Destiny 2: The Final Shape Servers Collapse Under Increased Traffic

One moment please, Guardians

Bungie today launched its new Destiny 2 expansion The Final Shape and as you might have already seen, there have been some teething issues.

As highlighted by multiple player reports online, Guardians around the globe are currently having difficulties accessing the game’s servers due to an increase in traffic.

In an official in-game notification, Bungie notes how the Destiny 2 login services are currently being throttled and asks players to remain on the login screen until they can get in. In other cases, players have also received a notification about servers not being available.

Bungie has issued a response on its support account, noting how it’s continuing to investigate “the root cause of issues resulting in a high volume of error codes”.

Here are just some of the posts doing the rounds alongside the launch of this new expansion:

If you’ve participated in previous Destiny expansion releases or other online game releases in general, this (probably) isn’t a surprise. Pure Xbox tried to play the game at the time of writing this story and also received a message about being unable to connect to the game’s servers.

All of this has led to the game being review bombed on the PC platform Steam, with reviews for The Final Shape “mostly negative” at the moment. If there are any significant updates from Bungie, we’ll let you know.

How has your experience been with The Final Shape so far? Will you be playing this new expansion? Tell us in the comments.

Liam Doolan

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