6 Small Details That Make a Big Impact

While the careful selection of furniture and a color palette lays the foundation for a home’s aesthetic, it’s the finer details that truly bring it all together.

Often undervalued, finishing touches serve as a simple yet potent means of finalizing your interior design and enhancing your personal style. To help you elevate the look of your home, reconsider these six features that prove a well-balanced space resides in the meticulous attention given to even the smallest details.

Fabulous door hardware

You may never have given much thought to your doorknobs and hinges, but these seemingly insignificant elements can immediately reveal a room’s age. For a quick upgrade, go beyond the standard builder-grade choices and invest in new ones that align with your tastes. Coordinated designs like matte black doorknobs and hinges would establish an understated, modern look, while gilded or crystal options, such as these crystal doorknobs or these vintage-style door hinges, can inject a touch of opulence into any space, effortlessly boosting its overall appeal.

Modern door handle

Upgraded light switches and outlets

Similarly, a simple method for harmonizing your design is to replace your light switches and outlets. Swap outdated, discolored ones with pristine, white alternatives, or consider paintable options if your walls are a color other than white to ensure a seamless look. You could also take a different approach entirely by turning these functional elements into art pieces. Add vinyl decals like designer Annika Hinds demonstrates in this video, cover them with wallpaper, or choose ornate ones like these from Anthropologie.

Person using light switch

Stylish light bulbs

While standard light bulbs suit lamps with shades, they may lack the style needed for fixtures that leave them exposed. Vintage-style LED bulbs such as these Edison bulbs are a chic alternative to traditional fluorescent lights, injecting extra character into your space and offering aesthetic appeal even when the lights are switched off. For added versatility, consider investing in smart-lighting solutions, such as those from Philips Hue, which enable you to effortlessly create mood lighting in any room by controlling temperature and color range via your smartphone or even voice command.

Lady controlling smart light from phone

Elevated tech items

Technology can undoubtedly enrich our daily routines, with smart assistants offering instant answers to our random questions and TVs providing us with endless entertainment. However, your devices might not always align with your style preferences, prompting the need to find innovative ways to integrate them into your decor. For instance, you can enhance the design of your living room by bordering your television with a gilded frame and displaying artwork on it, such as by playing a slideshow from the YouTube channel Vintage Art TV. As for a smart device with a screen and no base, like the Echo Show 15, you can elevate its presentation by placing it on a stylish metal easel like this one offered by McGee & Co., lending a harmonious complement to your interior design.

Chic soap dispensers

Basic dispensers, while practical, can quickly detract from the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Instead of continuously buying soap in plastic, labeled containers, make the switch to more interesting and refillable alternatives. Consider purchasing an amber glass or vintage-looking dispenser, which is a quick and easy way to bring a touch of luxury to an otherwise mundane object. You can even set it and other cleaning items on a wooden riser to complete the overall look.

Sink with nice soap dispensers

Sleek cable management

Don’t let TV cables and lamp cords dangle unappealingly and distract from all the hard work you put into designing your home. Instead, run them along your baseboards or hide them with discreet cord covers you can paint to match your walls for a clean, streamlined appearance. Additionally, if you have an outlet behind a piece of furniture, invest in an extension cord with a flat plug that will allow you to push the furniture flush against your wall while still having a way to plug your items in.

Modern living room with T.V. mounted to wall

The devil is in the details when it comes to home decor. By focusing on these small yet impactful changes, you can transform your living space into a cohesive and stylish haven.


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