Author Douglas E. French Shares Secrets Behind the World’s Greatest Economic Mysteries

The book Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Supply of Money by Douglas E. French delves into the mystery of how tulips created a frenzy that made an impact on the economy.

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As [Murray] Rothbard immediately recognized when he saw the results of this research, French brings an element of economic rationality to a subject that has otherwise bewildered so many historians and economists for so long. Jeffery Tucker, Preface to the 3rd edition.

The economic history book by Douglas E. French, titled Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Supply of Money, talks about the flow of money, especially during the era of Tulipmania in the 17th-century Netherlands. The tulip craze heightened the demand for tulips, giving rise to flowers and bulbs of rare types. This book uncovers the secrets of the monetary flow of the era and how todays economy can learn from it.

Get ready to travel through time and revisit the time when tulips dominated the economic flow of the country. This book tells the tale of how Tulipmania came to be and how it changed the views of people when it came to status, fashion, and business.

Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Supply of Money introduces readers to the different historical bubbles that best describe the areas on which the tulips made distinguishable impacts. Learn about the most colorful character in economics history, John Law and about Laws Monetary Theories that delve deep into secrets that could provide answers to todays perspective on money. And while Law put his theories in action, readers will learn how bankers in England looked on in envy and engendered the South Sea Bubble.

In the fourth expanded edition of the book, the author added a new episode previously overlooked by economic scholars: the financial mania engendered by the California gold rush, which led to malinvestments in the mid-1850s and ultimately climaxed with the Panic of 1857.

As the author writes in the introduction to this fourth expanded edition: The tulip bulb that is Early Speculative Bubbles took many years to flower. Now, with this fourth edition and the constant chatter about speculative bubbles and money printing, it seems, unfortunately, that it is perpetual springtime. What was old is new again.

Get a copy of Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Supply of Money by Douglas E. French, available in paperback and eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit www.douglasinvegas.com to learn more about the author and his other works.

Authors Biography:

Douglas E. French is the President Emeritus of the Mises Institute and acclaimed author of Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Supply of Money, and Walk Away: The Rise and Fall of the Home-Ownership Myth. With a Masters in Economics from UNLV, he was mentored by legends Professor Murray Rothbard and Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe. His writings illuminate the interplay of economics and history, shedding light on the often-overlooked monetary intricacies behind major economic events.

Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Supply of Money: 4th Expanded Edition
Author: Douglas E. French
Genre: Economic History
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Published Date: March 5, 2024

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