Dangers in My Heart S2 Episode 5: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

In episode 4 of Dangers in My Heart season 2, titled “Yamada likes…”, the show really justified its name. Instead of being Dangers “in” My Heart, it was more like Danger “for” every viewer’s heart. It was a Valentine’s Day episode, so fans definitely expected something special, and they got what they wanted.

The episode was especially cute, with Yamada dropping small but subtle hints about her feelings and Ichikawa catching onto them, getting hope about his dream. He still has his doubts about what Yamada thinks, but he’s willing to accept that maybe she does like him after all. Ichikawa now has a bigger problem to worry about, the problem being what to give Yamada on White Day

Episode 5 of “Dangers in My Heart” Season 2 will be released on February 3, 2024. New episodes are released every Saturday. You can watch the new episode as soon as it is released on HIDIVE.

I. Is “Dangers in My Heart” on a Break?

No, Season 2 of “Dangers in My Heart” is not on a break this week, and Episode 5 should be released as usual on the above-mentioned date.

2. Episode 5 Speculation

Episode 5 might be a new beginning for these two since they have definitely realized each other’s feelings, even if it’s a bit. By giving only Ichikawa chocolates, she pretty much indirectly confessed about it. Ichikawa is also facing his feelings instead of running from them. The two of them will hang out again, as usual, in the next episode. What happens next is only something we can wonder about. 

3. Recap of Episode 4

It’s finally Valentine’s Day, a day of many possibilities. The day started with Moeko laying out all the chocolates on Ichikawa’s desk. After everyone took their chocolate, there was one left, and Moeko said that Ichikawa could have it. As he hesitantly reached out for it, Yamada suddenly snatched it and ate it.

Dangers in My Heart S2 Episode 5: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Dangers in My Heart – Yamada ate Ichikawa’s chocolate | Source: Hidive

Later that day, Yamada dragged Ichikawa to play shogi with her using the chocolates she got from the other girls. Yamada decided not to give out any obligatory chocolates this year, which was clearly influenced by her talk with Ichikawa earlier. After a while, she admitted defeat and handed over half the chocolates to Ichikawa.

This would give a wrong idea to anyone else, and even though Ichikawa wanted to believe in this sign, he ultimately took this as another random act of Yamada. He was still in a daze the whole day after realizing Yamada had given him chocolates after all. To him, it was weird enough that Yamada shared her snacks, but them being chocolates took this to another level.

Once school ended and Ichikawa was headed home with Yamada, she asked him to give her a lift on his cycle. Two of them went to a convenience store since Yamada was hungry. There, Yamada asked him what kind of sign would be an obvious confession to him. Normally, anyone would get what’s going on with this question but Ichikawa didn’t.

Dangers in My Heart S2 Episode 5: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Dangers in My Heart – Yamada makes Ichikawa flustered | Source: Hidive

They headed home afterward, but the surprises didn’t end there. Later that night, Ichikawa received a text from Yamada that she was outside. When he came outside, he saw she was walking her dog. The two of them walk to the park together and talk while sitting on a bench. 

Yamada asked Ichikawa if he had received any chocolates this year, and even though he did get some from Yamada herself, he just denied it. He asked her if she had given any chocolates to someone. To this question, Yamada flat out said that she didn’t give any obligatory chocolates, meaning the ones she gave Ichikawa were definitely not obligatory.

Yamada even gave him half of a chocolate cupcake then and there. Ichikawa didn’t realize something at that moment, but after reaching home he noticed that the cake had a heart shape on it. Ichikawa still has his doubts about what Yamada thinks of him, but he’s sure to some point that she likes him, even if it’s just a bit.

Dangers in My Heart S2 Episode 5: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Dangers in My Heart – “Yamada likes…(me)?” | Source: Hidive

The next day at school, Adachi said he was thinking about what to give Moeko for white day. After receiving the very obligatory chocolate, he got the wrong idea, and now he’s living in his own head (some of us may relate to him now). Anyway, he was really surprised to find out Ichikawa got chocolates, too. Surely, he’d be more surprised if he knew who gave them.

He took Ichikawa to one of the seniors to ask for suggestions about gifts. This didn’t help Ichikawa much, but one month is enough time for him to consider a gift. On his way home, Yamada spotted him and came running down. She caught Ichikawa and dragged him along before he could finish talking to the senior.

4. Where to watch “Dangers in My Heart”?

Watch The Dangers in My Heart on:

  • Watch On HiDive

5. About The Dangers in My Heart

The Dangers in My Heart manga by Norio Sakurai was launched in March 2018. It is licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment.

The manga focuses on Kyotaro, a school kid who thinks he is messed up because he often thinks violently about his classmates. Just as he plans how to stab the class’ popular girl, she notices him.

Anna, the girl in question, is pretty weird herself, and Kyotaro gets to know her odd nature as they get closer.

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