Catalog Management Specialist OpenPlay Tosses Free Too Lost Distribution Accounts to Subscribers

openplay integrates too lost distribution for subscribers

Photo Credit: Jesman Fabio

Catalog management specialist OpenPlay has announced a deal with Too Lost to offer subscribers distribution directly to DSPs at no cost, with no distribution fee.

OpenPlay has added new pricing tiers to enable any small label to take advantage of OpenPlay with free Direct Delivery. Independent labels can now have the full catalog management experience that major labels enjoy—at a more affordable price point that includes no-cost delivery to global DSPs.

“This is a major step forward in our mission to help independent labels and artists get organized, get their music to fans, get heard, and keep more,” adds Edward Ginis, Co-Founder and Chief Client Officer of OpenPlay. “It’s our belief that just delivering new releases to the market is a commodity that should not break the bank for any label or artist, allowing them to focus their budget on marketing and promoting their artists and releases.”

“Thanks to this deal with Too Lost, OpenPlay is providing best-in-class delivery and payments at no extra charge, all while keeping their assets and metadata organized and ready for any campaign.”

OpenPlay launched Direct Delivery in 2023 to help independent labels deliver music to digital service providers (DSPs) with as few proprietary data barriers as possible. The launch was limited to labels with their own licenses in place either with the DSPs directly or through Merlin.

In May 2024, OpenPlay added Stem as their first Direct Delivery provider, allowing labels to use the distributor’s existing licenses with DSPs rather than needing to negotiate their own. Stem also manages statements and payments for select OpenPlay Direct Delivery customers, all for a competitive single-digit rate of net royalties.

Now, under the deal with Too Lost, OpenPlay subscribers can choose their Direct Delivery provider. Those who select Too Lost receive free delivery to DSPs, as well as statement and payment management with their subscription. That’s possible because of OpenPlay’s ability to deliver complete, fully validated market-ready DDEX files that conform to every DSP’s unique style guide, allowing Too Lost to simply pass them to DSPs hands-free.

“We love what OpenPlay is doing for their subscribers with Direct Delivery and are happy to power music delivery for them,” adds Gregory Hirschhorn, CEO of Too Lost. “There is so much more than just delivery that goes into music distribution, and we are looking forward to helping OpenPlay’s clients get the most from their catalogs.”

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