Chrisean Rock & Chrisean Jr. Trend Online After She Reveals She Will No Longer Be Doing THESE Things (Video)

Chrisean Rock and updates about her son have been a lil’ missing-in-action on social media as of late. But on Friday (April 26), her name was trending across platforms due to videos of her and Chrisean Jr. enjoying a meal in a restaurant.

What Do The Newly Resurfaced Videos Show?

The 24-year-old’s parenting is a hot topic right now after she revealed she recently stopped smoking and drinking. Concerns for Chrisean Jr.’s health and milestones are also part of the early trending conversations.

One clip showed Chrisean speaking about her performance at football practice. It appears she’s part of a team.

She revealed that it went “good” despite throwing up. Rock adds that she doesn’t need “a blunt” at all, which usually refers to marijuana.

Chrisean claimed that she’s given up smoking because she wants to be “real good” and smoking messes with her lungs. In another clip, she shared that she gave up drinking as well and works out “full-time” instead.

Chrisean Rock claims she has quit smoking and drinking.

Previously, she lacked an appetite and needed to smoke before she could eat 🫠 pic.twitter.com/KPAzqarcyR

— Peter Dredd (@PeterDredd) April 26, 2024

What Social Media Is Saying About Chrisean Rock Now

Some of the mixed reactions online have questioned the timing of her decision to quit both.

Fans are curious why Chrisean Rock chose to quit smoking and drinking now instead of during her pregnancy with Jr.

I hope her baby is not blind 😞 pic.twitter.com/LwXxLw8tWb

— Sophie Rain Thread 🔥❤️ (@SophieRainForum) April 26, 2024

In August 2023, the artist went viral after she appeared to be heavily hitting what seems to be a blunt while pregnant during an episode of her and Blueface’s show ‘Crazy In Love,’ per TMZ.

In February, resurfaced photos of a pregnant Chrisean showed her drinking from a cup inside of a club. The clear cup contained yellow liquid, which some speculated to be alcohol. Though it was not confrimed.

https://t.co/WpUuJL45nc pic.twitter.com/47IeSmQeaZ

— Thats All folks. (@KingOfRome__) January 31, 2024

Another clip in the restaurant shows Rock attempting to feed Chrisean Jr. some mashed potatoes while he hardly responds. He also seems to struggle with holding his head, which drew additional comments about the child’s health. However, he flashed a few smiles while his mommy played with him.

Note that the infant was born in September, meaning he’s at least seven months old now. According to the CDC, at six months, a baby’s cognitive milestones should include putting things in their mouth, reaching out for things they desire, and closing their lips to reject food when full.

Meanwhile, another circulating video of Chrisean Jr. in a walker shows him happily interacting with a sloth teddy, including trying to bite it.

It’s looking like #TheInternet Doctors were wrong about #ChriseanJr LIL MAN appears to be holding his head up on his own etc … WHAT Y’ALL THINK? 💙✨#chriseanrock #chriseanjr pic.twitter.com/KmO2Z1HIn8

— Music & Black Love 🖤 (@MusicnBlackLove) April 23, 2024

Amid the criticism, some of the ‘Baddies’ star’s fans have taken to social media to defend her and Chrisean Jr.’s privacy.

Every time chrisean jr. Hit the tl in shambles.. everybody diagnosing him. THAT IS A BABY!!!!!!!! And if he deaf, or blind or whatever the hell else it ain’t none of our mf business.

— vv (@vtaughtyou) April 26, 2024

Chrisean Says She’s Laying Low For Now & Waiting On Blueface To “Come Home”

Before clips surfaced of Chrisean dining with her son, she shared a lil’ update on her recent whereabouts.

A few days ago, she took to social media to clear up rumors that her Blueface face tattoo was fake. She reassured folks that it was very much real and still taking over one side of her face.

Rock also clarified that she’s been “laying low” waiting for “baby father” Blueface—who is currently incarcerated for probation violation to get out.

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“I can’t wait to drop music, I can’t wait  to get in the lil’ drama and sh*t, you know how I be popping sh*t on my internet. I’m laying low right now. I can’t wait til my baby father come home. But it’s cool, imma be back outside.”

She also invited fans to her first game on May 4, adding that she was “missed” when fans in another car began to record her.

See what Rock said below. 

Chrisean Rock speaks out on folks claiming her Blueface tat ain’t real pic.twitter.com/bu7dg9KMmH


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