Fastest time-to-kill weapons in XDefiant, ranked

Often, first-person shooter players put time-to-kill at the top of their priority lists for what makes a weapon better. While how fast a weapon kills is not the end all be all, it’s a good place to start.

Time-to-kill refers to how long it takes to kill an enemy with a specific weapon. All weapons have different time-to-kill figures and can also vary based on missed shots and which part of the body you hit. Hitting headshots does extra damage, but players won’t hit every headshot perfectly, leading to skewed numbers. Those speeds are further skewed in XDefiant, because the Echelon faction in gives users 125 health points instead of 100 and the Cleaners faction has a passive ability that makes weapons do more damage.

Our list ignores the faction abilities and applies a combination of different shots to determine an average time-to-kill speed for every weapon. These numbers aren’t set in stone but are a good baseline to determine which weapons are stronger than others.

Which weapons have the fastest TTK in XDefiant

XDefiant soldier
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Here is a list of all of the time-to-kill statistics in XDefiant. All stats are provided by XDLoadout. These numbers are measured in milliseconds and account for the weapon’s first damage range.


  1. ACR 6.8 (384 ms up to 33 meters)
  2. MDR (392 ms up to 20 meters)
  3. AK-47 (400 ms up to 43 meters)
  4. M14A1 (414 ms up to 38 meters)
  5. M16A4 (Three round burst made data inconclusive)


  1. Vector.45 (300 ms up to 12 meters)
  2. MP7 (343 ms up to 17 meters)
  3. P90 (364 ms up to 18 meters)
  4. MP5A2 (375 ms up to 16 meters)


  1. M60 (360 ms up to 38 meters)
  2. M249 (400 ms up to 42 meters)
  3. RPK (457ms at all ranges)


  1. Double-Barreled (One shot kill up to 12 meters)
  2. M870 (One shot kill up to 10 meters)
  3. AA-12 (200 ms up to 7 meters)

Marksman rifles

  1. MK 20 SSR (558 ms at all ranges)
  2. SVD (603 ms at all ranges)


  1. M1911 (537 ms up to 10 meters)
  2. M9 (600 ms up to 20 meters)
  3. D50 (600 ms up to 10 meters)
  4. 686 Magnum (800 ms up to 60 meters)
  5. 93R (857 ms up to 10 meters)

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