Luna is composed of layers of glass beads — yet somehow still feels like a cloud. The organic cotton cover doesn’t trap sweat and is safe to wash on a gentle cycle. Weights range from five to 25 pounds.

A fashionable treat pouch

Best for the pet owner

If they have a pet that’s still in its training phase, it’s a good idea for them to have treats on hand for positive reinforcement. Instead of carrying around a plastic sandwich bag, Wild One’s new cross-body treat pouch lets you take your treats on the go in style. It can hold essentials like a phone and wallet, too.


SPONSORED | Athleisure from Adidas

Best for chill dudes

Nothing says love like a cozy pair of sweatpants that are also acceptable outside of the house. Enter: Adidas track pants. So no, they’re not technically sweats — they’re so much better. A highly-coveted athleisure staple, these pants come in a variety of colors and will look just as at home on the field as they do on the couch.

A trendy Owala water bottle

Best for thirsty guys

Forget the Stanley Quencher. Forget HydroFlask. Real hydration nerds know that the cool kids are rocking the Owala Freesip in 2024. This insulated water bottle offers multiple ways to sip (or gulp) your H2O, and it comes in tons of fun color combinations.

A retro Casio watch

Best for oldschool guys

Casio’s famous digital watch is back in style. Don’t let the affordable price tag fool you — this is a dependable and long-lasting watch. Not only is it water resistant, but it comes with a calendar, daily alarm, and stopwatch. If Black doesn’t suit him, there are seven more colors to choose from.

A premium Razer gaming headset

Best gift for gamers

The couple that games together, stays together. Mashable recently named this the best gaming headset, and it’s easy to see why our reviewers were so impressed. This wireless headset delivers stellar surround sound, and it’s often discounted for Amazon Prime shoppers.

A Theragun massage gun

Best for the gym rat

Anybody who consistently goes to the gym needs to make time for muscle recovery. Massage guns are all the rage for post-workout self-care, and it doesn’t get any better than Theragun. We believe the Mashable-tested Theragun Prime is the right choice for most athletes.

A HelloFresh subscription

Best for the foodie

Whether he loves to cook or simply doesn’t have the time to think up a menu for the week, he’ll love having a weekly HelloFresh box to add some variety to his meal plan. Each week, he’ll be able to pick from a wide assortment of dishes to whip together, each as delicious as the last. 

A pair of Birkenstock clogs

Best for the chill guy

One scroll down your TikTok “for you page,” and you’re almost guaranteed to see someone rocking a pair of comfy Birkenstock Bostons. If you know a guy who prefers not having to tie their shoes, do them a favor and add these clogs to their wardrobe.

A VNYL subscription

Best for vinyl lovers

If he’s constantly looking for new bands to check out, he’ll probably love a VNYL subscription. VNYL will send him new records every month based on his preferences, hopefully introducing him to some hidden gems that he didn’t know he’d end up adoring. 

Bissell Little Green Machine

Best for the guy with carpets

A regular vacuum doesn’t always do the trick, especially on white carpets. The Bissell Little Green Machine uses a stain-removing combination of heat, water, and special Bissell formulas to keep carpets looking their best. It even promises to get red wine spills out.

We’re Not Really Strangers

For the guy you want to know better

We’re Not Really Strangers encourages players to learn more about each other in an effort to reach a new level of self-realization and appreciation for others. Basically a series of conversation starters for getting Deep™, this game is a fantastic way to foster a stronger connection, no matter how long you’ve known each other.

Polaroid Now

Best for the guy who wants to make memories

If he’s a guy who likes to make memories, he’ll certainly appreciate the Polaroid Now instant camera. It has a built-in self-timer, an easy-to-use double exposure, and an autofocus lens; plus, it comes in a range of cool colors. Great for photography novices and veterans alike. 

A cool phone case

Best for the guy glued to his phone

Phones should be protected at all times, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in style. If he’s wary of covering up his smartphone’s sleek design with a chunky brick of a phone case, Casetify has a huge selection of stylish outer shells that won’t have him second-guessing his decision to put it on. 

A decked-out bath caddy

Best for the guy who needs pampering

What’s more relaxing than a warm bath after a tough day? Well, how about a warm bath after a tough day with the option to watch a movie, or have a snack, or read a novel? With this bath caddy, he’ll be able to do just that. 

A sous vide cooker

Best for the home chef

Grilling a steak outside in the winter is… not the most fun. This sous vide device from Anova makes the trendy culinary method a breeze. With helpful smart features, phone alerts, and portable design, it’ll be his new favorite kitchen companion. Bye, grill! 

MasterClass All-Access Pass

Best for the guy who likes to learn

Does he have something he’s passionate about but wants to hone in on even more this year? Does he just need a new hobby? Look no further than MasterClass. An all-access pass to the service will gain him access to 75+ celebrity-status instructors across a wide spectrum of subjects. Cooking with Gordon Ramsay? Check. Filmmaking with Martin Scorsese? Check. 

Some trendy sneakers

Best for the sneakerhead

The white sneaker movement is still in full swing, and the Veja V-12s are not only stylish, but also ethically made. Pair them with any outfit for an effortlessly casual (but not too casual) vibe. And yes, they are very comfy.

A quality eye cream

Best for the guy with tired eyes

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Looking like you have it all together after a bad night’s sleep is even more difficult. For those days where he didn’t get the rest he needed, grab him this renewing eye cream.

A stellar gaming controller

Best for the Xbox gamer

It’s pricey, but worth every penny. The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is the crème de la crème of gaming accessories, bringing ergonomic comfort, endless customization, and a wide spectrum of button mapping options. If he’s an avid video game player, he needs this.

Some cozy wool socks

Best for the guy with cold feet

Socks may not be a great gift when you’re a kid, but when you get older, there’s pretty much nothing better than a pair of cozy foot sweaters. Bombas’ merino wool socks are comfortable, warm, and won’t itch like more low-end brands. This pack comes with four different pairs — also, cute colors! 

A new serum for effortless glow

Best for the dewy dude

If he’s interested in skincare but isn’t ready to dive into the world of makeup quite yet, Glossier’s Futuredew is a great way to add a quick, dewy boost to bare skin. Just a small amount will do wonders for his complexion. Get ready for that golden hour glow, baby. 

An avocado multi-tool

Best for the avocado fiend

If you catch him struggling to make his avocado toast in the mornings, get him this helpful multi-tool. It features a three-pronged, pit-removing pick, a slightly curved shape for scooping, and a serrated edge to break the skin — much safer than your average kitchen knife. 

AirPods Pro

Best for the commuter

If he doesn’t have AirPods to begin with, you should change that. The AirPods Pro are the newest iteration of the famous Bluetooth earbuds — now complete with a more secure fit, a better battery life, and a noise-canceling function.

A new planner for 2024

Best for the guy with goals

Help him get his shit together this year with a new personal planner. This one from BestSelf Co. features morning and nightly gratitude sections, daily goals, a 6am-to-9pm daily schedule, and plenty of space for notes. It’ll help him make this year his most successful one yet. 

A BottleLoft holder

Best for the beer connoisseur

There are few things more stressful than a chaotic fridge. But hey, it isn’t always his fault, some fridges just aren’t big enough to hold everything. This fun little space saver uses magnets to hold bottled beverages, making plenty more room for leftovers. 

A Tile tracker

Best for the forgetful guy

If he’s constantly misplacing his phone, keys, or wallet (or all three), a Tile tracker will do wonders. Just attach one to said item, connect to the smartphone app, and he’ll get real-time tracking, all the time. If he loses the item while the Tile is attached, he can make it play a tone by using the companion app, too. 

A comfy robe

For the king of his castle

A robe is like, the ultimate power move when it comes to luxury. How can you not be relaxed when you’re being swaddled in ultra-plush cotton? This one from Brooklinen is sure to become his go-to getup at the end of every day. 

A grow light shelf

Best for the plant dad

Having plants is rewarding, but it can be a tough task when your home doesn’t get enough natural light. This frame has all the benefits of a great grow light, but with a more aesthetically pleasing, chic approach. It’s like having a living portrait! 

A cologne atomizer

Best for the traveler

Cologne is one of the all-time classic Valentine’s Day gifts for him, and for the fragrance lover, this might just be the most practical gift you’ll ever buy. A perfume atomizer lets your guy travel with his favorite cologne, and the refillable bottle makes it easy to pack his scents on the go.

A JBL party speaker

Best for music lovers

After extensive testing of portable Bluetooth speakers, we found that the unassuming JBL Flip 6 offers the best sound. You might think the top speaker comes from a brand like Bose or Sonos, but trust us on this. The best Valentine’s Day gifts for men won’t end up collecting dust, and this is a gift idea that’s both practical and fun.

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